Russia Wagner Chief Accused of Mutiny

Predicted in 2019, the civil war in Russia has begin between two different armies. The collapse has started. Consider the possibility that Lord Ma Ra is here for you Putin Lord Ma Ra Queen of Death

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The Queen of Death,
Ma Ra is getting ready to work.
One of two possible meanings hold. Another horrifying moment of mass death approaches. Or she is here to collect a soul. There is already a list. Ali Khamenei, Alexander Lukashenko, and
Vladimir Putin.

In other news unrelated to Russia.I recently visited my brothers grave, bringing this prediction back into the spotlight, if I am correct, its coming in matter of days now (Miss you Chilly Willy!)

World Predictions 5-19-23
I had a vision of two trees, rope extended from the trees, and hanging in the center of the two trees was the Confederate Flag. There was an ominous tone to the prediction. The vision shifted to show the tree trunk, then the rope, then the Confederate Flag. I felt in this moment I was in the South.
Then it shifted again, I was in Fort Rosecrans Cemetery, here in San Diego, a military base, where American Soldiers are put to rest including my late brother William. I began to walk the grass looking at all the headstones.

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18 thoughts on “Russia Wagner Chief Accused of Mutiny

  1. Lord Ma Ra sounds like Izanami, the Japanese goddess of death. She can be gentle like a dove or fierce like a hawk. Putin’s days are number, but at the cost of more human lives. Hopefully Lord Ma Ra will give those poor people comfort and peace.

  2. Finally putins chickens are coming home to roost but dont celebrate ive always maintained prigozhin is pure evil in fact he makes the unscrupulous putin look like a teddy bear

  3. The forces now opposing Prigozhin have military superiority, so he can be expected to lose. I believe he will not survive if he is caught; in that case, it also excludes the possibility of him becoming the Red one.

  4. It sounds like the mercenaries are headed for Moscow, but they’ll face challenges since roadblocks and Russian soldiers are trying to stop them. I think this will depend a lot on whether Prigozhin has enough support from ordinary Russians, if they believe he can end Putin’s needless war.

    Of course, Prigozhin is just as bad as Putin, so we can’t really “root for” either side, as it’s hard to tell which would be the least bad option for Russia and the world. Definitely confusing times.

  5. Dmitry Utkin is the founder of the Wagner PMC and the person who is leading the troops moving towards Moscow. Could him be “Red”?

    1. Maybe, maybe not…I thought I read somewhere (don’t remember where, annoyingly) that Prigozhin denied that he’s reached a deal with Lukashenko and Putin, and is waiting for reinforcements to appear before he goes to Moscow.

      But then, the media must be pretty sure of this if they’re reporting it, so I don’t know. All we can do is wait and see. There’s a slight chance this may be Putin attempting to mess with Prigozhin’s plans, or Prigozhin could really be backing down. (Seems like an odd thing to do, though, when he’s so close to Moscow.)

      1. I guess we’ll play it by ear, Sara, because something seems amiss by the sudden withdrawal of Prigozhin and his men.

  6. The Moscow issue looks like it has been resolved. What happens now with the imminent collapse of Russia?

      1. The issue being resolved is not a win for Putin. The Wagner Group is relocating a significant portion of its forces to Africa.

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