Predictions 11-13-17

I had a visual of a town under water, you could see roofs of houses but everything else was consumed by the water.

Where? Oh again.. so tragic.. the US gulf..

The implication shifted from Florida to Texas and areas around Texas. The original message happened a week ago. I need to ask for a timeframe, however considering the urgency, I am expecting this to start in November.

I had a visual of New York, a massive snow storm.

In the North east, eastern Canada.. the snow will fall again, and again, it just won’t stop. Then the worst possible outcome as the power fails.

I had a visual of map of the US, then someone smashed it with a cooking smasher.

In December, promises made but not kept, the rage against the US President boil over, tolerance and patience.. dead. The word used.. incompetence

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    About the US Gulf, are they referring to the Category 6 hurricane?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s a good question

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will ask

      1. Anonymous Avatar

        Now that I think about, there were a significant number of hurricanes that had occurred last month and none of them had hit Florida. I was excepting one of them to become the second hurricane to hit Florida, yet none of them came close to the state.

    3. Luisa Gol Guasch Avatar

      I also thought about thi spredicction but now it isn’t huracane time, I thought may be next year, because spirits daid 3 huricane back to back and by now there was one each year, so may be the last one its going to be next year.

  2. professorkemp Avatar

    Major snow storms starting this Wednesday in the Northeast and Eastern Canada. Calling for heavy snow in some areas.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Yes. I advise everyone to have an alternate source of heat–generators or wood-stoves or fireplaces. But if you lose power and can’t get other sources of heat, evacuate to a relative’s house or a shelter. Check on elderly neighbors.

      1. Karen Avatar

        And please bring your pets inside!

  3. Anita Avatar

    Maybe the president prediction concerns Russian sanctions. Wonder if the Canada prediction also concerns the prediction that said something about the elderly will be at greater risk or something said along those lines?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Clearly a need to get some generators

  4. Sara Avatar

    Is the visual of someone smashing the US map with a cooking thingy part of the “In December, promises made but not kept, the rage against the US President boil over, tolerance and patience.. dead. The word used.. incompetence” prediction?

    Or is it a separate event? And if so, I wonder what it symbolizes.

  5. LLG26 Avatar

    The president’s “promises made but not kept” could be many things…he promised so much. Right now the promise of tax cuts seems to be in process…I wonder if it actually passes. If it doesn’t pass the economy may suffer due to lack of confidence in the future. Trump removed the US from the TPP agreement and that may have negative consequences for the economy also, but I don’t think that would affect the economy until next year.

    1. Karen Avatar

      I wonder about the economy with gas prices rising, what some are calling a coup in Saudi Arabia after a visit from someone in the trump family, along with the stock market being over inflated, as some have suggested, and the expectation that it will “right” itself soon. The economy is so subjective and scary to be honest.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        They only talked about the value of the dollar falling a sort of recession.

      2. Luisa Gol Guasch Avatar

        dollar getting down until colapse is a prophesie elites are going to ‘produce ‘it because they need one money, one goverment and one religious. It’s in Spanish but sure you can get one in English: The economist get out at 1988 a first page with a bitcoin with number 2018, every body thinks that it’s mean that next year there is going to be only a money in hole word.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think the promise is attached to the December timeframe.

    3. Brittany Avatar

      “Architect of Reagan’s tax cuts reminds us that tax cuts don’t stimulate the economy”

