Notes on 10-14-13

I had a visual of a very fat spider. His belly was oversized and disproportioned to the rest of his body. The spider sat waiting, on the other side were typed words over and over again. The word ‘voice’ then popped up.

“Again Eric, again, another earthquake, key 8.” 7..8 visual.

My comments: The AU/New Zealand prediction had the number 108.  A Spider represents a wicked sinister act used to describe unspeakable terrorist acts, domestic acts and school shootings, it’s used to describe the worst violent acts. We will start asking for the details on the Spider.

11 thoughts on “Notes on 10-14-13

    1. It would be a guess, either the perpetrator is overweight, or perhaps a large bomb. In some ways it seemed pregnant. Black Widow like, could be that white widow. The size of the spider in previous predictions represents the extent of the damage/horror.. fat though? We plan to ask for details in the coming days so perhaps they could explain better.

  1. Eric, NSW in Australia (AU) has just had their worst bushfires in 20 years. 81 homes destroyed and 31 damaged. The total 108. The fires were deliberately lit. Just a thought.

  2. Not yet, as there are heaps still burning. The sad thing is they caught two girls who were 12 and 13 who started one fire.

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