Paul Ryan on the Future of the Republicans

The fall of Trump
I had a visual of people sitting around a business like table, several of the people left. “We are done.”
“The truth will be exposed.. scandal.. everyone will start to turn on Mr Trump.. things begin to spiral downward.”
I had a visual of Trump writing a check to himself. Then it shifted to show a giant hole in the sand of a beach.

“The two leaders will not see eye to eye at all.” The visual shifted to two men on a stage waving at fans. (A reference to the vice president.)
“Like the reign of Howard”

Nov 3rd Biden “50′ 20-0
With doubt you ensure chaos
The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs.
The light on them is too
bright, their actions become overly obvious.
Something odd is coming around the corner. It sounds like Biden gets the votes. Spirit implied one of the US leaders falls ill. They implied one of the leaders fights the law and loses.

I had a visual of two axes, followed by an image of the white house. An implication that two other white house or government officials might be fired.

“Mutiny” The Trump surrogates and Republicans begin to turn on him. Those who speak out receive a slanderous vicious attack from Trump.. while the bombshells continue to drop.

World Predictions: November 3rd Predictions 5-16-17 Trump Fallout

I know we just posted this. We just argued over how I might lean a certain political direction. But, I don’t know what to tell you? This reality has arrived. This part of the prediction is happening. In the last post we showed you how the Law had arrived. Now Trumps surrogates and high ranking Republicans are turning on him. The prediction keeps happening.

Where did the Truths go? Where is Tea and Biscuits? We put it on hold. We reached an impasse. The next Truth counters the basics of what we fundamentally believe on our small little blue planet. So we waited. Waited to show you that our world predictions do happen. What we say unfolds. Because the source of these predictions comes from a very specific space. So hopefully we have shown you that. Because on December 1st the new Truth will be posted.

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  1. I have the impression that the logic behind Trump’s attempted comeback is that he is desperately trying to avoid jail and to buy time. He wants to keep looking influential and keep the hype alive, hoping the ongoing processes against him are called off: “Honestly, are you willing to prosecute your future President?”

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