Predictions 6-26-17

The good news. Spirit has not started a countdown for the US terror attacks, which puts its timing in question, Could the numbers be separate 2 and 7.

These predictions are expected soon:

I had a visual of a queen holding her hands on her face upset. This voice from the corner said “Leave her alone.. show some respect and just leave her alone.”

“Bob is on the cusp of going.”

Also: “Johannesburg South Africa, brought to light, there is an act of mind control… taking place..”

Later they would add ‘now’ but I question whether they are talking about the above predictions? Sounds like some type of mad scientist.

A massive outbreak in one area all at once.  We need to find out where?

I had a visual I was looking at a magazine, on it was pictures of battleships that looked like they were attacked. Smoke was pouring out of one of the ships. Then I closed the magazine and it said “March”

We are working on one of the biggest predictions ever, we plan to have it completed by the end of the month. Unfortunately that has managed to consume all our time.

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91 thoughts on “Predictions 6-26-17

  1. Oh, Eric, trying to imagine what the “biggest prediction ever” could be…there are so many huge predictions to choose from. I hope and pray this is not the Disneyland prediction…

    1. we’re being told the world is about to find out it is not alone. And the crafts will start showing up in a way the Western govts can no longer try to cover up. It could be that.

  2. Eric,
    I’ve got a question–can you give us a hint what this “biggest prediction ever” is about? War, terrorism, foreign relations, environmental, or something else?

    It’s pretty anxiety-provoking not to know even a little more, because I always tend to jump to the worst-case scenarios. So even a hint might help me eliminate some of the scary scenarios I’m having already.

    Also, a thought….maybe 2 and 7 mean July 2nd and July 7th, as possible times for the attacks. But then again, if there’s no countdown yet, that could easily be wrong.

    1. Ugh, I accidentally posted this below, but it was meant to follow this comment! Anyway,
      What about my other question? Can you give us more information about ‘one of the biggest predictions ever’, because the uncertainty is distressing.
      I’d rather have some idea of what we’re looking at, be it a war or terrorism, or some kind of environmental issue, to at least rule out the bad-case scenarios in my head.

      I don’t mean to pressure you to tell us, but more information might at least alleviate some of the scenarios.

    1. Could be. The words “leave her alone…show some respect and leave her alone” sounds to me like reporters getting too insensitive, maybe hassling the queen for a comment about the death of a family member. Maybe the speaker is a friend of the queen’s, or a guard, trying to shoo away the reporters.

      1. Eric,
        What about my other question? Can you give us more information about ‘one of the biggest predictions ever’, because the uncertainty is distressing.
        I’d rather have some idea of what we’re looking at, be it a war or terrorism, or some kind of environmental issue, to at least rule out the bad-case scenarios in my head.

        I don’t mean to pressure you to tell us, but more information might at least alleviate some of the scenarios.

      1. I think he can do what exactly Nixon did, which is keep firing AGs or going down the line of AGs until he finds someone who is willing. I think Ds made a strategic error is saying he “can’t” … that just encouraged him to try. And the R Congress is not nearly as likely to challenge him as the D Congress was Nixon. Rs don’t seem inclined to abandon supporting DT — instead they are circling the wagons.

        So … I do think it can happen. Legally, all DT has to do is exactly what Nixon did … keep firing AGs until he finds one to execute his order. And I don’t think it’s a given that the reaction will be like it was in the 70s. This is a very different political climate.

  3. Phillip is 96 and not in the best of health, I would be surprised if he didn’t go this year or next. Poor Elizabeth. Losing a spouse/companion of that many years would be tough on anybody.

    The “mind control” thing sounds like something out of the old Batman TV series. Cult, maybe?

    Trump would have to know how bad it would look to fire Mueller. I’m sure he also knows the investigation would not end with Mueller’s departure. I find it hard to believe Trump would fire Mueller and I wonder if Mueller is pressured, even by someone else, into resigning on his own.

  4. Is this ‘A’ queen or ‘The’ queen (which many people take to be the UK one, she seems to be the world’s ‘Queen’ queen the way Earth’s moon is The Moon.

    When I read it, the first image that popped into my mind was oddly Ariana Grande who has been quoted as seeing herself and other women as ‘queens’. She’s also been awarded honorary citizenship of Manchester, the city of the beehive (remember all those people getting bee tattoos). She did such a skillful job of responding to the terror attack that she may as well be honorary Queen of Manchester. And there will doubtless be an official ceremony with much publicity that could become overwhelming with delayed trauma kicking in among those concerned.

    But having said that, it’s almost certainly The Queen, and I hope to goodness it’s not related to our previous discussions about tragic George.

