Hollywood Stabbing Rampage

This prediction has happened, please pray for the victims. But they predicted a Shindig which did not happen?

Predictions 7-18-16 / Predictions 12-30-15  “Tuesday.. Hollywood”    “In Hollywood, at the Shindig,  the mad one reacts insanely, seeking revenge.”     “In one minute.. a prediction.” One minute means one day putting it on the 31st or 1st.

Perhaps this prediction as well?

Predictions 1-28-17   “In 2 to 3 minutes (days) ” Then I had a close up visual of blood on the ground.

The facts reported and quoted by Wochit :   Published on Feb 1, 2017    “Los Angeles police on Tuesday shot and killed a man after a stabbing rampage that left three people injured along Sunset Boulevard, a bustling thoroughfare in American’s second-largest city, police said. The unidentified man in his 30s was suspected of stabbing a bicyclist with a knife.”

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  1. Linda Blair Avatar
    Linda Blair

    The victims are still alive? Praying

  2. Joy Parks Avatar
    Joy Parks

    This may be totally irrelevant…but Sunset is only about 20 minutes (that’s close in LA time) to Prospect Ave…where the old music show Shindig was taped. It’s just “shindig” is a strange old fashioned term for a party…and the first place I went with the word was the show. So the spirits may not be all that off geographically.

    1. Pamela Avatar

      I’m thinking that your idea is the best… I often wonder how old the Spirits are, and how they ‘see the earth’ and events in it… They probably have difficulty finding appropriate frames of reference for us.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        There is a running joke between Spirit and I that our leader the conductor is older than then our solar system. He is seen as beyond ancient. They see us little children, youthful souls.

  3. Pamela Avatar

    Perhaps Spirit, when they see things they can not get a complete frame of reference – I read in the online papers that ‘it was on a busy street’ and in a ‘busy restaurant’. Maybe to Spirit ‘shindig’ means lots of people at a casual type ‘gathering’, (vice a football game, or parade,…) so they used a word (that I do not think is very commonly used – at least not where I live) that they thought was closest to what they saw.

  4. mariakaos Avatar

    Dates are so confusing as we read them the other way round to the Americans. Another thing for spirits to work around.

  5. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    It looks like you were right this time.

  6. Juan Jose Perez Avatar
    Juan Jose Perez

    I live quite close to this event. One of my favorite places (the Arclight Cinemas and the famous Cinerama Dome) is just across the street from the Jack in the Box where it all ended tragically. I would have read this prediction as having to do with a party or festival (shindig) since there is always something happening in Hollywood. This terrible event did not happen at a party or festive gathering. It happened on a street corner with a man who was mentally deranged. So, my feeling is that maybe something else is going to happen in regards to the above prediction. The OSCARS, for example, is going to happen at the end of the month. I don’t know if this prediction was fulfilled yesterday on the 31st, Tuesday. But the dates were exact to the events at the Jack in the Box.

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