Tropical Storm Alberto

The first part of this prediction is unfolding. Its not a full hurricane but a tropical storm. But Spirit pointed out the start of the season. The second prediction is questionable.

Message from last night: I had a visual of cracks going into different directions, then it shifted to China, south Asia, Mexico, and California. Spirit is still predicting a mass upkeep of earthquakes.

In other news Moms health continues to sway, it goes me then her, then me, then her. But we are resolute and we will see this to its end. So I will be stepping away from my site as her surgery and doctor visits arrive. My family will always be first, something I learned from Spirit in my youth. 

Predictions 5-20-18 I had a visual of hurricane/Typhoon forming.

I had a visual of a large storm with heavy wind. Then spirit showed the mid west United States. The impression was a very large storm was coming for several locations in the mid west and a possible Tornado.


Predictions 11-13-17

I had a visual of a town under water, you could see roofs of houses but everything else was consumed by the water.

Where? Oh again.. so tragic.. the US gulf..

The implication shifted from Florida to Texas and areas around Texas. The original message happened a week ago. I need to ask for a timeframe, however considering the urgency, I am expecting this to start in November.

I had a visual of New York, a massive snow storm.

In the North east, eastern Canada.. the snow will fall again, and again, it just won’t stop. Then the worst possible outcome as the power fails.

I had a visual of map of the US, then someone smashed it with a cooking smasher.

In December, promises made but not kept, the rage against the US President boil over, tolerance and patience.. dead. The word used.. incompetence