World Prediction: War?

Recited for the now: I was watching the board game ”Risk” being played. Everyone was moving their toy soldiers to the border. All the players took calculated moves. Then I saw both sides step back, they pulled their forces back.

Its not the game Spirit is referencing but the Risk – Eric

Recited for the Distant Future: After the 22nd Century no more war at all. Think about how long war has existed on earth. That moment will be so epic. A moment in the future that starts with a prayer.

72 thoughts on “World Prediction: War?

  1. No more Wars and in the scheme of things, very soon. The best news humanity has had since the discovery of sharp objects. Thanks so much Eric for this really joyous revelation!

      1. How wonderful! We are all brothers and sisters no matter what color, religion, or country we come from! I have so much love and respect for everyone, even if I don’t agree with there beliefs. So thankful we will all learn to live together
        Thank you Eric!

  2. I’m praying our “Leaders” actually do the right thing and not risk regular citizens life’s for a peic of land 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. How wonderful! We are all brothers and sisters no matter what color, religion, or country we come from! I have so much love and respect for everyone, even if I don’t agree with there beliefs. So thankful we will all learn to live together
    Thank you Eric!

  4. “After the 22nd Century no more war at all.”
    Yes, that’s what I got as well. Sadly though, and in the meantime, there will be civil wars through to major national conflicts as we fight over resources, ownership and basically try to survive the disasters that global warming is bringing.

  5. I wonder if there will be a major war, so destructive that it motivates international peace. Something more tragic than WW1 or WW2.

    1. Yes WW3. this peace partly comes through fear. WW3 was too much and too big to continue down the same path. This is not a Kumbaya moment. Fear has a huge part in lasting world peace

      1. Eric,
        You mention that this site is all about stopping the madman coming to power and averting WW3, but is this something that humanity must go through, for war to happen, for this madman to have his day? Is WW3 a must event that we have to go through and endure as a learning exercise in order to come out the other end as a peaceful community?
        Rather than stop the madman, should we just be preparing ourselves for what must lie ahead for us in order to achieve eventual peace? Just like taking that terrible medicine knowing that it will have longer positive effects?

        1. I see what your saying. However, I have been told his rise to power spiritually is because the darkness is about to be evicted, the eviction notice has been given their 120000 year reign is over. This is their reaction, the darkness is not going quietly, they are going to kick and scream and try and take the world with it. Second the plan is not to attack that horrible leader directly but disrupt the future, rock the boat. If we just saved one life in an earthquake, how would that disrupt the world? Now 1000 lives in a hurricane? The darkness would have to rearrange their plans, the timeline has drastically altered. Each disruption is going to be annoying. Hope that makes sense.

          1. Eric,
            I understand what you are saying, but in this case, aren’t we effectively just kicking the can down the road? Unless we have WW3, we will never gain the appreciations that will lead us to peace? Or are you suggesting that somehow we can limit the scale of that war, and still come out the other side with that same level of understanding? Or are you suggesting that through awareness we can totally disrupt his plans and go straight through to the peace stage? People tend to learn through action, e.g. the horrors of WW1, but then following generations forget. e.g. Japan anti-war is enshrined, but then who knows how the country may change its attitude and behavior with a rise in provocations with their neighbor, China. The spark reignites? The harshness of Versailles to prevent war only caused another one to happen.

            1. The whole world was affected by WW2, people going to war, not coming back, the horrors on the battlefield, the enslavement of populations and the aftermath, the concentration camps, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But the world never learnt. How much worse does WW3 or events need to be in order for the lesson to be understood and attitudes to be altered, in a way that won’t just rearrange the tinder for the next fire?

              1. Your answer: “The King and King alone has the power to defeating the darkness, we just follow his lead and poke the bear in his name” Sounds like our success has limits.

                1. “Poke the bear in his name..”

                  Maybe refers to the current circumstances. In stages?

