World Predictions: 2-6-22

So we have Russia. We have an unspeakable heat wave coming and then this??
What we know so far about the first two; Russia has been marked with its first piece in the construction of a prediction, a date;

“Diana.. after she is full“ Diana is the name given to the moon. Diana (The moon) becomes full on the 16/17th So they are starting with a timeline, now I need to look at the details of what should be the 17th-19th of February. I still need details, but the prediction does compare it to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Then there is an unspeakable heat wave, every year we see a slow creep up, another breaking record heat wave, but we are about to take one huge leap forward in temperatures. I need more clarity and detail. Now this odd addition:

Recited from the Spiritual Realm:

I had a vision, bones were protruding from the ground, then a group of excited people pointed to the bones. ”Discovery! History changing.”

I am unclear, is this Jimmy Hoffa or some unique Dinosaur however they would add this additional piece:

The visual shifted to show a toddler lining up a set of blocks, then he discovered a new one but it didn’t fit, ”It’s because what you thought you knew.. was wrong.”

The Distant Past and Future: When the ice melts and ravages our current seashores, when climate change is at the height of its wrath, an unexpected gift, for archaeologists pure gold, hidden are treasures so huge your entire history will change. Then it shifted to show a very large Pyramid so old it had become a mountain, frozen surrounded by ice and snow as far as the eye could see, As I got closer to the frozen pyramid deep underneath the ice it was melting, drip, drip, drip.

Take a good look at the tropical birds of the jungle, their wild color feathers, their bright beautiful colorful backs. Feathers like peacocks, and parrots. That’s how dinosaurs looked. Not the deadly dark monster humanity reflects. (Yep the T Rex looked more like a flamingo.)

To my Fans:

“Recited from the Spiritual Realm” I always say ”Spirit says” and then you immediately think.. who is that? What are their names? Who are you talking too? But its a group, a group a part of a larger group, a part of an even larger group that serves the King. The King who then serves the Creator. It’s a lengthy explanation. Its like jumping into the ocean, its not all about the fish as it is the entire ocean.

Spirit (Macabe) pointed out that when I specifically do World Predictions I have to dip my feet in the Spiritual Realm. I use to have visions as a child when I asked ”Who am I?” They showed someone who stood directly on the beach, half in the ocean, half on the land. Thats my gift. I am a bridge. Thats it. My talent is theirs. My flaw, don’t stand in their way. So! Why not just say ”This is what heaven has to say.” Why not just say, this is what I brought back from the ocean.

Fans I need a better way of saying it though.. thoughts? Another word for heaven or spiritual realm. Ideas? That place on your last breath sounds too dark? I can’t use ocean because it will sound like I am talking to fish. Spiritual realm sounds hokey, ideas please.

Personal Readings: The price went up 20$? Their is a bit of misconception running a muck. I just need to clarify it. As one rises it is expected that fees rise with success. That is not happening here. Macabe who is the titan whale that oversees all my work has made it clear from the beginning of this journey that we will never just serve the rich. We will serve everyone. So prices will not continue to climb it goes against their principle of service. So why did I raise it? I need 7000$. Thats the price to get this site exactly the way I want to. I have researched and pitched to a multitude of places. That’s the price to give Spirit exactly what they want, every kernel. If you happen to have 7000$ just lounging around your couch and feel a need to help change the world I am totally open to that miracle! However the more grounded Eric feels this 20$ is a slow moving solution. I am playing the lotto too! I am personally very excited with what they want to create.
Also, the Paypal payment button is fixed and under the page “Personal Reading with Eric Leigh-Pink” I am very sorry for that mess of a situation the last few weeks. Pour Bea was ready to pull her hair out. There are other options we rarely mention. Some of you don’t like Paypal. If you want to if you have extra couch money laying around or want a personal reading its not just paypal. You can use Venmo under Eric Leigh-Pink or Zelle under , Link:

Finally, I want to say this great train I have been running for the last 10 years, slowed down a bit, and even stopped for a short time, so Eric could recover, we are all recovering from the horrors of the past few years, but now the engine is moving out of its station, set to move full steam ahead.

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  1. The Pyramid that is covered in ice… is that in the Antarctic or a glacier in Europe? Any idea where it might be?

    Does the reference to the Cuban Missile Crisis mean that war in Ukraine will be brought to edge of war, but cooler heads will prevail and it won’t happen? Or, is it a reference to the fact that Russia wants to re-establish a military presence in Cuba again?

