World Predictions 5-18-22

56 Celsius in bold print.

ELP Vision

I had stacks and stacks of newspapers: When I opened them up it was all pictures of the Pope. In one picture he was waving at everyone, in another he was riding in a vehicle. The Pope will find himself the center of news in the near future.

ELP Vision

World Prediction: The Weapon Falls – This weapon that falls, previously mentioned, is on Ukraine, an act of desperate strategy. The world will be in utter shock of this one moment. Even this moment has the air of incompetence. Spirit mention a misunderstanding of the tone, of the instruction.

The Arrow of the Weapon Falls prediction

Eric- Below is a list of multiple events we predicted, all of them made in 2019, we have the ability to see what the next problem will be: Covid, Then the Capitol Attack, Next the Tonga Volcano, finally Putin, The Predictions:

 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2 An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury. Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.  

World Predictions 10-6-19

I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down. “Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled”

World Predictions 4-5-19 

Fiji.. mid month.. I had a visual of a large wave crossing the ocean and striking islands. In a previous prediction they predicted a Tsunami. I had a vision I was I was flying across the ocean and I could see a red hot volcano ready to explode in one historical epic eruption. It felt like it was coming soon. 

World Predictions 1-29-19 World Predictions are Now Back 

Then the spotlight was on Putin. The visual shifted to show a new era of America marching in unison, with one enemy.. Russia

World Predictions 7-31-19 

So hear me loudly this is nightmare is coming next, sooner than I expected, but this one can be altered. you can prepare: The Great Problem of Tomorrow

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  1. Can we assume that the volcanic eruption will happen this year?
    If the predictions are in sequential order, then it would have to happen before Putin dies, or his health declines much more.

    1. The top part I am expecting in months. The bottom portion the Predictions from “2019” have already happened. The first prediction describes the coming of Covid. The Second describes the attack on Jan 6 Capitol. The third describes the Tonga Volcano that unleashed a Tsunami on Fiji on the 15th of Jan. The last is Putin. But I remember my work from 4 years ago, I remember all of this on the table during 2019, an unfortunately we are missing a big part: Famine, food shortages, government distributions. We are moving to a rough spot. Not that we left the last one.

  2. Possible nuke strike in Ukraine on/around July 3rd, or does “7/3” from the previous prediction not mean that?

      1. Maybe 3 reactors damaged of Chernobyl or Zaporozye… Ukraine has huge atomic reactors. I hope it does not happen, I have heard that we must pray. Though God is a creator that is part of us, there are high beings like Jesus, Mother Mary who can help. In my humble opinion people like Putin and the next monster should not have been allowed to come her at all. But I am just a human, I do not understand the order of the world and the Spirit.

        1. Yes, there is so much confusion out there, and so much more we all have to work through.
          For just one example, is there reincarnation?
          If so, then has Jesus returned in a new life, and the ‘come again’ referring to the return of the Christ, the time of Annointing?
          Was Mary, the mother of Jesus, the one who appeared to the children of Lourdes, Fatima and Medjugorje etc, or was ‘the lady’ they spoke of a Spirit Friend of the Highest Calibre that the children channeled psychically?
          As the Truth Turtle starts it very challenging gauntlet over the years, so too will come the crumbling of the myths that served us in the Pisces Age.
          It goes without saying that we are in no way travelling through a ‘glitch’ in time as we pass over The Bridge between the two, totally different, Ages of Pisces to Aquarius imho. Pete

      2. There’s something about June. Either in June, or from June. It’s been popping up with me for quite some time. Is the 3rd a trigger of some kind?

  3. I really like this new style. does 56 C mean temperature rising at an all high?

    1. I believe we will be hearing about that Temp in the news soon. Perhaps in Asia. Behind the scenes its a test. We need to see how close we can shoot the arrow. If I am right, it should be soon.

  4. Eric, the Pope is coming to Canada at the end of July (24-31), visiting Quebec City, Edmonton and Iqaluit (Nunavut Territory, far North)…as part of his apology for all the Indigenous children who lost their lives at the Residential Schools and in reconciliation with the Survivors and their families, many of whom have suffered generational trauma.
    It’s a big deal that he’s coming since the Church has not been forthcoming on these issues.

      1. That makes sense. Not really a funeral per say, but he’s coming to try to reconcile the fact that they’re found the bodies of more than 10,000 children who died while they attended these schools (the children were often taken by force), that’s only a handful of schools– and their parents never knew what happened to them. Mostly church schools, mainly Catholic, which is why he’s coming.