    I tried to think of famous Bobs. Dylan would be a big loss?

    1. As an aside, by coincidence after I wrote my above post, another Queen hit the news. Queen Elizabeth, the new and biggest ship in the Navy, finally sailed towards open seas at midnight. But first, she had ten hours of eyewateringly careful manoeuvres including squeezing out of her basin with a gap only fourteen inches either side, then limboing under the Forth Bridge at lowest possible tide with six feet to spare.

      If I was the Queen who it was named after, watching its progress today, I think that I’d have my hands over my face, along with most people watching!

  5. Re “Bob”. It would be more likely that it is someone known as “Bob”. Is Robert Mueller referred to as Bob? I’m not sure. It would more likely be someone like Bob Dole or Bob Dylan.

    1. That’s a great prompt! I still think it would be ‘Bobs’ rather than ‘Roberts’ so my shortlist would be Dylan, Dole, Geldoff or Mueller. There’s a celebrity cat called Bob too, just for completion.

  6. Made a comment the other day about the travel ban being implemented if a justice retires/replaced. In less than a day they proved me wrong by enforcing parts of it with the current justices. LOL! And that’s why I’m not a lawyer/justice of the court.

  7. I wonder who the “Bob” is, whoever it is, may they pass peacefully and gently. I too, have wondered about the death in the Royal household. I guess logically one might expect it to be an older Royal, The Duke of Edinburgh for example is a great age He is due to retire from all duties, I think it might be in the Autumn. I had wondered why, officially they are saying because of his age, but I wonder if they are keeping an illness quiet. . I am not a fan of the Royals in general but I see them as human and I would never wish them any ill will.
    On another point, I do wonder when those in power will finally release information about the visitors from other planets who have been visiting us for longer than Man can remember. Hmm I would love to know the visitors´ opinions on us. I am sure it will make for interesting reading. Hope you are having a good day, where ever you are!

    1. Not sure I’d call it wonderful. I presume that information would cause mass panic, riots, record distrust in government. There’s already a certain level of panic on these replies and all Eric said was that the prediction was big. I tend to side with Stephen Hawkings’s view on alien life, basically be careful what you wish for. Organized religion would come apart at the seams, not necessarily a bad thing and we might have to rethink our entire idea of what constitutes life. It would change everything.

      1. At this point they are only really talking about the possibility of micro-organisms in some places in the solar system. Not really a mass panic type scenario 🙂

      2. i tend to not side with hawkings, but alas, unlike hawkings I’ve grown up working with many of these et’s all my life.

  8. The mind control could be as simple as certain medications being placed in the water supply. I believe the US in the past did some sort of mind altering/control experiments with illegal drugs. I could be mistaken, but I believe that’s correct. Either way it’s horrible for anyone not to be allowed to have their own thoughts.

    I saw where trump has named the person he I wants over the FBI and both sides have lauded him. I wondered if trump would then fire the special prosecutor “Bob” and say now that we have a new head of the FBI he can take over the investigation. Not sure how long it would take for the new person to be confirmed.

  9. So I don’t know if you guys saw it, but Robert Mueller does go by Bob. The Politico article above actually has “Bob Mueller” in the title.

    Also, Salon today had an article and in the byline it actually says Trump will likely fire Mueller. Further, the new FBI director nominee Wray was sent to the Senate yesterday.

    Here’s the Salon article link:

    See the Politico link above which calls him “Bob Mueller” in the title.

    1. Eric, Mercer is the guy behind the technology mining corporations that funded a lot of the Brexit stuff and also funded Trump indirectly. I saw a graph a couple of months ago that showed the relationships of the companies involved. One is Cambridge Anayltica, and several entities are related to Brietbart, Bannon, Farage, etc The graph is in this article:

      (I couldn’t directly reply to your question for some reason.)

      1. MHB, Thanks for the article link, very interesting, I’m glad this situation is being investigated.

  10. Trying so darn hard to stay out of the political arena…seems as if I am attacked for any comment…Right??? Just know that I do believe that TRUMP is on his final days as Potus…so happy he is on his way out….okay…wait I g for the first right wing attack…truth is, I don’t care anymore!!

    1. Linda, it is very easy to discuss politics, as long as one is capable of acknowledging that theirs is not the only valid viewpoint and to respect other points of view and input. Granted, that is a lot harder for some people than others, like anything else. But when one posts in a way that can be taken as “I’m only posting this to stir things up,” or in a way that appears gloating, then yes, you will not be received well. Which is hardly the same as being attacked.


      Technically A Democrat

      1. Yes, we should all be respectful of each other–Democrat, Republican, whatever–we’re all entitled to our beliefs.
        I just worry that too much focus on it here detracts from the point of this website…to focus on and find a way to prevent bad events that are predicted.

