World Predictions 2-16-22

Recited : Heat! Beyond the norm, a massive heat wave is coming this summer. Schools shut down, a surge in deaths, cities will restrict hours, every year you report another step in record breaking temperatures, this will be one epic leap. Then as they showed these very hot temperatures they showed the ocean as if it was a horrible threat.

I had a vision that two more ’Kings’ on the chess board falling. It will happen very soon. One leader forced to step down and another leader who passed.

A message from the heavens: Its time for you to forgive, its time for the water under the bridge to flow again, its time to bury all hatchets. Stop arguing and break bread instead. Its time to serve humbly those you have strife with, it’s time for Reconciliation, as the Turtle leaves his mark.- Darcy

Darcy is one of the most powerful spirits I have an honor of knowing. She is the architect. All those visions I have and share with you, she created them like an artist to her canvas. Her words always have enormous weight.

A reminder of two old predictions that seem around the corner:

Recited for the now: I was watching the board game ”Risk” being played. Everyone was moving their toy soldiers to the border. All the players took calculated moves. Then I saw both sides step back, they pulled their forces back. 
“Diana.. after she is full“ Diana is the name given to the moon. Diana (The moon) becomes full on the 16/17th So they are starting with a timeline, now I need to look at the details of what should be the 17th-19th of February. I still need details, but the prediction does compare it to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Its not the game Spirit is referencing but the Risk – Eric World Predictions: 2-6-22 World Prediction: War?

In the end it isn’t the testimonies of individuals that impede Trump but banks, finances, dealings. From one hand to another to another. Shady acts.Predictions 6-17-17

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  1.  Avatar

    So no war between Ukraine and Russia for now?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Putin still plans to take the eastern block, I just question that happening now or later. The whole ww3 hype is not coming. So I expect to see a “semi” withdrawal.

  2. Janis Zahn Avatar

    Eric, where is the massive heat wave going to take place? Does the ocean threat indicate another bad hurricane season? Thanks so much!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s global. One big heat wave. The ocean could also be a quicker melting of ice, that would be bad.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The ocean message is where the threat of this moment will thrive.

  3. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    I like the truth turtle!!!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That message is coming in droves.

  4. Laura Bernieri Avatar
    Laura Bernieri

    Amazing, Eric! Thank you & God Bless…

  5. Laura Bernieri Avatar
    Laura Bernieri

    A tsunami of Truth that WE are responsible for our outlook, our collective fate. Thank you for your love of humankind

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  6. mk Avatar

    Would the royals be a fallen King? Andrew agreed to settle out of court. Charles has even worse connections, its the end o the the road for them.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think this will be an unexpected one.

  7. Wendy Avatar

    I hate the heat. I live in a house with no central air. I am dreading the end of winter.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  8. gypsymidnightsun Avatar

    So what part of earth will get this heatwave? I am in NSW AU and the summer has been very mild, very unusual, and very nice

    1. Gloria Avatar

      Same in the South Island of New Zealand, our summer has been wet and cold. Highs of 12 degrees Celsius, wearing winter clothing and putting on the heat pump at night. Certainly not BBQ weather!

  9. petemedium Avatar

    “Heat! Beyond the norm, a massive heat wave is coming this summer. Schools shut down, a surge in deaths, cities will restrict hours, every year you report another step in record breaking temperatures, this will be one epic leap. Then as they showed these very hot temperatures they showed the ocean as if it was a horrible threat.”
    Not long after I read this, I received this link from a friend. It is a recording of the 1986 Continental Indigenous Council.

    1. isseyandellie Avatar

      Thanks for sharing this pete! Very interesting and at the same time it scares me, tough times.

  10. mwgirl60 Avatar

    What’s more info on the truth turtle does that mean someone is speaking the truth

  11. petemedium Avatar

    I Have Not Offered A Blog For This Week, Only This Offering:

  12. Tirin Avatar

    The Mad Leader is nearing his end. He is going to try to make a run for it after all is said and done. Just hearing that everything to going to be ok really makes me happy.

    Some pieces of her prediction seem to align with yours too.

    There has been other kings lately beginning to fall as well, this is such a weird time considering its all happening at the same time in the same year.

  13. Sara Avatar

    It looks like things with Ukraine and Russia are about to kickoff. Prayers for everyone who’s in danger. I hope someday Russia is free of Putin, he’s not helping his own people by attacking Ukraine.

  14. star48 Avatar


    Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin set to recognise separatist regions in Ukraine as independent

  15. star48 Avatar


    Russia closes airspace over Sea of Azov starting at midnight

  16. star48 Avatar


    Stoking tensions, Putin recognizes two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Sounds like i am going to be wrong. The tensions are rising. Hopefully we can get a miracle running soon.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        And my messages would be wrong too. But I think it’s a case of waiting for the proverbial fat lady …. and she’s not even out of bed yet. Astrologically, we are heading into extremely turbulent times, with both good and bad taking the stage for the next six to eight months. Pete

  17. Rmf Avatar

    Thinking about your predictions where the future evil dictator is a resurrection of the red flag. This could be the beginning of the old Soviet Unions comeback. I’m sure the west doesn’t have the stomach to stop Russia in Ukrainian. A slap on the wrist is all Russia can expect. This will lay the ground work for the rise of the evil one you speak of. I know many here will say we need to back down. That’s not how you react to evil people like this. They only back down against strength. Like the bully at school.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes that was my thought too, red is rising.

  18. petemedium Avatar

    Could it be that Putin is calling out to the pro Russian Ukrainians in those particular eastern regions to rise up so that it looks like it is the will of those regions, and not Russia invading. It all seems such a strange way he has been going about this. A snap invasion could have happened months ago and no one could have stopped him. Pete

  19. star48 Avatar

    Ukraine crisis:
    Putin sends Russian tanks, hardware into Donetsk –

  20. star48 Avatar

    Latest ✔️

    🔹Putin’s ‘peacekeepers’ in tanks roll into Ukraine separatist regions: Biden kicks off sanctions and UK will follow after issuing stark warning ‘the invasion has begun’

    🔹Russian tanks have rolled into Donetsk and Luhansk after Putin ordered ‘peacekeepers’ into the regions

    🔹Putin last night officially recognized the two areas of Ukraine as independent regions in a press conference

    🔹Biden late last night imposed sanctions against the two breakaway regions of Eastern Ukraine amid the move

    🔹But stopped short of issuing full-blown sanctions against Russia as Western allies deliberate their response

    🔹British authorities meanwhile have announced they will reveal the scale of their sanctions later today

    🔹UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid this morning declared on national television that ‘the invasion has begun’

    🔹Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed a ‘barrage of sanctions’ will be revealed this afternoon

    🔹EU leaders are also set to meet this afternoon to discuss their approach to the crisis and determine sanction

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you

  21. star48 Avatar


    Germany 🇩🇪
    Germany’s Scholz halts Nord Stream 2 as Ukraine crisis deepens

  22. star48 Avatar


    Ref::interesting wording. ✔️

    Putin’s tanks & ‘10,000 troops’ invade Ukraine ‘breakaway’ areas in ‘most dangerous moment since Cuban missile crisis’

  23. star48 Avatar

    Ref :Heat will have more of an impact

    See, USA
    Most widespread drought in 9 years expected to expand

  24. star48 Avatar

    Ref; Ocean as a threat

    Days after deadly storms Dudley and Eunice, Storm Franklin hammers parts of UK with extreme weather

  25. Tirin Avatar

    Happy Twosday Eric on 2/22/22 on a Tuesday at 2:22 PM, won’t happen again until 2422. 🙂

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