Cannibalism in South Africa

Is this the predicted event? These acts of cannibalism lead by a witch doctor believed to bring wealth and good health, I could see how the ‘purge’ might fit into that situation.   Please pray for the families of those who were victimized. The prediction might be linked to another message : Predictions 6-26-17

Prediction: North Korea   “There is a cult in South Africa that claims to be on the side of science.. words.. I am going to purge this!.”

The facts in regards to the Cannibalistic act, quoted by MSN:  “The incident may have wider ramifications in the local community. Crowds gathered on Monday outside the court to try and see the suspects, who were guarded by police as they entered the courthouse. A local councillor, Mthembeni Majola, claimed that hundreds of residents had admitted to knowingly eating human flesh after being instructed to do so by the witch doctor, News 24 reported.

The case has raised suspicion of muti, a term used to describe traditional forms of medicine and cultural practice in South Africa and other parts of the continent. So-called muti killings have occurred in various countries, where people are murdered and their body parts used in purported medicines by witch doctors. People with albinism are particularly at risk of muti killings due to the belief held by some that their body parts impart power and health to those who consume them.”




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  1. Sara Avatar

    That’s a terrible situation. It’s bad enough when a loved one is murdered, but for the families to live with the knowledge some sickos mutilated the bodies and ate them…words can’t say how horrible that is.

    How could anyone do such evil things and be able to sleep at night? How could they not feel something for the victims? I hope the perpetrators stay in jail all their lives–not just as punishment, but also to keep other people safe from them.

    Sympathy for the victims and their loved ones.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I agree.

  2. Linda Blair Avatar

    Eric, shocking..OMG…can’t even imagine this…

  3. Anita Avatar

    Serious question: Why do we consider cannibalism to be victimization/murder but not when we kill and eat animals/plants. A life taken is a life taken, right? Animals/plants — just like us — are unwilling victims. We already know that animals on this planet which are not human do in fact eat their own. FYI, I’m not a zombie — just wondering why we’re outraged when we do to ourselves what we do other life on this planet? In some countries humans eat dogs/cats, but in most countries it’s illegal/banned since we consider dogs/cats to be equal to humans — that is, because we have an emotional bond with them.

    1. Anita Avatar

      “– just wondering why we’re outraged when we do to ourselves what we do [to] other life [forms] on this planet?”

  4. Linda Blair Avatar

    Anita…please…this is unbelievable that humans are eating humans…sorry, but I have a very different view of the world

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Well…can’t say I disagree with an opinion by human eating human. We simply have meats in our bodies to keep us warm and function for movement. We are all life in different forms whether we are plants, animals and himans. We die in flesh but live eternity in light energies. We are formed from energies to live on this planet by taking care of our mother earth to balance in galaxy. We are just matter of energies. It’s right inside the very core of our bodies to preserved the very energies. The stars we see every night…that our ancient energies. They are very real. They see and known us all our lives. We came from the lights like the stars. That’s the energy form. The ancient spirits will reveal the truth when we depart our bodies. Just listen to your very spirit voice and be still. Be patience and you will hear very small voice. That’ is you. You are equipped in flesh and bone and the real spirit is in your core of energy. That’s the energy of light. ♡

  5. LLG26 Avatar

    The fiction that the “traditional healer” wanted others to believe in was that eating human flesh imparts special gifts or health benefits. He told them they could become wealthy or somehow get supernatural abilities by eating human flesh. How horrible to convince people of such lies…
    This reminds me vaguely of people killing animals for one body part for healing remedies, such as killing a bear for it’s gall bladder or sharks for their fins. The sharks have their fins cut off while they are still alive and are thrown back into the ocean to die and some of them are endangered species. The shark fin soup has become “unfashionable” now. I hope that humans evolve to the point where they don’t wish to harm other humans or animals based on such mistaken beliefs and selfishness.

    1. Peace in the Garden Avatar
  6. jules104 Avatar

    This is horrible. Sending light and love to the families and friends who have lost their loved ones. 😔🙏🏻

  7. rhona2 Avatar

    Prayers for victims family ..
    There are many attrabutes separating us from the animal kingdom and plants ..
    Evolution has separated us even more ..
    The food chain has been in existance since time began ..its part of nature ..
    Humans are supposed to be more intelectually balanced …We just dont eat each other ..
    most amimals eat other species not their own
    Plants actually give forth more fruit when we pick them and prune them …I bless them and give thanks to them for the service they provide us in there evolutionary gift to our sustenance …
    Murder has been a crime for a long time ..
    so it is .

  8. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    ( not sure if this is right thread..)

    African witch doctors sacrifing children due to drought.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s so horrible

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