Notes on 1-24-14

Cracker box — horrific — California — in 4 minutes (4 days between the 27th and 29th)

Murder, extremely gruesome ride, militia — Columbia — 16

Sour, corruption, scandal, shell company or like it — Wall Street

The showed a car parked and on the bumper was a sticker that said “Bank of America” and then it drove away.

Eric’s Comments: Be prepared California, take caution. Could this prediction be talking about the Cracker (earthquake) the dates are very close?

Notes on 1-10-14
I had a visual of a flag drooping down.  ” We pay homage to those who have no name.. We lost this one.. The amount of loss is huge..” — Spirits Voice, Then I had a visual of a hill with several flowers all around it.  I replied “Clarity please” I had a visual of a group of people being squeezed into an elevator.
“In about 15 minutes” — Spirits Voice (Places it sometime around 24th-26th)

22 thoughts on “Notes on 1-24-14”

  1. Do you have any idea where in California? There has been a lot of seismic action lately in Cali – this has me worried as I live in LA!

    1. I did ask, they made it sound like its in “my area” but I live in San Diego, commute to LA and go to Sacramento a lot,, so I need to ask for some clarity, but I am already taking down items up high, just in case. This is not the big one either, there is suppose to be a much larger one later in the year, but they implied that would be in North CA.

  2. Thanks for the update, I think we will use this weekend to prepare, just in case. San Andres has to blow sometime!

      1. Clarity please? We had 7.1 earthquake here in the Philippines, epi center is the cental Philippines. Please post about your readings for the Philippines.

  3. I Just heard instantly ‘fracking’ as in this is from fracking. Is this drilling? I’m having this strange visual. Do you do mining oil or even natural oil pumping. I think I graft in my head what this is but, I do not know if this is what spirit mean? Also president assicination & I have heard so many renown psychics say this too & they say Obama however; they also say it will be foiled. I trust you Eric & it is clear to me that you are genuine because you say it as a see’er does. So, I Am glad your viewers do read this as this could be how you manage this and stop that which could happen but, I think there is much more to these messages as of the very words.

    Any How
    Love You All

  4. I thought this was weird. I was reading Sarah’s reply on hearing “fracking” when on our news station they started talking about sending a team of scientists to Trinidad, CO to study why CO has had so many more earthquakes and is it caused by fracking. That seems like a no brainer to me. The Universe hitting us upside the head I guess. Stay safe Eric. I will be sending out light and love to all of you there in CA.–Trinidad-Earthquakes

    1. They also talked about the India earthquake happening around the late 20s in dates, so one of these predictions will probably have a wrong location. But we will see very soon.

  5. Wow! I think we are all getting some type of psychic message about this one…I didn’t even read this yet and just wrote earlier on my Facebook wall this comment: So weird! I get “signs or messages all the time”…I know when they are messages because it will stick with me and I wont just pass it off as nothing….a few days ago our cat at work came up to me and I got “good-bye”…I thought that was weird, but shook it off….needless to say she passed that night….this morning I wake up to find my clock is exactly 4 hours biggie right? it is running fine and has a fairly new battery. Again I know the 4 hrs relates to something, but I have no clue what..I never know until it happens…it’s very frustrating! It has been keeping perfect time the past hour I have been getting ready for work…I dread to see what this means….I don’t have a peaceful feeling about the 4 hrs…


    I was actually reading Sarahs words on “Fracking” and watching the news last night and they started talking about “Fracking”. My opinion has been that it’s a no brainier when it comes to fracking and earthquakes. It just was strange at the time, like “the Universe is hitting us upside the head” moment. Anyway, I added some links that I thought were interesting. Can’t help but think these unusual number of earthquakes in Colorado, the earthquakes in Chile, and the prediction for an earthquake in CA where you are Eric, southern CA, are all related some how. Stay safe Eric.

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