Myanmar Boat Sinks

This tragic prediction has happened two days later.  Please pray for those in Myanmar.

Predictions 4-6-17  “The ocean will bring insecurity, sorrow and threats.”  I had a visual of a ship or boat that capsized, hundreds had died. It was a horrible site.

“There are troubled times coming for the Asian seas.

Tensions rise, threats of battle unfold.”

In regards to the capsized ship, we are expecting it in the next few days. It falls under the new system of predicting events that are ‘next’.


About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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95 Responses to Myanmar Boat Sinks

  1. Karen says:

    So terribly sad. Praying for all. So much unknown in life.

    Side note: It appears this new time frame you and Spirits are using is bringing us closer to being able to warn people of pending disasters. The last step is figuring out where they will occur. Kudos to you and Spirits, the true reason for your work (altering tragedies) are right at our fingertips. May the second half of this year become the blueprint for how to warn others and change the outcome of many tragedies. Good work Eric!

  2. Rob says:

    Dear Eric,

    Threats of battle unfold, Asian seas uprising. I know recently you said Spirit has indicated possible tension and war on the Korean Peninsula. CNN just reported the US is sending a Carrier battle group to the area after North Korean provocations. Could this be the beginning of the prediction?

  3. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. I’m here.

  4. rhona says:

    Star 48
    wow the frequency is amazing loving it so much ..I agree we are brining in the christ light ..oh and over Easter ..I love it yay ..
    Thanks for that its confirmation ..
    we are on track ..😇😇😇😀😀😀

  5. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Fiji 4.8 super deep over 600km

  6. star48 says:

    Glad we are on same page..
    Volcano eruption…Costa Rica….
    also Poas Two volcano same time…

  7. star48 says:

    Near New Plymouth…………..-NZ….Whakamaru volcano activity..

  8. jules104 says:

    Star48, Just saw your Florida Mall thread. Wow that’s sooooo amazing! Yes confirmation we are on track like Rhona said. And on Easter, how incredible is that? 🌟🙏🏻🐣😇🌷. Thanks for the link. Blessings

  9. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. That’s a really deep EQ there. Wonder which way it’s going to transfer to. South America and NZ? Maybe the reason for all the volcanic activity going on now too. If just releasing pressure that’s good. Praying nothing more but thinking about Erics prediction of the volcano which erupts. Definetly picking up steam… here no pun intended. 😳🙏🏻🌟

  10. jules104 says:

    I saw the Fiji one Star48, but not that Peru EQ. This depth and mag on Fiji does not bode well I’d imagine. 😬 Nor on Perus though not as deep. 😕 Praying for any transfers of energy to be swarms and/or mild. 🙏🏻🌟🌎🌏💫

  11. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Here’s a short clip on sunspots, solar flares and some other interesting things.

  12. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Oh my goodness that 6mag fiji one spells trouble at that depth yikes ..
    Im super concerned for that one .
    Jules thanks for video …informative …
    Peru getting in the mix …

  13. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    A geologist friend shared this article…on Cotopaxi Volcano…

  14. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Cotopaxi ..well I never ..its been one thats bothered us for some time ..
    Quito all the research we are getting some info on it . well done star..that is alarming and we will have to wait see if it fits with the volcano prediction of moutain side and some wont be able to get off..
    also Venuatu

  15. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona… I was thinking the same thing on Cotopaxi and Quito. Like isn’t that the one we discussed a while ago? Thanks for the info Star48. Guess it’s a wait and see unfortunately.
    It seems like there are a whole lot of deep EQs going on lately and things rumbling all over the planet. Praying for calm. 🙏🏻🌏🌎

  16. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    fiji 4.6 m at 504km deep .
    that may be a slight easement from the 6m
    yeaturday ..

  17. jules104 says:

    Wow that’s really interesting Star48. Thanks for all those links. Love the Gobekli Tepe stone carvings with constellations etc. Amazing stuff. That would be neat being able to work on stuff like that I think. Blessings. 😇

  18. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Star the Comet link article for Golbekli Tepe
    is an eye opener great info …Turkey is so ancient its history so rich ..