  11. I wonder what the battleship prediction is about….sounds like it could be war, or possibly that terrorists managed to smuggle explosives or something on board battleships. (I’d think they would have tight security, but it’s not impossible.)

    1. Sara was there a prediction about a military boat or something that Eric mentioned “in my backyard” which was thought to mean San Diego? I may have two predictions confused, but I recall those two things.
      I believe the 7 and 2 refers to July 2nd, just my guess and I believe we are all in for a very trying month or two, the whole world actually.

      1. Karen,

        I think you’re right, Eric did make a prediction about a military ship being attacked….I can’t remember which prediction it was.

        I seem to remember one of his predictions within the past six months was ” in half of a month, the US will be at war”, but I can’t be sure of that either. (Or even if I’m remembering the prediction right.) Something to keep an eye on, I guess.

      2. 4/30/17 post talks about the chance of war, terrorism expanding in Asia, and mentions attacks.

        Eric’s 5/5/17 prediction reads:

        I had a visual of the number 7 7

        “In about 5 minutes.. already a threat.. ISIS style attack.. over 100 affected.”

        Spirit then showed the number 7 in box, like what you would see on a calendar. Then they wrote 7 4 9

        “There will be a defining moment.. at its end… when the righteous prevail”

        This small prediction is marking a timeframe when there is a direct terror threat. In five minutes would be sometime around the 9th, 10th, or 11th. But oddly they seem to also mark the 7th in a box? Are they talking about this months 7th or next month? “Already a threat” I believe is a reference to an existing prediction. We actually have a terror related prediction that marks the 10th.

  12. Is anyone else having problems posting stuff? Sometimes it posts immediately, sometimes it won’t post at all and sometimes it takes several tries and several hours. I am not getting a moderation message so I’m not sure if it’s me or what.

    1. I’ve had no problems. Maybe your internet connection is running slow? Or a virus or something could be bogging it down?

    2. Yes that is correct because of our last fake virus we have heightened our security a great majority of comments must first be approved by me to avoid another nightmare sorry for the inconvenience.

      1. No worries, I just couldn’t tell if it was moderated and kept trying to repost, with variations. I was worried there’d be like a dozen nearly identical posts all appearing at once, lol. Now that I know, I won’t keep trying. 😉 One of them I changed my mind on posting anyway so good thing it didn’t get posted.

        Another wordpress site I frequent is having similar issues, but there it tells you if a post gets moderated.

        1. It is a bit of a pain, sorry for that. When I am not doing personal readings I usually check the site, now I need to approve a great number of comments, normally if you add a link the computer might request approval. I want to avoid any further fake virus

  13. Eric I can’t get the search bar to work, it only brings up personal readings information on my phone. So I will ask you the same question I asked Sara, was there a prediction that you stated “in my own backyard” and you mentioned San Diego, was it something about the military ships? I can’t remember and may have two predictions mixed up, but I can’t search for it. I am wondering if the numbers 7 and 2 mean July 2nd. I have a very odd feeling for July.
    Here’s to hoping the biggest prediction will be good news, if not, at least we have another “truth” coming up soon that may help us understand things more.

  14. Eric…don’t worry…look at Europe and it’s great cyber attack of the last few days…thankfully we can still get thru to you.

  15. Hi Francine…thanks for your response…I guess passive-aggressive is not my style but I do read with an open mind…I truly understand what you are saying and thank you again.

  16. Eric and SWC- Did anyone happen to catch the news, posted on 6-26-17 regarding 2 Marines injured at Miramar? Originally posted as an explosion now under investigation.
    Hmmmm…coincident. Its in San Diego news.

  17. Hello Eric, SWC and Everyone!
    Regarding this prediction —
    Also: “Johannesburg South Africa, brought to light, there is an act of mind control… taking place..
    First thing I thought of was the 1970s Mass Suicide /from the Jonestown cult/ with that Cult leader Jim Jones and all of those people/Jim Jones followers who were forced to drink that KOOL-AID laced with poison. And they all died…were found dead.
    And that occurred somewhere in Africa too- I think in Guyana??? I may be incorrect on the location- but I think it occurred sometime in the 1970s….
    But this Johannesburg situation sounds like a very similar situation!