      “Bruce Bartlett served in Reagan’s White House as domestic policy adviser and was an aide to Rep. Jack Kemp [R-NY], co-sponsor of the Kemp-Roth bill, which turned Reagan’s campaign tax promises into law in 1981.
      But as Bartlett points out, the Republican love-affair with tax cuts (which is inevitably backed by the supposed successes of Kemp-Roth) is founded on the systematic denial of many inconvenient truths about the Reagan tax-cuts and the cuts that came after, including the fact that Reagan repeatedly raised taxes after the 1981 cuts; that the “prosperity” of the 1980s is grossly overstated (GDP growth in the 1980s was weaker than in the 1970s); that the Reagan years ended with a series of unprecedented market crashes and a deep recession; that Clinton’s tax increases ended the recession; that GWB enacted near-annual cuts that coincided with collapsing GDP growth and federal revenues (and that growth returned when Obama allowed the Bush cuts to start expiring) and so on.
      All this is to say that Republican tax-orthodoxy, trotted out yet again in support of Trump’s latest insane, doomed plans, are based on convenient fairy tales that paper over inconvenient data, and that the only people who believe these stories are millionaires who stand to grow even richer, and normal people who’ve had the wool pulled down over their eyes.
      Now, Republicans propose cutting the top individual rate to 35 percent, despite lacking evidence that this lower rate led to growth during the Bush years, and a drop in the corporate tax rate to just 20 percent from 35 percent. Unlike 1986, however, this $1.5 trillion cut over the next decade will only be paid for partially by closing tax loopholes.
      Republicans’ various claims are irreconcilable. One is that the rich will not benefit even though it is practically impossible for them not to — those paying the most taxes already will necessarily benefit the most from a large tax cut. And there aren’t enough tax deductions, exclusions and credits benefiting the rich that could be abolished to offset a cut in the top rate.”

      1. LLG26 Avatar

        So all I’m really saying is that if Trump can’t pass anything, including this tax reform bill, people and businessmen will lose confidence in the future and that could lead to some effects on the economy. I guess I didn’t say it very well.

    4. Eliza Avatar

      One way to prevent the economy from suffering is to give the tax cuts Directly to the Middle class, Not to the wealthy and the rich corporations, for Nothing will ever ‘trickle down’ to the middle class, except more financial hardship. Put more money in the pockets of the Middle class and you would see a healthier economy. (Additionally, the huge amount of U.S. manufacturing Used to be one of the major reasons the U.S.economy Used to be healthier. The U.S. could and should start manufacturing again, but there is powerful, political lobbyism by huge corporations and billionaire oligarchs, here and elsewhere, determined to block that from ever happening in the U.S. again. It’s really a bit more complicated than that, but suffice it to say that people who truly care about the middle class, the poor, the struggling, the environment, the climate crisis, human rights, civil rights, women’s rights, animals’ rights, etc., need to be elected in all future elections Without interferences implemented to prevent that from happening — as just occurred in 2016.

      1. Mary b Avatar
        Mary b

        So well said thank you Brittany ,Eliza!

  6. Karen Avatar

    Eric I’m so glad you’re back and I hope you are taking it a bit easier. Continued prayers for you.

    The cooking smasher, would that be like a meat tenderizer? Odd question I know, but when you make predictions I try to visualize it when it seems symbolic.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, I will be honest I have no idea about the smasher. I assumed it represents a sort of emotional feeling of being pushed down, lacking hope. But this message had to have ties to the December event.

      1. Lia Avatar

        Hi Eric, the cooking smasher makes me think of Thanksgiving; smashing potatoes, squash, turnips & other delicious entrees. Could it mean a terrible terrorist pot for smashing US on Thanksgiving? Big parades on that day is brought to my mind… hope I’m wrong. Also, football games.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Very interesting thought

  7. spersin2015 Avatar


    I’ve wondered for awhile if the Cat 6 you saw was actually symbolic for you as you had this prediction before your hospital stay and health scare?

    What do you think or feel?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will ask, there were a couple of incomplete predictions unfortunately

      1. Trina Avatar

        The national enquirer reported another tragedy in Las Vegas and Disney world around the holidays.
        Which is what I’ve been sensing tragedy at Disney world.I don’t know if we should rely on them..

    2. Eliza Avatar

      That crossed my mind, too, spersin2015. Also, it’s very possible that the collective Consciousness of people in Florida ‘canceled’ out a second hurricane following on the heels of H.Irma. I’m a firm believer in the powerful force of human positive, affirmative prayer, individually and collectively. We still have a couple weeks left in November, but December 1st marks the end of hurricane seasons in Florida.

      1. Anonymous Avatar

        That’s very interesting what you said there Eliza. Florida had been spared from a lot of hurricanes last month. There were some that almost appear to hit the state, yet at the very last moment don’t. Like Philippe was on track to hit the southern area of Florida. But before it could form into a hurricane, a cold front (if I’m correct) had destroyed the tropical depression. It’s like many prayers had been answered, thus Florida got spared from October hurricanes.