    The Solar flares are aways a worry and a blessing …
    when they are that powerful more a worry ..
    Thanks for update on Volcano Japan ..
    stay safe you two ..

  19. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Swarm alert at Chile off shore Santiago area
    moderate mag swarm 4+ Highest being 5.9
    there has been in excess of 15 quakes in couple of hrs strong movement there .

    This was most recent
    watching closely

  20. rhona says:

    ps guys counted some twice oops its 8 at last count ..
    for Chile ..

    • star48 says:

      Numbers still going…”foreshadowing?” For the bigger one?
      Off the coast…interesting.,,
      Also 5.3 for Philippines..

  21. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Thanks for all the info and links. Could be right, a foreshadowing of something bigger coming. It seems to be a conveyor belt lately just ratcheting up the pressure.

  22. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Fiji at it again deep .
    also Chile went quite for a few hrs now started upvagain in last hour or so ..
    ominous perhaps ..

  23. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    seems USGS not reporting them …

  24. jules104 says:

    Hi Star48, Rhona. Thanks for all those updates. I wanted to attach the latest Dutch link. He talks about Chile, plus NZ and Italy being the antipodal for it which I found interesting seeing as what’s going on in both areas with a new plate boundary. He spoke about Indonesia but I need to relisten I guess. And about slow slip event over in PNW. Anyway I am going to add link here. I couldn’t put my finger on any one certain place to watch. Lots going on with volcanos too. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  25. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48. .
    I have a little story for you both..
    This weekend has been one of vivid easy pop in vision for me ..
    I went shopping with daughter ..
    she was looking for a dress and I left her at the door of the shop to go and get us coffee..
    As I stood waiting as plain as day I saw her purchase a blue dress ..
    When I returned to the shop she was putting a blue dress on the counter to puchase ..
    I said ” Are you seriously buying that? .”.
    poor woman child of mine ..she looked horrified .”Dont you like it mum ”
    Oh Sorry Darling I said ..then explained what happened ..
    Kn owing me as she does she took it in her stride .but with a smile on her face instead of the previous look of horror ..
    Then I latter went to buy more tea for us this time and there was a little boy of about 5 having a haircut ..I was standing in same spot as before ..outside cafe ..
    well I saw in my mind My daughter chatting to him as though she knew him ..
    A few minutes latter I was the one with a weird look on my face ..
    As she came to look for me outside she stopped at doors and the little one was with his mom coming out of hairsalon ..
    They greeted her like a long lost friend ..
    Indeed she had taught him at school last week during her training course prac day ..
    Window if my mind open
    I just had a scene of a full solar Eclipse and it was in symbol form with a zig zag line under it . almost like an equation or fraction ..
    So I googled Zig Zag quake ..not thinking there was any such thing ..
    Well Im wrong ..
    This is what I unearthed . Pardon the pun .
    Hmm wonder where this is to occur . we have the time 21st August ..Intraplate or multiple faults with a Verticle Strike slip ..
    Happy reading ..Tell me your thoughts ..need location ..
    what Intraplate quakes hit USA..seeing as eclipse is yours this time ..

    Phew got that out o.k.
    Ps Jules will listen to dutch soon .
    blessings you two

  26. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    I found this about Charleston
    Now I will have to find multiple faults thatccould zig zag if in that area ..
    Just researching not saying it will be Charleston ./

  27. jules104 says:

    Rhona want to add before I can add more. 😂 Wow that’s just really amazing and I bet it was rather somewhat funny at the time with your daughter. I was trying to research intraplate with vertical slip areas but then had to run to the store. There is a Charlestone right on the Coast here in Coos County also. Will take a look again at all of your info and see if Dutch has any updates. Just noticed movement in Gulf of California. 4.2 I believe. Hm. Prayers for all quiet on the planet. 🙏🏻🌎

  28. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48N.Z.4.2m at 200km deep
    Right in the catchers mitt. .
    as dutch said ..