    Will the new dinosaur discoveries be related to their appearance or the fact htat they may have lived longer than we thought, and perhaps earlly man lived with them?

    1. 1. It’s in the north or South Pole. A long time ago that location use to be on its side. There is a landmass that use to be an empire underneath.
      2 Both: they are even arguing over the locations of missiles. On one end Putin wants the eastern land mass. He will take it. However this raising, raising of tensions will fall. No ww3 but the looming question, is there an invasion or not.
      No just a fun fact. Dinos had feathers. Just as we can look at the future the past is also available to us. So we look and report. This is a new branch of information.

      1. There is no land at the geographic North Pole. So unless a land mass rises up, the pyramid is in the South Pole. A lot of conspiracy theorists & truthers have been saying for years that Antarctica has pyramids & advanced technology. I also read an article last year that said dinosaurs have feathers. I’m glad these truths are coming out. Maybe humanity will get off its intellectual high horse & we finally realize we don’t know anything.

      2. Were these Ancient Civilization more advanced than expected or maybe even more advanced than us? Will finding their technology help us moving forward or is it just a better understanding of the past?

        1. Just an understanding of who we are. In school we were told we started as caveman and slowly developed into humans. According to Spirit, long ago, we were advanced more or less equal to today then it all fell apart, we reverted back to caveman and then begin our advancement again. I know that flies in the face of what we believe.

          1. strangely since childhood I have always known great civilizations existed in the Earth’s far past.
            I know that but I have no idea where the knowledge comes from

            1. “Your children will prophecy.” Much of what was predicted back in the Biblical days will come to fruition in this Aquarian age, so my Spirit Friends have said. Hence why both Eric and I recommend meditation. The more we all attune to the Greatness, the more the Knowledge we will all receive.
              I hope you don’t mind me being forward on this Eric.

          2. This information is in line with the Tower of Babbel story. People remember the different languages coming into existence but don’t remember the rest of the story. Maybe people will stop calling the Bible a book of fairy tales.

          3. Yes, this is what my Spirit Friends have told me also re previous intelligence.
            And taking it one step further, the meteor/object that hit the world back then, threw the world of it’s original axis, and decreased gravity.
            The larger animals couldn’t survive in that density, and so died out.
            The intelligence that were human then, before the impact, could fly and move much freer that we can now, and were much taller and thinner in appearance. Hence why the Australian Aborigines drew ‘Tall Men’ characters that have been dated back thousands of years.
            The change in gravity also created a different form of what we call electricity today.
            And, of course, their observations of the planets …. for if they had a variation of Astrology …. was totally different to what we have today. Just my take on what my Spirit Friends have shared. Pete

      3. Hi Eric.
        With all this ice-melt stuff, I can’t disassociate or get out of my head, the Tonga volcano.

        There’s historical predictions (Edgar Cayce) & contemporary ones (Petemedium) who talk of a land mass rising up around this region.

        Petemedium spoke of volcanic activity in this region back in AUG 2019, saying words to effect it would happen in the near future (?5 years?) & happen in a relatively condensed timeframe (few months?) He said it would be a “world changer” destroying at least one island nation & creating new land.

        The rise in sea levels with this land-mass displacing/space-occupying the western pacific ocean, plus global warming; are we going to see old worlds enveloped & new ones revealed? For what it’s worth there’s very old prophesies along these lines.

        I feel the entire Tonga/Fiji/Vanuatu region should be evacuated.

        Strangely, summer in S/E AU is very tepid this year especially in Sydney where I (temporarily) live.
        Getting 2 days of “summer a fortnight” that’s 2 days around 29 – 30, amidst “spring/autumn days” topping at 22!

        2020-2021 saw one of the warmest winters followed by a very cool summer in the southern NSW, VIC, TAS & NZ-south island.

        Since the pandemic, the seasons in parts of this region have been incredibly bland. Major flooding has happened & been predicted…more to come?

        Agricultural challenges c/- climate change, supply/availability of fertilizers/insecticides, transportation failures, will see parts of the world where food production is intense in ratio to population, really stressed.

        Nations dependent of importation of food & other resources……..scary?

        Is this the planet’s reset?.

