Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant

I had a vision I was staring at a large screen on the wall, it was the world map. I felt as if I was in an underground bunker of the White House. The screen was completely white. Then in the the corner suddenly a black circle appeared expanding outward. Then the image repeated itself much closer to the screen, it would happen a third time, making the area black. Meanwhile the other screen corner read ”3” ”7-3”Spirit

World Prediction: The Weapon Falls

As I return to work, I wanted to remind you of this May prediction. It describes an explosion, a weapon, an explosion where you would need to go into a bunker for. We have been watching intently the events at the Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, as I question whether this prediction is describing what is starting to unfold.

Finally back. Wow that was rough. First a heart attack then Covid. I survived, but its not an experience I would want to ever have again. We are back, the Spirits have already started to predict. Those new predictions will rollout in the coming days.

Its back to work on all fronts. We are back to predicting your future as well. I am very sorry for the delays. If you are interested in a personal reading contact Bea:

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  1. Welcome back brother. You sure gave us a scare. Glad you’ve recovered and hoping that is definitely the last of it.
    I can remember saying you would have to wait for the second half of this year, but I assumed it was to do with your new format. Obviously it was health, and that effected the format expansion.
    Next month onwards looks like expansion at great speed.
    Welcome back Eric.

  2. Glad to hear you’re back and feeling better Eric, l hope you can move on in better health now. Still take it easy though, don’t push yourself too hard.
    This nuclear power station is very worrying indeed. Your prediction ties in with one of Pete’s that a Russian mistake will spread toxins much further than anticipated. They’re currently shelling near the plant, thought to be a scare tactic, but it only takes one misfire for things to go badly wrong. I hope this isn’t the case, as it’s the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and the effects of a leak or explosion could make Chernobyl look like child’s play. If Ukraine and European crops get contaminated, it could certainly trigger the global famine predicted too. Worrying times. 😟

    1. First of all, I join with everyone else in hoping Eric is well on the road to recovery after such setbacks with his health.
      Secondly in response to Gloria who wrote “This nuclear power station is very worrying indeed”. It is and it is very hard to discern what is really going on there.
      “Russia has controlled the plant, which is the largest nuclear power station in Europe, since March and stationed troops and military equipment there”
      So I find it hard to understand why Russia is shelling its own men
      On a more hopeful note Presidents Macron and Putin had a telephone conversation for the first time in 3 months.
      ” Putin agreed to allow independent inspectors to go to the plant, Macron’s office said, and had “reconsidered” allowing the mission from the International Atomic Energy Agency to travel to the facility from Ukrainian territory.”
      All citations from

      1. From what Spirit said he is “meddling” with the plant, that doesn’t sound good at all. A politician meddling with something massively scientific?

    2. Yes, it’s very worrying; I think we should try to figure out the symbolism behind “7 – 3” and try to alter (or at least mitigate) this outcome. It occurs to me that making the Russian ruling elite aware of this prediction, or that they are heading towards an impeding environmental catastrophe, might make them change their course. However evil they are, they are unlikely to want to do something that would jeopardize their operation, including the very health/life of their troops deployed in the adjacent area.

      1. Russia never cared about human life. No matter if that human life is Russian or not. Period. Whole war is prove of that

  3. when old men don’t get what they want; they get nasty. Is my opinion. Somewhere i read a prediction Russia (Putin ) would start a war with Europe; It will be when there is a very hot summer like now. Can’t remember where i read this. did not expect this season to having these temperatures. The school holidays are almost at their ending. which means in my experience; there would be rainy days ahead, which is not the case not at all i might add. The fields and roads are very dry everywhere; lakes are drying up all over Europe.
    Billie Meier from Switzerland perhaps ( had the predictions.
    From her previous home one near a nuclear facility a niece of mine still has a small box with iodine tablets for her family. If that might help.
    From where i live to Kyiiv is about 1700 km 1 1/2 hrs straight through air flight.
    I would not be surprized if Putin would drop a big bom on KYIIV, just to make mr Zhelensky shut up.
    This war is not over by 2023!

    1. The predictions you refer to never claimed Putin to be the culprit, only Russia or the Reds ( Soviet ). There are a number of war predictions from out of Europe from the last several hundred years. Here is a link to some of them.

      Billie Meier works have for the most part been deemed a hoax. There is likely a few occasions he had contact with ET’s but the pictures are pretty much all fake from what I recall. I am sure his followers will greatly disagree with me.

      As for Putin and Zelensky. Russia has a very clear statement on the use of nuclear weapons. Unlike the U.S. which twice killed huge civilian populations in Japan, Russia has never used nuclear weapons. Nor have they ever, threatened to use nuclear weapons. Only the U.S. has killed with nuclear weapons. It is extremely unlikely that Putin will use nuclear weapons in Ukraine as there is no need for them to do so as well as the fact it is against the Russian stated policy. In general, the sovereignty and safety of Russia and its peoples must be severely threatened for Russia to use a nuclear weapon.