        1. Ahhh the things humans do in the name of “religion” I’ve read about this. Indians were very spiritual just not Catholic, what a sun and what a shame!!!

      2. It is the death of Pope Benedict XVI. It has already been predicted by others psychics…Erick about this Monkey Pox, some predictors have been saying this for months too, including Peter Medium that comments here, do you see anything about it? And the Marburg Virus, supposedly spreading around 2025/2026 late november, any views about it?

        1. Actually we do have a prediction that talks about a virus in 2027. I honestly don’t know if its the virus your talking about. They do have a prediction about hindered transportation. However none of that compares to the overwhelming force and ruthlessness to the one we just had, Covid.

  5. In your audio recording you mention food. It reminded me of part of a dream I had on 10.24.2015.

    Part of dream: As we are walking there is a box in the grass that looked like it had fallen off a truck. It had the words “Paula Deen Meals” written on the front with her picture. I told my sister-in-law, I do hope it’s fresh and not been tampered with because this would last us for a while. Then we notice the box had been opened and every meal was open too so we were disappointed. All the portions were very tiny, compact, yet the nutrition was the same as a full size serving. Suddenly my brother appeared and said, this is the type of meals we are going to get from the government.

      1. I haven’t gone full shopping but I personally plan to stock up a bit, just in case. I would also highly recommend learning how to grow your own food. Food shortages will dominate the problem of tomorrow as we predicted Covid would in 2019. Now I knew Covid was coming, I remembered the ghastly prediction, I bought the toilet paper well before any of you did. I took at a loan just to stock up. I am NOT there yet with this but, this time I am sharing what I know, prepare for some serious price hikes like you have never seen before. But this time will pass, and I will report something else to dread over.

        1. Food is up on usual things quite a bit, saw a ROLL of real butter for 17.99!!! And prices up 40% on usual stuff. Experts say we gravitate to buying the same types of food! I see the difference. Meat is ridiculous go meatless, I can’t wait for roadside stands to pop up, going to go meatless.I’ve been heading there chicken and fish about to break over 100% though. It’s stupid ridiculous!

  6. I live in North Carolina and have traveled throughout the state.

    People are buying frozen & processed food.

    Fresh produce is left on store shelves. They either get donated or they rot.

    1. Eric: “Even this moment has the air of incompetence. Spirit mention a misunderstanding of the tone, of the instruction.”
      Couild this laser weapon strike something unintentionally, like chemical warehouse or worse, something nuclear in Ukraine.

      1. Who ever is operating this massive act of destruction seems to have been given the wrong memo. I am sorry that sounds absolutely horrible but there is a mistake in the moment. They actually compared it to when Russia shot down the Airliner.

        1. Many years ago i had read but cant remember where, that war would come
          because of a misunderstanding and the death of a world leader

  7. Eric, can you see what Kreml means when they just said there will be some military surprise for Finland because of Nato? Surprise, what? Some real violent danger?

    1. When Maria Zakharova says something, especially if it contradicts what the president and FM have said, I am highly skeptical. This person is one of the chief propagandists tasked with waging information war. Just remember how she, before the “special operation”, ridiculed foreign countries for worrying about a possible Russian attack on Ukraine – as “Russia doesn’t threat anyone”. I interpret her current comment as an attempt to raise her own profile in these troubling times. I still remember how she, with her big mouth, on one occasion insulted the Serbian president, and Putin himself had to apologize for her statement. So…

  8. The new written presentation is good .Easy to read, nicely spaced paragraphs and clear set points. I like it.

    1. We are actually setting something up, for another larger moment. Those blocks you see with the the world predictions. That will eventually transform into bricks, blocks, tablets, it will look like mini brown telegrams. Telegrams that you can then share with anyone you would like. It will allow you to share, just the block, to anyone in the world. Then they can come to the site for the rest. Thats the plan. Build a site equipped for you to make a difference.

      1. I wanted to say the same thing. The new format is much easier to read, uderstand, and keep track. Good job Eric, and thank you for your effort!