      2. Luisa Gol Guasch Avatar

        Interesting, I thought Huracanes have been clode this year so we have althoug 15 days that can ‘make’ a huricane…

  8. MTN Girl Avatar
    MTN Girl

    Is the frustration with the president associated with these natural disasters, will our government fail to help innocent people again, the way our country reacts to natural disasters is inconsistent.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That was my initial thought

  9. Michael Avatar

    I gotta be honest… I love heavy snow storms sooooo…. this is kind of exciting for me haha

  10. anthony Avatar

    someone did not keep an oath.

  11. MTN Girl Avatar
    MTN Girl

    I’m gonna contact my county government, each county should have an emergency plan in place, & citizens should be informed of what to do or where to go for help in case of an emergency. Maybe it’s overwhelming to make a difference in this crazy world, but we can make a difference in our own communities.

  12. Interested Avatar

    I wonder if the serial killer NY prediction, is actually the serial killer in Florida that is in the news.

    1. Luna tic Avatar
      Luna tic

      You may have a good point. I wonder if the 10-14-17 prediction for the serial killer has NY ties? The NY terrorist Sayfullo Saipov who used the truck on 10/31/17 to kill and injure people had ties to Tampa Fl. His apartment building was about 15 min from the Seminole Heights area where currently 4 people have been murdered. He was known to have visited there just 3 months prior.

  13. Karben Avatar

    “In December, promises made but not kept, the rage against the US President boil over, tolerance and patience.. dead. The word used.. incompetence.”

    N Korea has sentenced Trump to death for calling Kim Jung Un short & fat. Trump apparently has no concept of other cultures and the possible ramifications.

  14. MTN Girl Avatar
    MTN Girl

    I emailed my emergency dispatch office & asked about emergency preparedness, they emailed me a county link, a 34 page document explaining how to prepare & what to do in case of natural disasters. I lost power last winter for 2 days during a blizzard, it was a scary wake up call for my family, we’ll be ready next time.

  15. rhona2 Avatar

    Eric SWC
    greetings Eric May this post find you well

    I thought I would put forward two articles warning of a massive storm and Floiding threatning the complete state of Victoria Australia .Our weather Bom is expecting the worst storm on record and its been labled a 10 out of 10 .
    Praying for the State of Victoria .
    South Australia State is heading fir a storm after thousands of lightning stikes to date during recent weather ..
    praying for both States .
    blessings to you all

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  16. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    ,the North east, eastern Canada.. the snow will fall again, and again, it just won’t stop. Then the worst possible outcome as the power fails.

  17. Alice Carey Avatar
    Alice Carey

    This is my prophecy based on 14 visions I had about Donald J Trump. Though I may have more visions, I feel like the story of Donald Trump is now complete where I can now give a prophecy. Prophecies are based on visions. Predictions are based on tarot readings, crystal balls, astrology charts, etc. So I just want you to know the difference between prophecies and predictions.

    What I see for Trump will not end well for him. But first what I’ve seen in my visions is that Trump can be charming and a person can talk with him for hours. But there is a dark side of Trump too. I’m already seeing one dream fulfilled and that is he is losing his supporters. Before it’s over with he will lose more than his supporters. Just about everyone including friendly countries will desert Donald Trump. I fear that we will be in a major war because of Trump’s nonsense. I also see in my visions where Trump will be assassinated. It appears that a sniper will take Trump out. Not sure if it is a citizen or the secret service but I see where it’s going to happen sometime next year.

    Prophecy of 12/6/2017

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your predictions.

  18. star48 Avatar

    Ref this post..”In the North east, eastern Canada.. the snow will fall again, and again, it just won’t stop. Then the worst possible outcome as the power fails.”

    Power grid under stress due to brutal storm
    .(power fail on the horizon?)

  19. star48 Avatar

    Ref::::In the North east, eastern Canada.. the snow will fall again, and again, it just won’t stop. Then the worst possible outcome as the power fails.

    Cities lost power in Dangerous cold..
    Thousands at risk…

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