      I have a bottle of Lugol’s Iodine as well. But, I do live about 90 miles from a nuclear reactor. 🙂

  4. Welcome back Eric l was just searching your site to see if you had any new predictions last week and here you are. Very happy you recovered and now please take care of your health also your mom and rest of your family. wish I could afford a reading with you, but have to be satisfied with your published predictions. Thank you for doing them.e

  5. Welcome back Eric! So glad you are doing better. Please, no apologies are necessary for you to take care of yourself! The Ukraine power plant situation certainly is on our minds and we pray that no horror unfolds. It’s crazy that so many in the human race don’t understand what they are doing-or don’t care. We should all be caring and helpful to each other…. Guess I’m venting some frustrations here. Sorry. It all feels so helpless sometimes.
    Thank you for all you do Eric and please take care of yourself.

    1. The Spirits always compare humanity to a toddler, a child who hasn’t learned yet. But we will grow up, we will become pollinators, we actually become a force to recon with in the future. Even right now they look at the evil Putin and see a a brat of a child saying “Mine, Mine, Mine” slamming his toddler hand down. But its not his, and because the rest of the world doesn’t agree, he is going to pout in the corner. They see us as children, and eventually we will learn.

      1. However, many people are not OK with particular war mongering toddlers. Why do we have to stay in the same soup and suffer from the ones who want to destroy nature and innocent people? I wish Spiritual world would somehow separate normal people from recidivist offenders like Putin. Why he has the right to do what even he wants?

        1. He doesn’t. We gave him that power. Thats the real problem. Not that there are Putins of the world but the notion that we were all ok with him in power. Why do we give any of our leaders the power to wipe out the entire world with one button. That is power no one person should have. Fix this and Putin is just a bundling idiot screaming in the corner.

          They do separate them. Putin will not be going to heaven with the rest of us. We spend a good 80 years here and 8 to 10 thousand when we cross, we can rest assure Putin won’t be with us.

          1. It is interesting, but puzzling. Would you tell your child – ok, I let bad people torture you now, will just watch that, but some day after you are dead, I will reprimand that bad person. See you then. Very hard to understand system from a human point of view.

          2. I think we still have to pray. I somehow do not believe that Spirit world will just sit back and watch until our death. It reminds me Hunger Games and Panem, I hope Spiritual world is not like Panem, I really hope so. So I will pray that accident/attack does not happen.

  6. Eric I am just curious if the spirits ever warned you about you having a heart attack? If they didn’t then why don’t they? Do they tell you how you will die?

    1. Hi Jonathan its an interesting question. Yes would be the simple answer but not in the way your thinking. When it comes to World Predictions or your readings the power and talent work like one massive telescope. It looks out. It has no mirrors. So as it goes to predictions no they did not tell me. Honestly thats too much power for one person. However as I ate my cookie working with Spirit, I would sometimes here, “Don’t eat that you will regret it” and they implied heart issues. So hints, yes. but the power of predicting events is a power that works like a telescope, it can only look out. If you asked the Spirits how I die, “I die like Lincoln.” Clearly not idea.

  7. This recent event reminded me of a previous prediction about the start of terrorist bombings in Russia:
    Darya Dugina, a Russian ultra-nationalist and Neo-Nazi influencer, died in a car bomb explosion. Events like this were commonplace in the 1990s, and Putin’s regime has repeatedly boasted of the internal security in Russia compared to those times. This, of course, is a blow to that narrative.

    1. I do not know that Darya Dugina was a Neo-Nazi but for certain she was a strong nationalist with strong view and opinions. As for Russia boasting about their internal security…I do not recall the last time I read such a thing. I have followed Russia for a number of years and Russia’s upper level of politicians (Putin, Lavrov, etc.) are not prone to bragging or boasting.

      The West media give far too much to Darya Dugina’s fathers influence over Putin. A short article about her father, who at best is a wandering crack-pot living a philosophical dream.

    2. I wonder if Darya’s death could cause her father to lash out at the Ukrainians even worse, if he blames them and wants revenge. Maybe that leads to the explosion Eric predicted?

    3. it might be surprising , but Darya was not really known in Russia till her death. Her father is more known outside of Russia then in Russia. There are pictures him smiling during funeral, I wonder what was that about. Propaganda will use it all, no question. But really we might never know who and why killed her. I really doubt her believes were a reason.

  8. What could be the time period this disaster might happen? I have heard that some ETs sometimes try to prevent nuclear disasters on Earth, because they have an effect even outside Earth. I am praying to God and I am asking in my mind also ETs to help. My husband and mother suffered from Chernobil… I do not know maybe me too as I was a kid. It is enough for us already. I wish God would cut short these dirty games with our lives by Russia.

    1. We are expecting a very large explosion or damage. The act is one of desperation. With the plant now under siege the prediction is looking very likely.

  9. Happy to hear your health has improved, and the worst is finally behind you.

  10. I am very curious as to why the spirits seem to be very patriotic to America. Seems like Russia gets a lot of criticism but we never hear about America at war in the Middle East since I can remember. It seems America is always playing geopolitical games to destabilise the world to maintain power at all times. Why do the spirits not criticise about the Military Industrial Complex that is profiting from the Russia Ukraine war. The weapon given in the name of Aid seems to be loans that have to be paid back. They are doing the best to prolong the war. They have orchestrated the whole scenario forcing Russia to go to war by not honouring their deal with soviet union to not expand Nato to its borders.

    The first thing Putin did after becoming president was to try and join NATO and he got laughed at and rejected. America always needs an enemy. Now china is its next target. Americans seem to always be brainwashed into thinking they are the good guys saving the world. World has woken up to Americas way of ruling the world.

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