        1. Hi Russ. For clarity, I tend to get ‘the future’ but that could be five years, 50 years or 500, hence why it took me many years before I started to publish what my Spirit Friends shared with me.
          The implications, as you mentioned, of such an island uprising would create such a tsunami that very few coastal communities in the world would survive.
          And yes, I have been told that the planet will be resetting itself, but as it seems to be going slower than I had first thought, most of us should be safe.

  2. Wow! Very interesting message..Thank you Eric!

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E

  3. Some people call their readings “Advisements” so they won’t get sued. That’s all I got. Some folks get readings but don’t follow up with doctors, lawyers, mechanics, financial advisors, plumbers, etc. People need to consider all of this ADVICE. You have to be careful because you do not have a professional license to practice this. Advice is one of the safest words you can use. “Consultation” is murky because some people will think you are professionally licensed.

  4. Normally I just read the predictions, but thought I’d come t on you question. To me you have a spirit team or spirit army. There is a hierarchy, those that plan (coach or 5 star general for Macabe), then intermediate spirits in charge, then players or soldiers. You’ve described a team or some other group. You’re the public face of the team or group. Maybe someone else can think of a more accurate group analogy, but you’re the team member on assignment in the earthly realm.

  5. So you’re looking for a new name for the spirit world huh? Heck this will be easy, just ask Micah. I’m sure it has a real name or asked the first elder race of the universe what they used to call it.

    But if I have to give you something let’s called the Aetherial (borrowing from Greek here) Ocean or Sea whichever you prefer sticks or simply The Aether.

    Aether is more of an ancient way of saying ether.

  6. There is a known large pyramid on antarctica covered by ice. So maybe this melts and there is tech inside to change our future.

        1. I will say your picture doesn’t show what seemed like a smaller structure in front, however maybe looking at wrong angle. Wow. Someone go poke it. Not me though.

  7. Baba vanga said around 2025 the earth orbit changes. Maybe a slight tilt maybe causing the start of the melting.

  8. Hi Eric. In one of my last Blogs my Spirit Friends indicated we were on the threshold of a dream. When I read the beginning of his Blog of yours I yelled ‘Y…E…S’. Through absolutely no fault of yours, primarily because of the past three of the family and personal traumas you’ve gone through, I was told you had been kept closed, but when the ‘awakening came, you’d jump the cue and be even better than you have been previously. It has to be that way because you are much younger and a primary voice for the future.
    Many years ago my Spirit Friends said the world was knocked off it’s axis by a serious meteor strike that changed the poles. It also slowed down the earth’s rotation slightly, which was why the larger animals existed. With the change, they became so heavy that they couldn’t move …. at a time when they needed to get food.

  9. Name of your team: Many years ago now I was told that my Guides weren’t specific individual entities, but that my Guidance team would form into particular identities when Guiding us. A bit like each and every one of Them were the molecules that formed a particular icon. They told me that in the Pisces Age we would have difficulty understanding Their ‘structure’ but that in the Aquarian age, the shades would be lifted for us to see more of how They ‘work’.
    So basically, and I hope I’m not offensive here, Marcus is the formation of billions of holy and sacred Spirits, formed to feed to you the Highest of Messages from Creation.
    I use the term Spirit Friends, and you are more than welcome to also use that term. They are Sacred, Holy if you will, and therefore ARE the Holy Spirit, available to us ALL.
    Brother, it was emotional to have read this Blog of yours this morning.
    Thank you so, so very much.

    1. Pete Medium

      Mr. Eric can confirm I refer to them as Spirit Friends when I talk to him (Mr. Eric)!

  10. “So! Why not just say ”This is what heaven has to say.” Why not just say, this is what I brought back from the ocean.”
    As I understand it, the old Pisces ways are dying away, so Heaven, a male God and individual icons will pass.
    I don’t believe for a moment that you are part on land and part in the sea. You are more the elevator or conduit through which Wisdom, in It’s purest form, flows.
    I have, as the beginning of my daily dedication, as statement that I offer to Them three times a day:
    “We are One. Not for my gain, intentions or wishes, but that the Creator, via my Spirit Friends, spread to those with whom I interact, for the Will and Intentions of Creation. And this is my pledge.”
    Brother, I have no ownership of anything that the Creator via my Spirit Friends have given me. You are more than welcome to anything I have shared. Pete

    1. My mom came to me after she passed and said after
      She was off the carousel she would go to the atrium. My father in law came to me and showed me beautiful double doors to a space between to another set of double doors. My cousin showed me another level, ( as above so below) We are just outside the door. We are just on the edge. We are so close that a whisper is almost heard by all. I know what it is but there is no word for it. Thank you Eric, you are so connected. I pray we change things for the greater good of all.

