George Papadopoulos Indictment

This prediction unfolded while I was in the hospital, I can see why they  presented a young person.

The Prediction: Mueller makes official charges against a Trump surrogate. This prediction is linked to a previous prediction:   In the visual it was a younger surrogate.






Trump Russian Scandal

Another part of this prediction has unfolded,  a total of 5 people have had meetings with Russia. Trump is accusing Obama of wire taps. This prediction is in full motion.

Though the Huffington post has a slant to its reporting its the only video that I can find that points out the five individuals.

Predictions 12-12-16     “The first bombshell is coming soon.. Trump..  what starts off as a small issue grows and grows.. fraud.. fraud.. fraud.. back channel deals.. Zero then five”  — Spirits Voice

“Wait.. Wait”   There is an epic bombshell coming, other bombshells follow, the US politics continue.. disarray.. topsy turvy   Russia.. back door deals.. tape-taps.. the strain between the US and Russia mounts so bad that a new cold war is inevitable.” – Spirits Voice