Notes on 10-12-13

“The US is about to face two disasters/tragedies back to back. Brace yourself.”

“The heroes will deliver in droves”

I have to assume they are completing their predictions, with their listing of two natural disasters. On the flip side heroes come out in droves to help others. Florida Hurricane? Earthquake or Tsunami?

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  1. diana Avatar

    Hi Eric, will there be a hurricane or a Tsunami to hit Staten Island (east coast) ?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think you can expect some stormy weather, but no where near last year. The spirits have been very specific on Florida, the west coast and parts of the gulf get hit the worst. They do say the biggest storms are now coming for the world as the year ends. With that they are expecting one very large blizzard or cold front striking the US.

      1. Diana Avatar

        Thank you

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