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Notes on 1-24-14

Cracker box — horrific — California — in 4 minutes (4 days between the 27th and 29th)

Murder, extremely gruesome ride, militia — Columbia — 16

Sour, corruption, scandal, shell company or like it — Wall Street

The showed a car parked and on the bumper was a sticker that said “Bank of America” and then it drove away.

Eric’s Comments: Be prepared California, take caution. Could this prediction be talking about the Cracker (earthquake) the dates are very close?

Notes on 1-10-14
I had a visual of a flag drooping down.  ” We pay homage to those who have no name.. We lost this one.. The amount of loss is huge..” — Spirits Voice, Then I had a visual of a hill with several flowers all around it.  I replied “Clarity please” I had a visual of a group of people being squeezed into an elevator.
“In about 15 minutes” — Spirits Voice (Places it sometime around 24th-26th)