  11. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for your amazing incites. Re: Russia and Ukraine. I was watching Psychic Violetta on Youtube today. She predicts -and she is very accurate- that Russia will not consider attacking Ukraine until the Winter Olympics in China are over. I looked it up and they end on the 20 Feb. Exactly around the time you were writing about. She says, there will then be an apparently inevitable decent into war but some surprising event or diplomatic move could avert it. Here is the link:

    Thanks again,

  12. One of my very few achievements at University was a research article I wrote was on the evolution of birds. The fossil record clearly shows that there was a branch of the Dinosaur evolutionary tree that showed that some birds evolved from dinosaurs. Imprints of feathers on this species were in the fossils, but they were very fine and short. These fossils were dated at the end of the Dinosaur age. This species were related to the pterodactyls but a specific species of their own. But the research showed that it was very limited cases. So while this idea may not be entirely a new concept to scientists, the fact that it was extremely common, even to non-flying species will certainly make this news a major breakthrough.
    I become nervous about “major discoveries”. Any discovery of major importance is often cordoned off by military authorities, with only those things that are insignificant or non-confrontational that are eventually presented to the world.

    1. Thanks! According to Spirit and we will discuss it more in depth later but time operates different. It’s the past and future that create present like a zipper. So I quickly learned looking at the past amplifies my connection to predicting the future. Most of what I see is boring in the past. Seeing Dino’s actually look different, it is nothing like the TV. So colorful. Even the leaves weren’t green. It was really beautiful and violent.

  13. Hi Eric, I am from South East Asia. With the ice melting, what is the impact on the countries in South East Asia?
    With the Earth Orbit changing, how will the temperatures in South East Asia be affected?

    1. Food! Just as we predicted the rise of Covid, we see the next massive problem as a global (Global as in never happened before) food shortage. With that said we still have years to prepare.

  14. Eric, the pyramid of advanced technology you talk about as a result of melting ICE. Is this Atlantis?

  15. Hi Eric! Thank you for your predictions I always look forward to reading them 😊 can I ask? Is it all pretty doom and gloom now or do we get a reprieve, the past 2-3 years has been hard any everyone, emotionally and mentally is there any time to kinda enjoy life again, I know that sounds a silly question but when we thought covid was over we all were obviously overjoyed but it does all seem bleak, will life get back to normal or are the next coming years pretty dire once again thank you

    1. The Era of Vulgarity has ended. Two short Eras have arrived, The Era of Reconciliation and The Turtle Era which we already described. So yes ver much a retrieve, as long as you don’t have skeletons in the closet, then your screwed again. If any of you do, just pop that closet open now so you have a sliver of control. Otherwise party time.

      1. No skeletons in my closet, I’m boring 😂 Oooooo that’s good news Erik! Do you see another pandemic like pete mentioned?

  16. This pyramid under the ice has already been photographed. Its in Antarctica under the ice.some say its just a mountain but its actually a large pyramid. You see google that. Its quite obvious a pyramid.
    The land of atlantis is under Antarctica. It never went under the water. It frooze over with water. The atlantis continent is right there. It didnt use to be at its current poaition but before the moon arrived in orbit it was positioned in the middle of the equater. When the moon arrived and placed into orbit the axis tilted causing the great floor and atlantis moved to where Antarctica is positioned now. Amazing stuff under Antarctica once she melts.

  17. What time frame for the ice melting. Like50 to 100 years from now.
    Baba vanga the blind prophet talked about in about 2025 to 2030 the earth axis or tilt changes. This brings on the ice melting. The maori new zealand say it starts with the dam in china. I think when the 3 gorges dam china goes the water moving causes the slight tilt of the earth. This is what causes the chain reaction. Maori warn when that goes thats when the world changes. Its like the 3 gorges dam was put there for a reason. Not for power generation. But to one day tilt the earth on purpose. Computer simulations would been done with super computers to see how the tilt would go and where the water displaces to and what areas. The elite plan things ahead before mother nature does it.

    1. Now, its starting now. I am expecting the exodus of islands in about a decade or two at best. But it will be more gradual in other places like Florida.

  18. Eric get a it is by far the easiest to use. You choose the name that goes after it such as Payment is instant and one doesn’t need a PayPal account to use it.

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