The Great Problem of Tomorrow

Tomorrows great problem, Sorry everyone for this sour news. One of my biggest mistakes, as the audio shows was not telling you the moment I knew covid would ravage our world. I felt that might cause panic, a mistake I don’t plan to repeat. So I introduce tomorrows great tragedy.

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30 thoughts on “The Great Problem of Tomorrow

    1. Climate change causing widespread famine. It’s in the attached sound track.But, as with every problem, there are always answers, but some may take some time to be solved. So, prepare.

  1. And just now I remembered the story of Hitler who was once a artist before he became a dictator

    People who rejected Hitler’s application to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts led him down a unexpected dark path that many didn’t see coming.

    kindness is the key to prevent another repeat of this, I hope this man will be surrounded by people that will show him the path toward the light.

  2. Even with a world of chaos the darkness is very orderly. Their plans, their objectives hold as long as they keep us separated. Black and white, red and blue, as long as they can maintain separation and inequality their grip is sound. However their plan is set on this timeline. Now if we save one life in say an earthquake or Hurricane or terror attack. How would that one life disrupt their timeline. It would cause a crack because in their plan that person is dead. Now what if we save 100, 1000, seriously the sky is the limit. But I agree we need more detail. Just an FYI.

    1. Thank you Eric. Please, lets save lives… I am praying every day. For Ukraine, for Russia, for people and against climate change…

    2. Last night, I watched a Netflix documentary called Nevalny. This guy is is incredible -no, he’s more than that. He’s super human!- The courage he displays in the face of the Russian authorities mind boggling. I’m sure spirit knows him and has something to say about him. Here’s a Youtube trailer:

  3. Listen people… I often wonder why this discussion here is so ‘physical’. Are we not all souls in spirit, free from the spell of evil? Is it not that our bodies are like clothes we wear once per lifetime? Why be so caught up in physical existence when our vibrations are being raised as we speak? Do people here not believe in karma and the eternity that soul experiences as time – all of it as once? On a deeper level are we all not stars (capable of) enlightening each other’s lives with love, kindness, gratitude and sincerity? Let’s lift up our spirits and connect with nature, our greatest teacher… We cannot save all people unfortunately (I learned this as a personal lesson in one lifetime – and some people are under the spell of evil regrettably)… So let’s save by own example, by raising our own vibrations for a more spiritual and kind world. It will still have spiritual wars and turmoil but at least here our love will supersede everything else. Let’s nurture our souls and not just our bodies, then we may need less of the physical which will make us less dependent on it and hence a lot of worries expressed here will go away… like falling leaves and melting snow…I heard recently that our negative emotions and worry actually feed evil and I have a hard time on a personal level with that too but with knowing we are half way there to overcome evil taking hold from within and taking our energy for its purposes.
    There is a reason why widgets do not work, also related to money.:) No need to change site, especially making any decision now before January with eclipse in a few days and the final Saturn-Uranus square at this juncture.
    In the end there is hope, a real hope for love to win like we are all wish…
    Prayers do work if they come with pure intentions from heart…
    How to separate that from whims and desires that is another lesson of love to learn…

    1. Basically the second half of the Century. The two big messages, is that climate change is coming much much sooner than everyone thinks, it will strike with such weight but then get fixed. It mirrors Covid like that. Patches of struggle. The second and more important is we will be fine as a race in the end. Still needs to be avoided.

      1. Eric, I appreciate this bit of insight in your comment. Patches of struggle. For me, it took the sudden fear for my family and made me think about it in a broader scale. Not making light of out however. Some will be in more dire situations and that’s where the rest of the population steps in and try to make it better. Is this what you are saying? We all have a part to play. That being said, knowing your part can be long hard road to understand.
        I appreciate all you do for this site. Im sure it can get draining at times but I think your doing great.

  4. It’s good to be informed on matters ahead, to prevent I think is the purpose of this site?😊✨ but agree Blue sky to not remain in negative thoughts too long, give it necessary attention then give more positive emotion/prayer. About Eric’s discussion.

    I was always curious about a dream I had younger somewhere in mid 2000s, I’ve had several on and off. This one I’m trying to rush to a church because I realized I was out too late, it got dark quickly and meant that people who were hungry were soon looking for literal meat on bodies and (when darkness approaches, I feel ppl feel safer to do illicit and towards anyone out at that time -considered as fair game ), cannibals we’re out on hunt (pets weren’t spared) and I didn’t want to be someone’s dinner. I rushed to a church, inside there small pew one much older lady and myself, rushing to pray under white neon cross. ( sense of relief and fear) – that I made it inside on time. Since that time, I watch for anything related to famine because that’s the only thing I can imagine that would cause people in comfortable settings to resort to that behavior.

    I think I’d like to live somewhere where community farming is still valued. I think those communities would be less likely to feel the brunt of that time.

