Palestinian Prime Minister’s Assassination Attempt

This prediction has happened. I do hope the Prime Minister continues to stays safe. The prediction unfolded on March 13th. Is that around March 11th? I do not see any ties to the ‘French’? But I am very pleased to report we were wrong on the outcome, the Prime Minister survived! The predictions:

Predictions 3-12-18 It’s possible that the President that is assassinated in a previous message might be a Prime Minister.

Prediction: A President Assassinated

This prediction is expected very soon. The new president will be assassinated by the radical one, but with it is an epic scandal. The old guard does not like this president. The president made too many waves, and so they either let it happen, or opened the door of opportunity for his demise.. the president now dead.. when (or by) the weeks end.  In a previous message they implied the assassination would take place ‘around’ March 11th.

They implied the culprit was either a radical Muslim or radical anti Muslim. I asked where several times but to no avail. In a previous prediction they pointed to Duterte, President of the Philippines, however in that prediction it was presented as a threat to his safety. So its possible we are talking about two separate events. They later said ‘French connection’. Does that mean a nation where the French language is prevalent or perhaps a former colony of France which points to Africa, or France itself?

Prediction: Assassination  “The assassination acts are coming.” I had a visual of someone preparing a gun with a scope. “On or around March 11th”

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  1. Sara Avatar

    Hamas is suspected as the would-be assassins of the Palestinian Prime-Minister. They’re a radical Islamic group that supports jihad and is against moderates trying to make peace with Israel.

    So your prediction about the culprit being “radical Muslim” fits in with the assassination attempt in Gaza.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, I am happy the news is good for once.

  2. Robbie Riley Avatar
    Robbie Riley

    Palestine was a colony of the British as well as Israel. That’s why during the commonwealth games every four years, British and it’s former colonies play sports. This year, it’s in Australia.

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  3. ElaineS Avatar

    Majority of British Colonies couldn’t wait to break free of the colonisation by Britain, in England the Government keeps thinking my country Scotland is one of their Colonies but we are a country within our own right and absolutely have never been colonised by anyone. The British Gov attitude towards Scotland on this matter is reason why almost 50% of Scots want to break away from England like the Colonies of the many hundreds of countries through history. America went to war to gain their freedom from the oppressive British Government and most Colonies do not talk about Britain with fondness, there was a lot of brutality and genocide because of Britain, the Aborigines, the Indians. British history is nothing to be proud of and Israeli Prime Minister is no better than UKGov in cruelty of Apartheid and occupation of Palestine. My dear uncle was buried in Palestine which is now been taken over by Israel and I doubt if he has EVER rested in peace. He was in British army but would have hated what Britain and Israel have done to the Palestinians since the war. This is my personal opinion.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I am sorry for your uncle’s death, Elaine. Losing loved ones and worrying about what they’d think of the world they left behind is a sad thing.

      For whatever it’s worth, both the Palestinians and Israelis are suffering badly due to hatred. Palestinians live under occupation and imprisonment, Israelis live in fear of suicide bombings and war. Both peoples are suffering horribly, worried for their children’s futures.

      But as bad as things are, both Israeli and Palestinian people are good at heart–there’s so much grief and bitterness, though. But it’s vital to remember that Palestinians are more than the extremists who preach jihad, and the Israelis are more than their government’s policies.

      I really believe there can be peace between both people eventually, once Palestinians are granted freedom and Israelis are granted security. As much as leadership on both sides has screwed up, the ordinary people could probably work things out if there was more communication between them.

      I know it’s hard to hang on to hope, but please try to. Someday there will be peace and freedom for both peoples, and I’m sure your uncle’s spirit will be among those celebrating in heaven.

    2. petemedium Avatar

      You’ve brought up an interesting point re Britain. To add to this, Australia still has the British Queen Elizabeth II as our head of State. There are many of us wanting to become a Republican, but because of the American model, and especially what is happening under Trump with no obvious way of removing him, should he be found totally inept in his position, the whole Republic debate has been put to bed.

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