Predictions 3-28-18

Spirit where is the attack on the Bridge?

Pelosi.. area..

Are they talking about Nancy Pelosi? I had to look it up. I honestly thought her district was on the east coast. To my surprise we are back to San Francisco. So we are back with the original message, so what does that say about cobblestone?  It seems like a handful of old predictions about attacks are now just around the corner. The previous message: Prediction: Bridge Attack

“Spring terror.. its back.”

“After the break.. terror.” 

As many of you know our family watches foster children and orphans, normally they are in school, right now all of the kids are home with us because of Spring break. This is the only connection to a ‘break’ I can think of. It should be noted the similarities, the break ends as of the 2nd, and the previous prediction mentions “2” and “2 in the morning” however the old message reads “around 30”

I had a visual of multiple pictures all women; “9” Spirit said. “All killed”

Then it shifted to show a march or protest, maybe a gathering. The impression was there was an explosion that took place. This is very similar to an old prediction.

Then it shifted to show a map, the map was split into 4 sections, they showed the South east region of the map.

This prediction above also has a previous prediction that sounds very familiar: Predictions 1-10-18

“Get your hands off of me! .. All these woman work against me.” Spirit said something similar right before the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which implies another scandal is coming.

“Mars.. water.. a large body of water found.. hidden.. underneath.”

I had a visual of cars racing, then a massive accident, cars mangled, one had flipped over.

Then the introduction of a new prediction one that will have our undivided attention: I had a visual I was above looking down at an area, the area was completely destroyed. The buildings in rubble, towering metal rods sticking up from the ground. Nothing was left of the area that wasn’t destroyed.



I had a visual of Spirit showing a rubic’s cube floating in mid air, twisting and turning very fast, then the puzzle was solved. They showed all the different sides showing how complete it was.

“We are done.. are you ready”



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    1. The famous crooked Lombard St. is made of brick, not cobblestone as the article says, unless I’m mixing it up with a different street on Lombard.

  1. “Mars.. water.. a large body of water found.. hidden.. underneath”

    Your guides must read the papers or the internet….. the above was discovered- reported in 2016. Darling,
    You are giving yourself away.

    Also I am appalled that someone who bragged about their family being involved ” in politics” was not aware that Pelosi was a Senator from their State. And yet you feel the need to express your political
    Views under the guise of: spirit says this or spirit says that.

    Oh, and about claiming God is coming…..only God knows the hour and the day….Only God. Not you, not your supposed Spirit guides, Only God knows. Be careful how you use the name of God in whatever it is your selling.

    1. Hope,
      Eric explained in an earlier prediction he didn’t mean the second coming when he talked about God–if you read that earlier prediction and the comments section, where he clarified questions, you’ll see he meant that God would provide more help to humanity.

      He wasn’t predicting the end of the world or God literally coming. Instead that God would help humans more through these hard times.

      And he’d made a prediction about water and Mars months ago, before it was really big news.

    2. I’ve been reading this blog and maybe this is your first visit; but Eric never “sells” anything; instead he works tirelessly putting countless hours in this blog! And if you knew the man behind the blog; by reading the blog you would understand the fact that Eric doesn’t do this for his personal gain. He’s not selling anything like other psychics; like charms, juju beads etc; if you want a reading that’s fine. He doesn’t push it; send you emails soliciting this. And when you get a reading he cares about his client; even going over the time allowed if needed! And it is a VERY nominal fee; not 250.00 an hr or something! I can honestly say your comments although you have a right to make them; they are offensive to those who actually know how hard Eric works and how much he really does care! Please read the older blogs and it will become very apparent to you what kind of man he is! Thank you!

      1. Donna, I thought your response to Hopes remarks was perfect. I was so shocked to read something like that on this blog. It was very apparent that she doesn’t know or understand the tireless work that Eric does for no other reason but to help mankind. I loved it!!

      2. Thank you, Fredda I meant it; if you do any reading of the blogs; it is so apparent to see the devotion to this work that Eric has and the fact he’s not in it for the money. He wants to help humanity through his work with Spirit.

    3. No one can keep up with every politicians life. I was born in CA, raised in SF, and didn’t know until last year that Pelosi was from SF. With all due respect Hope, your post comes off as an attack on Eric. He has a high degree of accuracy!

    4. I wonder why people read Eric’s blog if they don’t believe him. Most people here are working towards healing the world. Hate , disdain is never an appropriate sower of love. Peace ! Thank you Eric for all that you do💛hope your mama is ok . Sending love

    5. Hope, I find your comments offensive and can only imagine that you have not been following Eric’s blog very long if at all. Anyone who really knows Eric… knows he’s not what you are trying to portray him as.