  18. “A massive outbreak all at once in one area” sounds like the sudden intense local spread of some kind of infectious disease, like ebola, or some other virus like the mosquito borne zika virus…but I guess it could be something else dangerous breaking out in one area. TIme has an interesting article about how the world and the US are unprepared for disease outbreaks titled “The World Is Not Ready for the Next Pandemic”:

    Here is a quote from the article–“When the last Ebola outbreak exploded, in 2014, eventually killing more than 11,000 people, the virus wasn’t a mystery to scientists; it was discovered in 1976. But even though it had been killing people on and off for decades, there were no drugs or vaccines approved to fight it–and there still aren’t today, chiefly because there’s little incentive for pharmaceutical companies to bring them to market.” If people want vaccines and plans put in place to prevent the spread of these dangerous organisms, they need a fully functioning government and other organizations that can work on these issues because big-Pharma won’t do the job.

    I had a job where I was told I might have to work with a known dangerous pathogen. It was so dangerous I was going to have to receive a year of vaccine shots to protect me. I read articles about accidental lab exposures to help me figure out how to prevent that scenario and it was scary reading. In the end I changed jobs and didn’t have to work with it. Phew! The world is like a place full of “human petri dishes”. Each human grows their own microbiome or type of bacteria and viruses that can live off of them. If the human is immunocompromised or has a weak immune system due to poor nutrition or the like, they tend to grow the pathogens. I’m not trying to scare you all but, with global warming, war, crowded populations eating with poor nutrition, etc, that equals a lot of potential spread of disease. We need funding for the CDC and NIH to continue to do research and to develop protective measures against these emerging diseases.

  19. Regarding the queen – there are elderly kings in Europe, such as Sweden and Norway. Could be an issue with one of them.

    Not wishing ill to anyone, but Bob could be DeNiro or Redford.

    The outbreak may be the big cholera outbreak in Senegal, already involving over 100,000 people. We should be hearing more about it, and helping it – but too involved in US only issues, and the Putin desecration of democracy via the election hack.

    I hope the big prediction is about cancer treatment/cure. Aliens are always with us – a cure for cancer would be a huge breakthrough. Here’s hoping.

  20. Just out of interest
    Has spirit mentioned anything around the yellowstone volcano? Just yesterday they had reported a 2282% increase in earthquakes in the last 2 weeks alone 😳

    1. Hi Archie, Eric, SWC and everyone!
      Archie..You have an Excellent point about the Yellowstone Earthquake-
      There is a Very VERY Intense Eclipse in August- here in the USA- called the Great American Eclipse- that will be occurring over the entire United States . Apparently from what I have been reading- It will start from the upper west coast- I think around Oregon or Washington state area …stretching across the entire span of the United States and traveling directly Over Yellowstone National Park- I think….and ending up right over Washington DC.
      I have read that this Strong Eclipse COULD POSSIBLY- and I PRAY NOT- but it could possibly Trigger a Large Earthquake on Yellowstone National Park directly….
      I am praying this does not happen. I am praying that Everyone and Everything stays SAFE and PROTECTED!!

  21. Eric,
    I have two questions:

    1) Are there any countdowns we need to be aware of? I’m hoping the terror attacks are averted, but like you said, the timing could’ve been off.

    2) Is the ‘biggest predictions ever’ a good thing, or a bad thing?

    1. Sara, I’m like you… dying to know the kind of prediction involved and good or bad. Even though I subscribe to updates, I’m checking back all the time just in case it got posted. 🙂

      1. Agreed! I’m definitely not a patient person, especially with anxiety issues.

        Eric said to wait until he has enough information..and I’m the kind of person who will answer, “Okay, I’ll wait…..” Followed shortly by “I’ll ask a question, so just blink once if the answer is yes, and blink twice for no.” Obviously I can’t do that blinking-signal thing via online comments! lol

      1. R2D2,
        I knew it was dire when I first saw it reported..
        Pneumatic Is lethal…(I read about the “Spanish flu” outbreak..)
        The populace is hiding sick and dead..due to their fear and burial customs;.not a good outcome …it can only get worse..
        It has already exceeded the growth tables…
        Unless more resources are thrown at it or a quarantine…or travel ban..,
        The writings on the wall…☠️

  22. SWC,
    I have been posting on plague on Epidemic Rising thread.
    As well as just now on this one.,

  23. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of a queen holding her hands on her face upset. This voice from the corner said “Leave her alone.. show some respect and just leave her alone.”

    Queen upset..(Andrew)scandal is taking toll.
    CONCERNS are growing within the Royal Family about the increasing pressure on the Queen as the monarchy is plunged into crisis over Prince Andrew.
    The 93-year-old monarch — who went riding at Windsor Castle yesterday — has been struggling without the companionship of Prince Philip, 98.

  24. Star48- Ha! Watching The Crown on Netflix Episode 8 as I received your comment. Um…there are no coincidences. 😉 Yes. Looks like the prediction for sure. Not a good situation for the royal family. Good memory Star48.

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