  5. Hi Eric! Hope your well, when do you see the climate change/ famine happening and the dictator coming in? Thanks for all you do ❤️

  6. It’s a possibility now that Omicron may be a less virulent, if highly transmissible, version of Covid and will boost our immunity further against the other variants, if we catch it. This could be the winding down of Covid, as you predicted Eric. Let’s hope they’re right, and we basically just end up with another version of the common cold, which is another coronavirus. Watching this strain with great interest!

      1. Maybe profit or politics are involved. The Novavax covid vaccine is effective against a lot of variants and likely the best choice against the Omicron. Side effects of the vaccine are much less. Immunity is long lasting. What is the delay? Is there some pressure to keep using pushing Pfizer and Moderna for monetary gain even when Novavax is a better choice? Why push Pfizer and Moderna booster shots when they aren’t doing the job? If you want to end the pandemic, try Novavax. Pfizer and Moderna are not doing the job.

  7. Eric, not everyone needs to take prescription drugs over something that may happen in 15 years. This is a quick fix and part of an issue of fear of facing reality – first of all here and now.

    The seeds of 15 years from now is sown today by each of us – including by our own negativity and approach to life as a human race.

    We are witnessing the most atrocious power and money grab with resource repartition under the pretext of virus right in front of our eyes and people are willing to be taking part in this experiment without realizing that it is a path of total digital control that you may have seen in movies until now.

    This is happening now and not 15 years later. Famine resulting from climate change is already here in many parts of the world created also artificially by not respecting and not honouring Nature and by greed wanting always more of everything. Think of gallons of chemical substances that you have washed in your sinks and washing machines, using soaps, dish and laundry detergents, think of all the lawns moved so that no insects remain for birds to eat which create famine for them, think of gas and other resources extracted from Earth that are being consumed in huge proportions for our every day comfort of driving, heating and so on, think of plastic that is wrapping everything and digested by you as a result, think of vaccines, masks, syringes, pills and all other artificial means to keep some humans ‘alive’. Is this not the tragedy of today sown as the seeds of tomorrow?

    That said I do hope that Covid is over as a ‘threat’ and so are attempts to use it to control the humans by certificates, syringes, taxes using as an incentive everything what is dear to us – work, family, freedom of movement, art, sports and so on. Temptation is out there for everyone to be under control of the few. So this is how great problems of today lead to great problems of tomorrow.

    Remedy for being aware of all these horrendous events in the background is not to take prescription drugs but to be mindful in every day practices and prayer because clearing of spiritual space is as important as clearing of physical space. Love heals everything.

    1. blue sky:
      “think of vaccines, masks, syringes, pills and all other artificial means to keep some humans ‘alive’.”


  8. ‘May’ because 15 years is a long time and timelines change.
    Not all of us who read these messages will be around.
    Covid taught me how important it was to live in ‘here and now’.

    What all of us do today will affect what will happen tomorrow.
    Let me explain what I mean and how things change on a smaller scale.
    If I post a message, it resonates one way or another.
    If I do not post a message, nothing happens or something else happens.
    Depending on what I post, different things happen.
    Every word, every sound, every syllable has meaning.
    Even nothingness, silence and emptiness have meaning.
    The same way it works on a global scale – but we want different things.
    So then the timeline is always subject to change.
    This is why only few have been beyond the stillness.
    Personal wishes, desires and opinions interfere in what we see.
    The same applies to spiritual world.

    If you take out a page of the book horrified by its content, the rest is only an assumption of what happens before and after.
    The beauty of this world is such that it has so many layers that there is no human able to sense it all.
    Just like with Covid – some parts of the world suffer, some do not, and then it flips back and forth like a yo-yo.
    There will never be anything global about this world the way it is presented.
    Think of world champions that come and go… all is then relative despite obsession of the greatest of all times.
    There is a famous prophet who said that the Earth started with grass and will end with grass…
    Where are we then? And what is important then?

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think Spirit would agree with how you see time function. The timeline continues to sit unfortunately exactly where it was before. But maybe you have knowledge we do not.

  9. I come from a different angle.
    Different locations physically have different 2036 in store.
    Over the years I learn to trust myself.
    After being so hype about 1999.
    Then realizing it was all different.
    The same way here and now.

    If we take ourselves out of 2036 and above, and beyond…
    What is then that matters?
    Everything is an experience.
    Both good and bad.

    In my understanding of the world, soul is immortal.

  10. Really disappointed that you have chosen to use Spotify and won’t produce content on your website I’m no techy phobe but doesn’t play so at a loss as to what you have said

    1. It’s only their because the blog was down. I have every intention of presenting my world Predictions as they have always been done. I need them written as a sort of proof of what was said. So there can be no debate over words. Unfortunately we are still working through the bugs, only one left actually. So it’s just a bump in the road. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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