    6. hope
      Yes be careful how you use the word God in your retort..
      It never ceases to amaze me how people just drop in Judge Accuse and believe they are
      advocating the Spirit of True Love in our Creator …
      Trains ..ships and Walkers on this path of Life..
      Diversity yes is a good thing even yours with you opinion ..
      do you think you have just risen up a notch or two in Gods Love ?
      Judge Yea Not .
      Lest yea be Judged .
      is probabably a quote you are familiar with .
      You dont know Eric as some of us do and you certainly dont know him as God does .
      Its a relationship that is between God and the individual spark that lies in us all …
      blessing to you and yours I say these things in
      response to a sarcastic remark that serves no purpose other than for your own feeling of superiority

    7. My my what an uppidy post. God IS coming. No one knows the time or date for sure. He is not saying that so get off your horse. I too feel he’s coming. I feel things and have that “knowing “. No one is forcing you to believe anything you don’t want too. Nor do you have to indulge in this topic. . Believe what you wish, but don’t tell others how to be either!!

      1. I am always amazed at people sometime, its like someone walking up to your door, knocking on it, and then bashing you verbally, The whole time I think ‘great, why are you here?’

    8. At this Easter time, I thought I’d add this reality for those of us who have a fondness for Jesus. Consider the implications of a black Jesus in a white Jewish world under a white Roman dictatorship trying to convince others of his psychic abilities.

      Happy Easter Everyone.

      “This Easter, I can’t help but wonder, what would our church and society look like if we just remembered that Jesus was brown? If we were confronted with the reality that the body hung on the cross was a brown body: one broken, tortured, and publicly executed by an oppressive regime.”

      1. Pete,
        I couldn’t agree with you more. I am always amazed at people who claim to be Christian and say they believe in Jesus but then criticize and demonize others, mainly people who are brown and black. I, of course can’t help myself, ask them where was Jesus from? What faith was he? What did he say about treating others different than yourself? They just usually look at me with an irritated and puzzled look on their face. Then I “educate” them with the facts of who Jesus was. There is usually no response. These people are not true believers or followers of Jesus or his teachings. Astounding!!

    9. Hi “Hope” –
      Sadly, there are those who use the term “God” as a weapon of hate. You are in that group of people. You do not own God. You do not own the concept of God. And from your post, you are in need of learning what God is. God is the divine spark in each of us. God does not have to arrive – because the divine sparks is already here, inside us. There are those who draw power from fighting the powers of good – know that their evil power is always short lived. The power of good always sweeps them away. Taking false “joy” in trying to hurt others is wrong, and leads to personal destruction. Your post tries to dim Eric’s working light in this world, and that is wrong. Stop it. My advice is to turn back from that path of evil that you are on. Learn who God really is, and apply that knowledge to yourself and your own life. Judge not, lest you be judged.


  2. “Spring terror….it’s back.” That suggests an attack around religious holidays in the spring–since those holidays have been targeted before, in other events.

    Passover is in March 31st. Easter April 1st. “Break” could refer to spring break, which usually takes place around the time of these holidays.

    All in all, we should keep an eye on the upcoming weeks, and I’d guess the holidays in particular.

    Eric, That last prediction you mentioned described a destroyed area. Could you tell what happened? An earthquake? A meteor hit? A tornado?

  3. Pelosi had grown up, gone to college, and started her political career in Maryland, but moved to San Francisco in 1969. It’s been a long time since she lived in Maryland, but maybe it’s still relevant to the prediction.

    1. You might have something there, perhaps they were showing the old SF. They did that before, showing the old Egypt as a reference point in an old prediction.

    2. Cory, wow..thats very interesting history about the cobblestone roads. It’s very beautiful but didn’t know there is many con to this side of the story such as pick up the brick and hit the head. Ouch. Even carried the diseases in btw the bricks. That’s interested and have not thought of that! :/

      Thanks for sharing!

  4. Get off your high horse hope. A cobblestone bridge sound pretty picturesque, maybe a marriage ceremony?

    1. Twiceblessed9…where is Pelosi’s home? Does she lives in SF or Washington DC? If she has a home in SF…it fits the prediction of warning. Hope not. :/

  5. Found something interesting, the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park has a cobblestone walkway There is a better picture on Trip Advisor Photo “a cobblestone path”. The park is not next to bridge but does have spectacular views of it. Maybe this means it’s not the Golden Gate but maybe the Oakland , Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, Hayward-San Mateo Bridge or the Dumbarton Bridge.

  6. maybe the reference to cobblestoned
    means it actually is in the US..
    they are saying that its a bridge that is
    not made of cobblestones.. and gay is a reference to the neighborhood or area
    i always felt there was going to
    be an issue with the Bay Bridge more so than the golden gate.