  29. jules104 says:

    Star48 I saw that. I’m showing a tsunami watch. Do you know if there is one still? Hope not. Hope that’s it but wondering about a bigger EQ pushing west from the last deep EQ over there above NZ.

  30. star48 says:

    Jules104, Rhona,
    2 nd tsunami bulletin issued….Chile
    Small waves observed..

  31. jules104 says:

    Hope and pray that’s it. Thanks Star48 😁

  32. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Praying thats it ..
    but I feel there is more ..
    like you said Jules N.Z. may react ..
    but i feel more for Chile ..and within a couple of days if not sooner ..
    West Coast City under water comes to mind
    Valperais fits unfortuneately ..I hope im so wrong ..

  33. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    here is an interesting article thatchas USGS
    saying this quake was unusual
    rare statement .

  34. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    This prediction for a large quake in Peru may be pending .
    If we look to silent zone and find the fulcum this Chile quake may resound up coast toward Peru Ecuador as Eric said ..

  35. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Peru Chile Trench Nazca Plate info

  36. jules104 says:

    I was wondering the same Rhona. Is that the Oreo cookie area? Do you recall the old prediction?

  37. jules104 says:

    I just opened that link Rhona. It’s the exact same one I started to look at today but got waylaid. Been a busy day. I think you may have something here. Intraplate.

  38. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Here’s the Oreo. Read my comment on page. Strange.

  39. jules104 says:

    Here’s latest short Dutch update on Chile quake. Possible NZ quake?

  40. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    yes Oreo makes sense to me
    and when Dutch said sometimes it goes west and hits otherside of pacific and sometimes Japan ..I thought well maybe sometimes it will go up to Peru too ..who knows .. but he is going down under and south east end of Chile. .
    18.000 feet cliff in trench …oh my bungie jump is out i guess .
    sorry bad joke 😂😂😂
    Dutch seems quite concerned with this on still causing havoc ..must look at 10pm update tonight ..your time ..

  41. jules104 says:

    Rhona you’re funny. Bungee jump indeed! 🤣 Just what’s needed. 😉 I agree. I don’t think this is finished, still think there’s more in the mix somewhere.

  42. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    now we have argentina deep

  43. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    I was just noticing that USGS…have not reported 15 aftershocks above 3.4 for valparaiso in last few hours some only occuring 15minutes ago ..
    seriously what goes on there i dont get it
    emsc has them

  44. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    4.8m at 118 depth Venuatu

  45. jules104 says:

    Rhona thanks for the info. I know right? What’s going on with the USGS? I watched a bit of the latest 10:00pm update from the 23rd April. Will add link. Pretty good. Around 30:00 he begins to point out warning areas and prior to he talks of Chile and slow slip event. I’m really wondering about that whole slow slip event in PNW, and Northern CA. I did see somewhere there will be a planetary alignment on the 28th of some planets to include Uranus (can’t recall the others right now 😕) which may cause quakes before or after. It’s on the ditranium site though.

  46. star48 says:

    Rhona, jules104,
    Been looking and looking for right thread..,Cattle,Pigs sickened dogs,etc..


    “The plant toxin sickens livestock and can also make humans and pets ill.

    The appearance of vomitoxin and other toxins produced by fungi is affecting ethanol markets and prompting grain processors to seek alternative sources of feed supplies.”

  47. star48 says:

    Earthquake in earths magnetic field….ummmm..

  48. star48 says:

    Yes, that is the one I was looking for.l
    I thank you…will put it on thread right now…😍

  49. jules104 says:

    Glad to help Star48. Was stick in my head with the word “cow”. 😂 Oh the things I remember. 😳
    Also that quake in earths magnetic field is fantastic! How strange to envision it all. Loved the campers pic of the aurora. So pretty.

