Help Us Alter Tomorrows Tragedy

Its time.. time to be bold, assertive, aggressive and alter these predictions. Its time to show the world we aren’t just going to allow tragedy to keep us prisoners. Its time for you to help us conquer this unstable future.

Manhattan Explosion   New Jersey Marine Race Bombing

US Terror Attack 2     Prediction: A list of Terror Related Attacks

There are 4 links to posts made today (above), the first two are predictions that have happened, the second two show the attacks yet to come. I am asking you to share the entire set, let everyone read what was predicted so they can compare it with the facts. Then allow them to see what is still coming so we can alter it.

If your a fan, a follower, or just someone who stumbled onto this site I am asking for your help; post it to your FB page, start a conversation on Reddit, ATS, Tweet the predictions across the web, print the predictions and post them on a bulletin board of every dorm, bring awareness to every thread, every comment section, every blogger, buzz news, media outlets. Its our time now, we can no longer accept just reading the tragic message of Spirit, now its time to act in their name. Imagine the possibilities, how much noble good that could be accomplished. Join us.


112 thoughts on “Help Us Alter Tomorrows Tragedy

  1. I share all of your predictions. People are starting to pay attention now because they see they have been happening. I will continue to try.

  2. Stabbing spree at mall in Minnesota, man mentioning Allah and asking people whether they were Muslim before assaulting them..

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    • Eric,
      I sent specific requests for dispersing your posts to a recent college graduate…
      He has a large following both still in college and in his community..
      He also loves to take on causes!
      Considering he is from the generation that is “connected” and grew up with media..

      I have a smaller, older circle, not as as connected as the younger generation..

      Maybe we can contact college students at all the colleges and universities to ask them to share..?

  4. Posted a link t this site on Facebook, was watching a CBS live news feed and posted it in the chat box too, put it out on Twitter as well and added a “follow this acct” Tweet

    • Francine,
      do you know any college student or recent graduate that could help disperse the information? It could help spread the word too.

      • Francine,
        that is Okay!😃
        Maybe the others on the site can do it! Or know somebody to assist…

        Side note….Spiritual Warrior Clan(SWC)
        Please canvas your contacts for help to disperse information.📞💻📲

      • Star48, I move my daughter into her U of O dorm tomorrow. She’s decided on majoring in Journalism. I will see what she can do or how to get the word out. Maybe I should do it the old fashioned way and put up flyers, lol. Whatever works right?

  5. Eric, SWC,
    The incident comes as foreign leaders, including many heads of state, are heading to Manhattan for the United Nations General Assembly. Secretary of State John F. Kerry arrived Saturday, while Obama is scheduled to head to the city on Monday.

    • Yes rather unnerving. I’d contact the FBI, etc… But I’m guessing they are already on high alert at the UN. Praying for that to go well.

      • Please contact FBI that it’s forbidden for President Obama not to go to UN. Just to be safe.

      • I will try and send them some info and a link to Erics recent predictions Mary. I agree, they need to keep the President as safe as possible, though I doubt he will stay home. I really have the feelings my higher ups are watching Erics site. I hope so. 🙏🏻. Blessings

      • I truly appreciate it, Jules. It worries me when Eric shared his older post as someone gets shot at UN. I’m praying all leaders, especially our president to be protected. Thanks for sharing with FBI.

        Praying for the power of peace and light overcome all evil doers. Pray for saint Micheal to take a bullet to protect the President Obama. In His Name. Amen.

  6. Hi Erik (Sorry for my english). I know my question is not related with the concerns about future US terror attacks but I would like to clarify something. On june, 2015 I had a dream about lost MH370 flight Malaysia Airlines. I saw land and water, something like an island and sea. I was like flying in a plane, seeing from the sky. I receive the message that people were searching in the wrong place: the ocean and they must to look on thw land. The message said that the things are so different that we think. I hear a name of an island but I forgot the name. I am pretty sure of what I see and the message I receave in the dream. After this, I thought that governments would find the plane in the land but it never happened. Many debris were found in different parts of the world and the final theory was a crash in the Indian Ocean. In my heart I feel something is wrong and nowadays the truth remains unknown (or intentionally covered? I dont know) . I know you are a medium, I am not a medium although I had few paranormal experiences in my life but I am not a psychic. I would like to know the final information that you received from the Spirit about this. It is important for me just to close this chapter in my life and my head. Last days I am constantly thinking about this. Thank you I will really appreciate your answer.

