World Prediction Happened: Typhoon Doksuri and China Earthquake

Tide, Tide, Tide, Tide so massive.
I had a vision of the ocean, then suddenly a massive flood, a massive tide.
“2023 The year water ruined us.”
The earthquake; the wording here is odd. The message “Big” also odd, which leads me to conclude they are referencing an old prediction. We have two different possible predictions. China/Japan Tsunami World Predictions 10-6-19 or Vancouver/British Columbia, Tsunami Predictions 5-17-18

Asia we pray with you in your time of need. My first Video prediction has happened.. Typhoon Doksuri predicted, a second storm approaches, and an earthquake happened today in China, watch the video at the top with the sphere, we point to the timeline of the video: 5:00 to 8:00 then 10:0) to 11:15 where we describe the tide unfolding in Asia, In the other Journal we say 7 30 9. Typhoon Doksuri unfolded on 7 30 and that has me racing to understand “9”. I have the dreaded feeling this is happening in order and this Typhoon is just the first word in this prediction.

But Spirit has eyes in another direction “Bombing.. pure hate.. home grown”. Sounds like the Confederate flag prediction. Now I have to choose which one to look at? Because that 9 means something.

Future Fact: All of these horrible moments come crashing to an end. As humanity comes to master and yield the power of gravity in their hand. In other news..

World Predictions 12-26-18
I had a visual of a ship with one massive hole. In the visual it looked like a very large ship, part of the ship was red. The hole was protruding out implying an explosion.
“Putin now plans to take action against Ukraine.”
I had a visual of either a large missile or rocket flying in space, behind it was a black cloud implying ‘trouble’

The year 2018. Remember that! Way before Covid. We predicted the reality of 2023. It’s back to battleships, back to war, we would show you where the next nightmare would sprout from. The Spiritual realm and you can navigate this nightmare together. Just let us know when your ready and together we can end these nightmares. We have already peeked. Already looked. Just as we predicted this event, just as we warned you of Asias tide, we watched to see how War itself ends. We went to the future where racism ends and I observed the solution. We watched as a brand new type of system was born, totally different from anything we currently have and would you know it. World Peace is not only possible but predicted. Thats where our goal sends us, solutions to your problems.

The future of tomorrow is an absolute splendor beyond your wildest dreams. Beyond Peace we become pillar of righteousness. A world so utterly opposite than anything we currently have. I for one can’t wait for tomorrow.

I ramble, sorry, I will work on that. Hope you like our new presentation and look, Spirit has taken full command of the ship and all these changes are theirs. Some as you can see are still under construction. I leave you with food for thought. Would sharing my Journal above be helpful to the people in Asia. Would knowing the tragedy ahead of time be helpful to the moment. As always consider sharing the ramblings of this insane man. Sharing it just might alter someone’s tragedy.

10 thoughts on “World Prediction Happened: Typhoon Doksuri and China Earthquake

  1. Thanks , so many changes happening all at once . wars and conflict everywhere. IS there a end to this madness .

    1. Yes on all fronts. I know I have my Darth Vader reputation always showing you the next horror but there is plenty of good news. Gold on the Moon. White Gold. An Abraham Lincoln is around the corner. The military one. We are about to find “Life” in space. It’s just a bug and then a sea creature. But it ends the debate. Then we have some new medical breakthrough, life giving power. Finally is why all this evil is unfolding, like a rapid dog of fury, and thats because the King himself is coming. We fully expect his “Mother” to be born in the coming years, then later his birth. After that, everything changes and that has the darkness in utter panic. It’s an awesome future.

        1. The moons will start to be explored. That’s where the life is. By one of the large planets. Once we start looking we find an odd ocean. Then everyone heads in that direction. In my head that’s a decade from now but the original prediction is already old.

  2. Predictions are good, but I’m having trouble separating the predictions. I like the way you had them before. Predictions in separate boxes.

    1. We are about to do something I think you will find very cool! This very post was a test, a test to see if we can predict an event that would happen less than a months time, it wasn’t my best work, but the timeline delivered, the flooding the earthquake came, but no tsunami. Now that it works. Now that we have left the orbit of predicting events that happen years later. We will split the videos into two camps, these journals will continue, but then we will also give “Shorts” the vision shows Edward R Murrow, give us a 5 minute breakdown of what is coming next week. Each week or twice a month. We will report what is coming “Next”, then these shorts will go on a separate page, if we pull this off, the future predictions will go in order, and should be a trail of time. We will then categorize these shorts, like an old library, lined up back to back.
      Each “Short” video will be backed with a written version prediction. So you can either see the short video which will add the tone they carry with them, or just the written version.
      Later when we have more funds, I am to go even further and try and create graphics of exactly what I see. Where exactly the hurricane goes in the vision I see. Where exactly is the explosion, more rich details.
      We have readjusted the site, to a mixture of the very original site, and the boxed one, I still don’t care for the color. But the key change is access, to all the old files. They insisted that was necessary.

  3. Could the 9 be a reference to September?
    Or maybe the 9 in 7 30 9 means nine days after July 30th? Just a couple guesses, though.

    As for the possible homegrown bombing, I’d encourage everyone to report any threats they might see both in real life and online. People alerting authorities when they know something has helped prevent tragedies before.

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