  9. Eric, do you think there will be more details about where the weapon will fall? I really want to share this message with Ukrainians – like Ukraininans on Facebook groups, Ukraininas on youtube to tell them to escape, but how can I share – to tell them just to get out of Ukraine:((( It is too broad…And if I just tell them Ukraine, it will just give them desperation, panic and a sense of hopelessness… We need a more precise location for this to make any sense in the regard of saving people. Please, please help me, I want to share… As you said – even 1 saved people upsets the plan of the dark ones!!!

    1. We believe it will line up with the other predictions. The death of the leader. So that implies Kiev. However lets wait for them to tell us. I would highly recommend sharing the ‘old predictions’ the Ukraine predictions that have happened. There is always a deer in the headlight moment for everyone I cross. So set them up for success. Let them stew with my work first. Then share the new message. Food for thought.

      1. I have shared,Eric,and I will share…between my floods of tears.Then I will share again. I pray this changes somebody’s life for the better…

        1. We need his so much… Share with some Ukraininans. They have to get him out of Kiiv.

  10. Hello Eric,
    I don’t know if I am too much off topic, but… did you hear about this new monkey pox? The feeling is like the media is pumping it like the new “big thing” after Covid. Do you feel anything in this regard? Thank you in advance

    1. I have not picked up another virus in my work, like I did with Covid. Everything points to a new problem rising. Famine. Food Shortages. With that economics.

  11. Eric- is it possible the current baby formula shortage IS the food shortage you saw? It’s horrifying.

    1. Unfortunately no. We warned everyone of the rise of ISIS, then Covid, now Putin, and if we are to follow the list they have predicted, global food shortages are unfortunately next. It is a problem equal to Covid. It leads to a moment where Government distributes the food. Rations. But that dark part comes much later in the century. The shoe that has not dropped yet is heat. The temps will destroy what we have.

      1. So famine for years and later in the century massive food shortages requiring government intervention by rationing?

        1. I don’t know if I would put it that way. We adjusted during Covid, found other solutions, people start growing their own food, communities start having pods of crops, cities start having upside down crops inside buildings. So solutions are there. But this shortage is the problem coming. Also it leads to a massive abundance later. Better food, better crops, control over nature in a way we have never seen.

  12. Eric there are other psychics who have picked up on an explosion also. Two mentioned Poland, or near the border of Poland, (though that doesn’t seem to mesh with the jewel) and one picked up on there being some confusion and that it could almost be an accident on Russias part. That somewhat sounds like what you got.
    She also said whatever this explosion is it’s like all of a sudden everyone turns their attention towards this problem like they did when COVID showed up. The focus turns to saving the planet, animals etc…. and that it does not happen in this country.
    I was looking through past predictions and found this one which mentions Russia and tactical nuclear weapons and you seeing a visual of all the news stations discussing the shock over the use of a miniature nuclear weapon.
    To add there is a prediction where you mention the bomb is on the 24th and it’s also a Tuesday or something related to that. I didn’t think it was relevant but I just checked on the day of 24 May which just happens to be on a Tuesday. Have your Spirits mentioned a date recently?
    Here is the old prediction on the miniature nuclear weapon being used.

    1. I had a dream last night, I saw a small black ball type object dropped into the sea, followed by an explosion. My dreams alway come with a 5 day warning which means 24th May things manifest. I hope we are both wrong as what comes is too awful to consider. Thanks for sharing your view, it resonated with me. 💜

      1. Nature already is in big problems because of people and we only destroy more, playing with destructive weapons! Poisons from bombs.. Birds do not sing in Mariupol..

    2. The war started on the 24th, that prediction has passed. Yes we are expecting a large explosion. It might be in a city that is just tactically sound for Putin to take, perhaps by the Black Sea, the other possible target is Kiev. But I am expecting it.

  13. hey eric

    in regards to putin, last night i dreamt that putins reign will come to an end somewhere between june and september so he hasnt got that long left in power

  14. Philippians 4:6
    Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. I have been praying not only for my close ones, world peace and protection for nature but also for Putin, his officials, all raging propaganda TV stars, all the army to the last soldier to be touched by God to be transformed to the core so that they are unable to continue the war.

  15. Nostradamas predicted global famine then the most horrible war and also talked about cannilbalism during the great famine, jeeze I hope this can be averted.

  16. On YouTube somebody posted a video talking about cycles. Several of the things that you are warning about he also sees coming. I did post a comment of your past predictions and what you see. Somebody did ask for your name so I passed it along.

    1. Thanks, Pete; this blog gave me some insight, answers to my musings, but I realize I should also read your book.

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