World Prediction: The Weapon Falls

I had a vision I was staring at a large screen on the wall, it was the world map. I felt as if I was in an underground bunker of the White House. The screen was completely white. Then in the the corner suddenly a black circle appeared expanding outward. Then the image repeated itself much closer to the screen, it would happen a third time, making the area black. Meanwhile the other screen corner read ”3” ”7-3”


Eric- A large bomb, or explosion is coming. However horrific, there is that added point, of just this one event. They showed it three times? But it seemed like one explosion. This is a “Stage” prediction. There are a million questions, I have plans to gather details, hopefully we can make a difference. For all the ghastly events I predict for you; FYI the Good guys win in the end.

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  1. One of the UK tabloids —The Mirror I think—reported that Putin was sending nukes to the Finland border to make them think twice about joining NATO.
    Nothing says neighbourly like the threat of being vapourized.

    1. I’d like to hear from the Scandanavian community about this. I do know the Russian subs have been lurking around their waters for several years. No one seems to know why, but there was concern. Now this.

      1. As far as I understood it, Putin mentioned that as a counteraction to the possible deployment of permanent bases and nukes in our countries. Our NATO membership, by contrast, seems to have been accepted by him as a fact he cannot do anything about. At the moment, though, Turkey’s president Erdogan is putting obstacles to Finland and Sweden joining the alliance: he didn’t like the fact that both countries previously imposed a ban on the export of weapons to Turkey following his incursion into the Syrian area inhabited by Kurds…

        1. It seems Finland and Sweden do not want permanent bases and nukes on our land..and Norway don´t have them neither.

  2. Do you think Biden/Harris will order a nuclear attack? Only America has used them before in combat, with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.

    Biden ordering a strike would make it a 3rd time for the USA. “Then the image repeated itself much closer to the screen, it would happen a third time, making the area black”.

  3. Could you see what part of the world map it was falling on? The thought of this happening is too horrendous, we are all human beings and nobody deserves to die that way.

    1. Your absolutely right no one should die like that. I have to be cautious here, I remember feeling the horrors Al Assad right before he unleashed hell. I looked too closely and it burned me. So I must step cautiously but yes I will try and find out where.

  4. Just to make it clear, The White House will not come under attack. The war/video room is where the entire nation is viewed on a screen. Termimites and old age is hitting the whitehouse, electrical fire, is in its future. Whole of goverment will move to middle of America, someday, as water claims Washington. For all those readers who dont know, alot of spacebrothers have been active last 20plus years in making sure Full Scale Nukes, Do NOT destroy the Earth, many many species live here besides humans! Will small nukes/bombs be used, Yes, and COULD BE, i would worry about middleeast having suitcase bombs. In the future is the real danger, not now. Climate will accelate, flooding, droughts, wars will be started over food, water, BUT since everyone will be effected by this, including America, it will change the scope of things, would also worry about computer hacks, as that will be more damaging than weapons. Remember, the spiritual realms, spacebrothers/other alien species do SO Much work on Earth, that very few realize, Remember, ALL of you, your spiritual ROOTS, Earth is not your true home, the spiritual realms are.

  5. Putin uses mini nukes or tactical nuke against Ukraine. Americans using bunker signify fear of nuke war. It is used third times means nuclear weapons are unleashed for the third time after Hiroshima and nagasaki. 7-3 means must be sometime in July.

    Area becoming black due to nuclear radiation.

      1. I would also regard the chemical option as more plausible, as the nuclear one would be impossible to deny saying they didn’t do it. It may also be that conventional monster weapon they have developed. So far, it’s been about denying everything (no role in shooting down the passenger plane in Ukraine, nothing to do with the Skripals’ poisoning, etc.). The truth is that Putin’s war is not advancing, for which he may act in a dangerous way out of despair.

  6. Hello Eric,

    I guess this is related to World Predictions: Reminder: 10-6-19… isn’t it?
    Do you know the time scale, more or less?
    In my exploration on the internet, I saw someone oddly predicting that a nuclear bomb would be launched in 2 weeks… the post was from 7th or 9th of May, can’t remember now…. he was ominously sure…

    1. There are 4 different types of predictions. The two that matter in this conversation is Stage predictions and “Arrows”. A Stage prediction sets a portrait of an event. For instance the Stage prediction about the Horsemen.
      It describes a view of the future. In this view, Rawhide thugs have taken over the world, Death himself is running on our track. The description of a joke of a leader and the air of war at the end. Its Spirit setting the stage of the future. But Stage predictions just show a view, they lack details, the information of when, where. The “Arrow” predictions commit to that. Those are the details, just like the post I just gave, I am expecting a sequel to this message, one with the details, the arrow as they call it.

