Prediction: North Korea

“To be clear Eric.. contrary to all the fear being spread.. Kim’s hand is far less than what he claims.. he doesn’t actually have what he claims.. there will be a de-escalation, for now anyway.. two hot heads.. with little intelligence.. does not mesh well”

Spirit was clear he does not have all the ‘pieces’. I am not entirely sure what that means but his threats are ‘fruitless’ for now. The implication here is this war they predict is for another day later down the line, Prediction: War with North Korea

Intelligence is a reference to the ‘information on the ground’ of North Korea, a sort of intelligence briefing. They are not talking about the intelligence of the two leaders.

In other news:

“There is a cult in South Africa that claims to be on the side of science.. words.. I am going to purge this!.”

This South African prediction has direct links to Predictions 6-26-17 , something very un-nerving is unfolding in South Africa that should be coming to light soon.

I had a visual of a Typhoon heading towards the southern half of the Philippines, it should be forming in the coming weeks.

“October will be devastating on an epic scale in regards to Hurricanes.. in the gulf.”

The next major prediction: ‘around the 17th’ we need to verify what exactly is happening.

There was a 6.4 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia on August 13th. It adds to a growing list of a number of surging earthquakes. The prediction below seems to be more about a surge unfolding across the world.

I had a visual I was staring at an elevator door that had a gold / brass glimmer. I could see my reflection, then I saw cracks from one spot, it begin to work its way in all different directions across the door.

I had a visual I was sitting at my dining room table. On the opposite side a Spirit slammed a cup on the table and said “Earthquake!”



31 thoughts on “Prediction: North Korea

  1. What this means is North Korea has not developed the technology to deliver a nuclear warhead the way they claim they can. It is a very complex thing to put a warhead on a missile and then fire that missile accurately and with a successful detonation. The US and much of the world know this. But, if allowed to continue they will develop the ability to do just what they claim, they are just not there yet.

  2. Maybe it begins to escalate again either right before or a little while before Trump leaves office, which would leave it for Pence to deal with. Hopefully Trump doesn’t try to do anything reckless to take away the public’s attention from the issue of Russian collusion. It’s a sad fact that war — at least at the beginning — drives up a president’s poll numbers.

  3. Eric,
    You haven’t mentioned the Disneyland attack prediction…does this mean it’s been prevented? I sure hope so!

  4. I had a visual I was staring at an elevator door that had a gold / brass glimmer. I could see my reflection, then I saw cracks from one spot, it begin to work its way in all different directions across the door……

    Eric this sounds exactly like the ones in Trump Tower. Could be a Metaphor for the Trump family/administration beginning to crack and unfold.

    • iamtot- You are AWESOME!
      This is true and the trump tower elevator is gold – well in color at least –
      I bet this is what that prediction is pointing to..
      .thank you for sharing..
      the gold elevator makes so much sense!

      • 14 k gold plated elevator as well as escalator and interior of trumps plane!! .,lol!!

    • No, they claim that Trump gets in massive trouble for something involving his finances, and losses support over the way he handles a disaster / economy. Bottom line it’s about financial ties.

      • I don’t know Eric, it seems to me trump is losing some of his base supporters after he condemned the KKK, etc. in his speech, after first not doing it. I wonder if this may be tied to when they find the financial information, combined together may make republicans finally turn on him? I believe in order for him to be impeached the republicans would have to support it since they are the majority and I’m not sure if his finances would be enough for them to do it? Of course there is still the possibility that his finances are put out there and he walks away saying how he tried to do what he was elected to do, but couldn’t get anything done because of the “swamp” or whatever and how no one worked for his agenda. I really feel like this is a good possibility, but I also felt that he would walk away earlier during the election and boy how I was wrong there!

  5. Eric thank you for this update on North Korea .
    Happy to hear and believe as well .
    love to spirit ..
    blessings to you and yours ..

    • Yes, great news!! When I see or hear another word from Kim and Trump to make their moves like the chess game ….I just ignored them knowin the Spirits are right. It’s not gonna happen….thanks heaven. 😉

  6. I had a thought on South Africa…there are lots of organizations that refer to themselves as confraternities, labeled as cults, and are actually mafia-like gangs. There is a large one called “The Supreme Eiye Confraternity” which almost anagrams the word Science.

  7. John Oliver made a good point on his HBO show last night – he said that the NK dictator is scared that he will meet the fate of other dictators – Hussein and Ghaddafi – who were deposed and killed. Oliver said that Kim is trying to show he’s different from them, he has weapons to prevent his removal from power. Posturing driven by fear.

  8. I still cannot help but think that the news conference yesterday with Trump in front of his gold/brass elevators had something to do with your vision Eric. Cracking……. I think this is a very correct symbol for what is going on due to Trump’s words.


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