  7. Eric, SWC, ******Alert..*****
    suspect for both NJ and NY…Manhunt…alerts sent on phones..
    Armed and dangerous..

    Photos: NJ State Police release 4 images of Ahmad Khan Rahami, wanted by FBI in connection with NYC blast, say he is also wanted in Seaside explosion – @NJSP

  8. Eric, SWC, Elizabeth, NJ hunt..
    FBI’s Emergency Response Team and heavily armed agents responding to an address in Elizabeth, NJ; unclear if connected to local incidents – @Tom_Winter

  9. I am a 15 minute ride from Elizabeth. It’s a sad day when my son a US Marine texts his family with worry to be safe and vigilant. I pray that we can alter any further harm that they may want to implement.

  10. SWC,
    Family of man wanted in connection with NYC, NJ explosions had filed discrimination lawsuit after restaurant was targeted for late hours, noise violations, Elizabeth, NJ, mayor says – NY Times

  11. Eric and SWC, posted this url to a psychic board on Hope it goes through. I am working on finding other sites. Was a college student (2nd time) and graduated in 2014 so I am working that avenue as well. I will ask my daughter about other FB sites as no one would probably look at mine lol.

    • Thank you so much, guys this is an example of being bold, putting your neck out for them. Very nice. I give thanks to all of you who have been bold. So many fans shared the predictions on FB and Twitter, its very exciting, I look forward to altering these nightmares!

  12. With all of the news coming out about all of the unbelievable circumstances that had to happen for these bombs to not inflict significant damage, I can’t help but think that our prayers and the work that Eric does is somehow influencing the outcomes of these predictions. For example, in NJ the run was delayed causing for there to not be any runners present when the first bomb went off. In NY, they said that something was inadvertently put over the devise making the blast much less dangerous. And also in NJ, the two homeless men finding and removing the duffel bag with the pipe bombs and alerting authorities so that they could be detonated safely. The news anchor on CNN stated that it is amazing how all of these things happened….. I am going to think that it was because of Eric and all of the prayers that helped diminish the damage. I will continue to spread the word Eric! thank you for all that you do!

    • Blessings,

      I thought the same thing…divine intervention…too many crucial coincidences, that saved many…

      Spiritual warrior clan…is working…

      • Also thought same thing. I also think those people who alerted various authorities did some good. I suspect some are viewing this page. Just a hunch from some stuff I’ve seen and read in the news.

    • Amen!! Thank you to Eric, Spirits and SWC. I believe this predicted was back 3 years ago. We all were so worried and keep.our eyes out.

      Blessings! ! And thanks for your power of prayers! ! President Obama has been on my mind and prayed for his safety. I don’t want to go through the history as President Lincoln and Kennedy. Too depressing. ..

      • It would be very horrible. I will say they might be talking about a leader outside of the US, and perhaps they are just using the past as a reference of symbols.

    • Hi Blessings, I think you are absolutely right! To many coincidences. Big Thanks to Eric and Spirits and all who have helped to spread the word and prayed for these attacks to be foiled. Blessings All

      • Yes. We all need to be bold as Eric said. Even though I shared with friends and relatives. …they looked at me funny like I’m nut. They don’t believe me what I read from Eric’s predictions. But I can’t tell them that I didn’t try to warn them.

        Oh wait….Eric, can you ask spirits if this is the prediction they talked about? I hope it’s foiled. I always double check.

      • Mary,
        same thing I have experienced…
        It is a ” normal response ” for some people –looking /thinking your strange..
        Just keep doing it..some people –are or want to be in denial.
        someone sharing information, makes them more aware of events..( uncomfortable-so they laugh)
        I have found that after the first ..(.tens of time).they see the results …they start to listen..
        Because I love my family and friends, I keep “sharing” .
        Your right, if they are impacted…at least I know I did my best to warn them.
        So , do not think your the “Lone Ranger”.
        Blessings to you.,

    • Lol…I’m laughing….cuz we took the older AND previous posts like a big piece of puzzles. Right, SWC? 😉 I’m telling Nathan…it was no easy task. Let’s have a glass of wine. 😉

    • I thought about it, but every time I put out political predictions the vitriol just streams in. I will ask them, and if anything pops up I will post it. Right now the focus is on the new Hurricanes coming.