        1. They don’t apply here. The Distant World Predictions that I have never posted are presented exactly as is. The image is literally a portrait of what is coming. Some of it is some wild weird stuff.
          The second you see sometimes, a smell, a tone, like a dog hunting. We knew right before it happened Russia would take over the scene and at the time we didn’t know why, it was just a scent.
          Right now the scent is someone important is dying. I can smell it but, its like smoke, vague, odd, unclear.

  7. I just found out that I am not alone in these thoughts, trying to understand the sense of abandonement that I have when reading horrible predictions about our future: “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”― Epicurus

    1. You did get the memo that all these predictions comes from the Spiritual realm. Is God willing to prevent evil? That is literally what we are trying to accomplish here. The question isn’t is God willing, the question is about you and everyone else on this planet, are you willing to stand with our father. Take a stand for all that is righteous. The Creator is still waiting for a response.

      1. I stand for innocent children and normal people not having to suffer from evil people and for Earth not having to be poisoned. I guess we have no choice anyways.

      2. Or to stress the point both you and I are making Eric, and with apoloties to JFK:
        “Ask not what God can do for you, but what you can do for God.” ….

        1. Pete and Eric your comments are very noble and poetic and I appreciate that. However, as a person from family of doctors who have spent all their lives trying to alleviate suffering of their fellow humans under the occupation of Russia, I am very down to earth, I cannot understand the Spiritual logic of allowing innocent people to suffer. Innocent people should not suffer – that is the normal logic of love fore me, it is very simple. I just hope if reincarnation exists, when I am dead I am not forced to come here again (even to a better age), seeing this again and again and going through it. I just want to be able to live somewhere in peace forever and with my close family and pets, without being forced to prove anything to anyone.

          1. “I cannot understand the Spiritual logic of allowing innocent people to suffer.”
            Free will and choice. That is what it boils down to. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and the fact that the Governments of the world knew Putin was the person he is, and did nothing about it, is based on the premise that until it’s done, it can’t be altered.
            The aggression back then should have been met with sanctions at that time, not now that the ‘horse has bolted’ so to speak.
            Crying out now to a Deity, as a collective, for what we shouild have done back then, is not the fault of the Deity.
            Did we protest in the streets? Did we demand action from our Governments when Putin poisoned, incarcerate or threatened anyone opposing him? What action did Britain take to prevent Russians buying mansions. Or Americans selling those Ologachs massive cruisers worth megga bucks?
            Or here in Australia allowing the Oligachs to invest in our mineral industries?
            As Eric infers, the action is in our hands. They, our Spirit Friends, have to work within the perameters that were set long before we were ever heard of.

  8. Hi, hielina222. Reincarnation does exist, it’s like a natural law. However, its embraces so many aspects that it cannot be dealt with exhaustively in short, and, to some extent, it may still be unfolding to the humanity. For this, I recommend you reading, e.g., Pete’s blogs.

  9. So it’s Ukraine’s free will to be invaded by russia? How can this be free will? They wanted russia to come in, and kill them? Children being abused and killed by parents or even russia is free will? I understand deciding to be born, but it is the free will of others that kill and abuse, not the one who is on the receiving end of abuse or killing.

      1. I don’t believe it is free will if babies get raped and killed. A russian did that. At least the russians did arrest him. He had posted it on line. I believe that people do make choices in their lives, but it can’t be all free will on the part of babies and children.

        1. Your outrage is justified and no one here, or anywhere, would disagree with you. The question is, for all the hand wringing, screaming at Putin, expressions of outraged against Russia etc, what is gained? Where were the changes in Uganda way back? Or Syria? Or Iraq? Or Vietnam? After the outrage in those days?
          Until we draw Peace to the Inner Sanctum of each and every one of us, this carnage will continue.
          Ukraine is but the first of tests we’ll all be going through as this New Age brings a closure on what went before. My suggested moto: Don’t pray to the Icon of your belief, talk to It in quite meditation, as you would to a friend, as an equal.