  7. another prediction mentioned giants.
    they play at the coluseum near
    an old prediction ..something
    around the sacred holiday,
    easter sunday april 1?

  8. So, based on the earlier predictions, it seems like:

    Bridge attack focused in San Francisco.

    Gathering/march attack in southeast US (possibly Louisiana, some said perhaps New Orleans). Someone in the comments of another prediction here posted a link to a LGBT event in New Orleans on Easter I think. Perhaps this could be looked into more?

    Any information on the location for the other attack (leveled structures)?

    These all seem awful, but it seems like we are narrowing in on our focus?

    1. The main take away is terrorism seems back. I believe its a womens march in the south east US, that leads to what seems like a bombing, then a bridge attack.

    2. New to this forum and not sure if this is relevant to the prediction but WWE Wrestlemania is being held on April 8 in New Orleans

  9. Just want to say that if you want to criticize, please do so with respect. Use arguments to debate, not blind accusations. Than you’re point of view will also be respected even by the one’s that have a different one.

  10. eric, can you shed more light,on the comment, we are done, are you ready? is this taken as good? or is this a bad thing, ready to happen?

    1. Google Allison come the event. It’s what many of us have been shown for the past few months, some of us all our lives

    2. I took it as a wonderful think. I am guessing here, I could be wrong. For the past year and half the Spirit has been reorganizing, the group has doubled its size, there is a renewed focus to predict the ‘now’ and step away from predictions that happen 6months later. Even though the plan was to complete this new reorganization in December, I believe they might be saying they are done now. That all the ‘pieces are in place’.

  11. Eric – auto race collision F1? Did you get a look at the cars? Types, colors of logos? With the new halos most of the drivers walk away from crashes, but because spirit is talking about it perhaps it is more severe.
    I can’t remember, but a different psychic made a prediction for a bad F1 crash that will kill a driver this season 😞
    F1 races all around the world. Could you please ask spirit for more details?
    Thank you!

  12. Hi Eric,
    Thank you for your work.

    Just wondering if these messages could be related?

    3-28-18 I had a visual of spirit showing a Rubix cube, floating in mid air and turning very fast, then the puzzle was solved, they showed all sides being complete, we are done are you ready?

    And Prediction Our Father is coming

    And 3-7-18 In 8 how the world will change in one massive swipe.

    1. I believe the rubix cube is talking about themselves, Spirit. For the past year and half Spirit has been planning a reorganization. A renewed focus on predicting events that are coming ‘now’ and a focus on gathering more details, the plan was to have this reorganization complete before December, I think, I assume, they mean they are early.

    2. It will be events and structures that will massively shift. For instance new people in power, new systems in place. But I believe its more than that, I believe many of us will feel the presence of our creator, his miracle acts. Think of how the me too changed the trajectory of things, that is the closest example I can give, how quickly the tone of this changed.

  13. I was reading online, a woman who lives in SF wrote that she has recently been having bad dreams about the golden gate bridge, that she now becomes anxious when she has to drive on it, she seemed nervous the bridge would be attacked.

    1. Eric, was that a typo, did you mean Golden Gate Bridge? I’d hate to see any violent act in anyplace, but I love the GGB and hope it’s not that one.
      I feel badly when I see a negative post against you. I haven’t been on this site as long as others, but you feel very genuine to me and I intuitively know you’re doing this to help us. 💗

  14. Could your wienstien-like prediction perhaps be pertaining to young adults? just curious because a producer at Nickelodeon was fired after 20 years of working there with no word from Viacom aside from rumors he was fired due to allegations.

  15. Sonoma Raceway, fatal accident on the drag racing track yesterday. 75 year old man hit the wall.

  16. I found this article yesterday and thought it interesting due to this prediction. Nancy Pelosi leads a delegation to Israel. Ten democrats accompanied her. It mentions Easter and Passover and celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Jewish State this Spring. I’m not sure if she leaves this Saturday or if she left last Saturday and is already there. The article didn’t make it very clear.

  17. Regarding the killings of Palestinians in Gaza, today is the 42nd anniversary of Land Day which is – when six unarmed Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed by Israeli forces during protests against the Israeli government’s decision to expropriate massive tracts of Palestinian land. This is what they were protesting for.

  18. “Then it shifted to show a map, the map was split into 4 sections, they showed the South east region of the map.” The four corners is the only place in the US where you can be in 4 states at once. New mexico would be the south east portion.

  19. Eric for, “After the break…terror”. For the Washington DC area, their “Spring Break is between the 15th – 19th of April this year.
    Also there is a marathon called the, “Cherry Blossom 10 Miler” coming up on Sunday, April 7th in Wash DC.

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