Cannibalism in South Africa

Is this the predicted event? These acts of cannibalism lead by a witch doctor believed to bring wealth and good health, I could see how the ‘purge’ might fit into that situation.   Please pray for the families of those who were victimized. The prediction might be linked to another message : Predictions 6-26-17

Prediction: North Korea   “There is a cult in South Africa that claims to be on the side of science.. words.. I am going to purge this!.”

The facts in regards to the Cannibalistic act, quoted by MSN:  “The incident may have wider ramifications in the local community. Crowds gathered on Monday outside the court to try and see the suspects, who were guarded by police as they entered the courthouse. A local councillor, Mthembeni Majola, claimed that hundreds of residents had admitted to knowingly eating human flesh after being instructed to do so by the witch doctor, News 24 reported.

The case has raised suspicion of muti, a term used to describe traditional forms of medicine and cultural practice in South Africa and other parts of the continent. So-called muti killings have occurred in various countries, where people are murdered and their body parts used in purported medicines by witch doctors. People with albinism are particularly at risk of muti killings due to the belief held by some that their body parts impart power and health to those who consume them.”