    1. Are you referring to my comment above in reply to Hielina?
      As Eric has often referred to in his Blogs, we are like children and as such, we expect an ‘adult’ to clean up the mess we make.
      God/Creator is not a parent, God/Creator is what we are all a part of. ‘Interventionism’ is more a creation of the Judeo Christian model: The parent cleaning up after the mess. And that model is coming to an end.

      When we attune inwardly to Creation, meditate, commune, live the TRUTH of the Creator, is when we have Guidance that keeps us within ‘It’s Will”. That is where the protection we all seek, lies.

      We are ALL being called on to completely change our mind set: To go within so as to understand what is to beset us all as the world enters this totally, never before experienced, New Age.

        1. As I’m seeing it, with this New Aquarian Age superseding all previous ages, there will not be a ‘next mess’. Using an Astrology kind of model, human kind has had three Ages that were animal-like, to learn and experience through: Taurus, Aries and this dying age of Pisces.
          Each of those Ages were two thousand years aprox, and each one brought human kind through a series of reasons as to why we will not want to go back there again.
          I don’t believe they were punishment Ages, but Ages to prepare us for the Kingdom or ‘God/Man’ Age where we will interact directly with Creation/The Creator.
          The Aquarian Age is the only one with a sign of a human person pouring out life to the world.

          For the next 100 or so years, as I see it, we’ll be watching the collapse of all that went before that no longer benefits this New Human/Creation dimension. That will, of course, include wastefulness, greed, representative governments where only a few are truly represented etc

          Hence why I’m all about encouraging people to do as you and I are doing: Interacting with Guidance so as to get direction now before the real s..t hits the fan.

          I wonder how many, asking for sessions with you Eric currently, think to ask for how they can better attune to their Team, Spirit Friends etc
          It’s not too late for them, and far better to be the first on the cue, imho.

          So I guess that’s sort of an explanation as to where I’m coming from, and hope I don’ offend in any way.


  10. First off, I like how you formatted this prediction. I understood what was from spirit and what was your input. I like it.

    Second, do you think this is an actual explosion, or a “bombshell” ? Like three things are going go come into view, and just explode into one big mess? Because go be honest, I could totally we that happening as well.

    My last thought is concerning North Korea. I remember an old prediction about China having go go into NK as a humanitarian effort because things get really bad there.? There reports are coming in that NK has been hit really hard with corona virus. I have a feeling this is the beginning if that prediction. Maybe

    Thanks, as always.

    1. We are actually working on the new Site set up here, eventually these messages will be made into brown brick, tablets, like receiving a telegram, then you will be able to share the message directly without all the other chatter below it.

      Death was there. So..

      Yes your right that prediction is one I am keeping an eye out too. It will go badly in NK. The other prediction that sat with all of these is “Blue Hat” I still keep waiting for him to show up. Some monster of a human.

      1. I like the sounds if that! ~the site, not the death or the monster. That sounds bad. Sounds like, when archeologists find some law or decree on an old wall, they also find peoples “thoughts” of said law/decree somewhere around it as well. Lol. It’s what I thought of anyway. I can’t wait to see it!

        1. Yes. Present just their work, make their work the main view, make it a discovery, thats what we are working toward. It will actually have a more telegraph news paper, look, but your right that is the objective.

  11. Makes me wonder if the new weapon that awes everyone is when the screen turns completely black and the world war breaks out. The flashes of black could be inflammatory actions that eventually settle, until the bombing where all goes black and the world reacts. As a previous poster mentioned, does seem like the war room.

    1. The vision goes out of there way to show one. One horrible moment in the corner. They did oddly show it three times. But one moment among an entire white screen. In the vision WW3 was not on the table.

  12. Eric the other thing I’ve heard repeated by the different readers I watch is that “they” are planning another Jan 6th type of attack. And from what is mentioned it is the White Supremacy groups backed by a lot of others with money who will be behind it. A lot of readers are picking up on a big uptick in domestic terrorism and something happening that causes these White Supremacy groups to be labeled for what they really are, Terrorist.
    You also had an old prediction for “Prediction US Terror Attack 3”, which sounded as if it could be different terrorist groups, possibly foreign.
    So my question is, could the black on the screen represent attacks/hate groups within the US that literally get closer to or nearer to the White House on July 3rd, or another date, and other attacks that are elsewhere in the US?
    Or is the reference to the screen and black expanding out specifically related to what happens in Ukraine and Russias weapon?

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