      • Oh boy when hurricanes don’t slow down. Saw the eerie clouds at night in Dallas. Thought it looks as though we’d have a tornado. It’s the unsettled storms heading to US. Keep eyes out.

      • Living in Southwest florida we are in the peak of hurricane season. The raining season has dumped more rain this year making the ground saturated with water. Being 5 feet above sea level won’t take much for a hurricane to do extensive flood damage to the area. I’m very focused on the hurricanes this year.

      • One large storm is steering to the east of the U.S. coastline and another is right behind it…I live in Florida so I get a bit paranoid when September rolls around….I am obsessed with hurricanes

  13. I think on the your Hillary Clinton prediction would be OK. You can close it off to comments.

  14. Star, they still discovered more bombs???? Meaning it’s not over yet???

    Eric, will you please ask the Spirits if it’s still more to come or its already foiled? Just making sure as Its been prevented from worst disasters.

    Thanks for all you do!!!.

    My eyes are getting poor sights due to age. :/

      • Jules104,
        I know this sounds far fetched…but too many junk yards..,Fires set.indiscriminately . Trash cans, now fires up throughCA, OR, WA..knowing they are distructive.l

        I have a funny feeling that the people who lean towards the (T) who don’t want to die…are finding other means to disrupt and destroy …

        Like that man that went over a 100 miles an hour to crash in cars in the name of Allah.
        ( there have been major fires at so many junk yards, I have given up keeping track,
        That is National.., well.

      • Star48, I agree it all seems to coincidental that there’s so much going on with fits starting all over the place. I’m not sure if I got the T right. You mean as opposed to those who lean towards the H? Am I missing something? Hm. Anyway I do agree with too many fires just to be a coincidence. Also, I see there was an EQ in Montenegro? Don’t normally see that. I noticed it is near Albania, Serbia. Which brings to mind the Stans Erics mentioned. What do you think?

      • Jules104,
        sorry just put T ..meant terrorist.

        Regarding Montenegro..,strange had one there a few weeks ago too.

        Did you see the depth on the two EQ in Argentina today! 563.7 km to 568km depth!
        So look forward to a another big one( shallow) coming next..

        The amount of -off the wall EQ locations ..
        the growing amount of volcanic activity..all show the unsettled earth state of Mother Earth.

      • Wow didn’t see those depths. That’s deep. I agree it’s really unsettled. That rubber and feels like it’s going to break soon. So was just looking up a mention by Dutch on latest update. Very end of video. Mentions Pakistan, Tajikistan. Thought that strange with Erics stans mention. Also Switzerland and France had EQs. Also I remembered recently that I had that dream/vision of the yellow warning sign with a 4 in the middle of the triangle. And I had a visual of this side of a hill or mountains area with a road and a river beside it. Well now that I think about it, it seems as though it would be familiar to this area I recently moved to. The road that runs across over to Eugene from the Coast. Can’t remember the number. 26? 93? There’s two. This one you turn right at Reedsport. Thought that interesting. Hadn’t thought about it until recent EQ in city named “Drain”. Yes that’s what I said. Hm what were they thinking? Also did you catch the EQ in Bailey, CO along the Front Range the other day? That wasn’t typical. Here’s link to Dutch latest video.

  15. Eric, SWC, update.
    ..NOW being called terrorist attack!

    (See above comment..and update information in this comment..)

    US troops in Kuwait came under ‘terrorist’ attack, embassy says – AFP

    • Thanks for the info Star48. Glad nobody was harmed. And, the soldiers even rescued the terrorist/driver. Sheesh. Good for them. Not so good for the driver.

  16. Eric, SWC,
    64-year-old California man charged with manufacturing explosive device left outside Nederland, Colo., police station last week, criminal complaint shows – The Denver Channel


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