  50. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Glad you found the prediction ..well done Jules .
    Ummmm right I thought these guys had known for ages that it affected magnetic field ….Thanks for article Star ..
    Im impressed the pigs refused to eat it at times when it had vomitoxin in it ..

  51. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Scientists name new Aurora beam photographed Steve ..Have you seen this article Star.?

  52. jules104 says:

    That aurora beam is amazing. I love the purple colors…so beautiful. Great that the aurora chasers brought these to light in order that the scientist are able to study them more. Thanks for the link Rhona.

  53. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Thanks Juless its a wonderful sight tovsee the violet ray ..
    I just noticed Chile quakes hitting land now
    Tarapava 4.5m at 95km depth
    Antofogasta 115 depth

  54. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Thanks for info, I noticed that also Rhona. So I see that the Tacoma/Seattle area was hit with low 2 I believe this am early. I’ve noticed CA swarming it seems to me. Also I’m just not so sure this slow slip event is finished. 😳 I don’t know, seems lots still going on. This link I’ll attach is latest 10:00 pm update from lastnight. Just noticed at about 36:20 Dutch talking about North Peru I believe getting a warning for a 5.3 atleast? But so far the whole update is good to me. Haha. Must be the geology nerd in me. Oh wait I meant us. 😂😉🤓 Lots of good info. 😆 I’m wondering about PNW in general and N CA. Here’s that link.

  55. rhona says:

    Thanks im about to take a look at dutch .
    in the mean time
    Fiji 4.7m at 587km deep ..

  56. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Fiji also had a 5.1m at 6ookm depth
    8 hours ago ..So thats two deep ones in last few hrs ..

  57. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    I must have learned something from Dutch to call the Peru forecast right ..
    o.k. love and light to Chile and Peru ..
    as Chile may spike up with the transfer energy from Fiji deep ones in last few hrs ..
    There was lots of info on this one especially
    Alaska ..
    blessings and peace to mother earth

  58. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48… wow those two are deep. Doesn’t bode well for other areas. Yes I think you did learn something from Dutch Rhona. 🤓😂 Though at this point I think he’s learning some new things himself lately. Oh yeah that’s true it will begin to spike again. That conveyor belt maybe… but more like a ping pong at this point. 🏓 I’m a bit worried for the 27th. Not sure why, maybe just the number. I will try and check out the 10:00pm update and forward. Thanks for those EQ updates. Blessings You Two 🙏🏻😇🌟

  59. star48 says:

    Volcano eruption weekly report

  60. rhona says:

    star48 jules 104
    brought this link over from Erics latest thread .
    Jessica kindly posted and found this cyclone forming off queenslans in Coral sea ..
    Its a watch for sure

  61. jules104 says:

    Oh my yes a watch for sure. And they are probably recovering from all the previous flooding still. Is this the normal cyclone season Rhona? I thought I’d heard someone say it was supposedly over. Praying for East Australia. 🙏🏻

  62. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Another round of EQ’s in Chile..another wave? Another round..

  63. star48 says:

    People working together…are on the same wavelength….
    Hahah just like us…

  64. jules104 says:

    Hi Star48, Rhona. Thanks for the links. I noticed those swarms for Chile. I wonder if they could be looking at a much bigger one up where Eric and Spirit suggested. It seems likely. It makes me think of that Oreo prediction and the rubber band breaking prediction.
    Thanks for all of the volcano updates. It’s really active right now. So much so it’s impossible to pin any one volcano down that’s about to blow. 😳 As they all are. 😂🙏🏻
    Oh that brain wave synchronicity is hilarious. Of course we already know it’s going on as I’m sure many others do to. At least science is catching up now. Glad to here that. 😁🤓

  65. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    6.8 mag ( still monitoring) EQ in Philippines…posted on diff threads…

  66. star48 says:

    Jules104, Rhona,
    Tsunami alert…

  67. jules104 says:

    Thanks Star48. Hope everyone’s alright.

  68. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Thats a relief so far that there is no tsunami
    thoughts and prayers for philippines .

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