                1. Eric, as I was reading this string of comments between you and Steve, and thinking back to what my Spirit Friends have given me, all very similar to what you have been given, it struck me that the coming war is not between countries so much as between human kind and Creation. Plagues, famine, global warming, flooding, severe weather and natural disasters, enough to reduce dramatically the world’s population over the course of the next two and a half thousand years. There will be wars, that’s for sure, but more skirmishes and battles when resource run out, goods can’t be transported and in fighting of Governments. Pete

  6. Some progress has been made thanks to Mr. Macron of France

    Need to keep praying to shift this thing.

  7. Eric, Pete

    I’ll respond here as it gets hard to read otherwise.

    I think you may both be right.

    Eric mentioned that the madman is doing his worst during Eric’s own lifetime. Is it calamity that helps get him to his position of power. So perhaps darkness is engineering calamity, plague, flood, famine in order to help get their own man in a position of power?

    I think this then comes back to what exactly is the darkness. Chaos and climate change is driven by humanity’s excesses. So is darkness working through humanity or are we just seeing the worst of humanity now that is darkness in itself?

    Eric makes no mention of the Ambassador being alive in his lifetime, and knowing that time is compressed in the spirit world, when it is mentioned that the King will come soon after to remove the madman, I presume that we aren’t just talking 10 years, we are talking another generation or two after the madman gets to his throne?

    I guess that we are also puzzled by the answer – was the question about how do we get to the peace state or was the question we asked about how do we get through the war, if there is a war. If there is a war, how do we survive it – do we hunker down, learn the lesson, do we poke the bear, prepare the tinder for the next fire?

    The worst thing is that the madman is alive now, but has not yet shown his face. Or as Pete is suggesting – is the madman an alias of calamity which has well and truly arrived.

    I guess that’s what we really need to know next – is the madman an actual person or is it a symbol for a philosophy that is here right now in our midst?

    1. Very interest summation Steve. And then, thrown into the mix, my Spirit Friends’ referral to ‘the puppeteer’ in a series of Blogs last year. The puppeteer being the collective will of us all in the here and now. Like a manifestation of our fears, greed and selfishness in a way.
      Also, in my next Blog a day or so away, at the end, my Spirit Friends offer a cryptic inference to the death of Saudi’s current King, the Prince taking his place and Nostradamus’ reference to Mabus in his Quatrains.
      Rather stimulating points. Like your thinking Steve.

    2. Steve we survived a Pandemic. What other generation can say that. This evil putz is just another obstacle in life. Another Hitler, let’s not give him more breath that he deserves. The Spirits refer to him as the biggest A$$ the world will ever meet. Relax we have time to worry about it tomorrow

    3. The ambassador is the King incarnate. He will have solutions to racism, inequality, Justice, peace, unity. I mean talk about bringing such epic change. The timeline is about 150 years from now. The question is when does he start, but don’t understand estimate people are living to be 150 in this timeline.

      1. Thanks for that extra things… more food for thought. Some more aspects that line up with Pete’s blog, but I’ll not hijack your site with this, you are very tolerant! Certainly many more surprises that the next generation will face! I suspect in 20 or 30 years time, the way that we live now will be completely foreign and incomprehensible to the people living at that time.

        1. I see the future very specifically. It’s like a flashlight in the dead of night. I don’t see everything just pieces. Some of what I see is confusing because I can’t see what is around it. So if someone else with their own flashlight says they see something else, who am I to say I missed that?Maybe I didn’t see it? It is the dead of night. So I can only report what I see.

  8. Eric, I’ve been thinking about a prediction you made some time ago about Americans putting their differences aside and coming together to fight the “red flag”, a previous foe of ours. If I remember correctly, the red flag could possibly refer to either China or Russia (since their Soviet Union flag was red).

    With the current Russian situation, I am wondering if Russia might pull an act that shocks America to its core and makes us come together in response. What do you think?

  9. I had a short dream about Russia, but could been a mix of symbolism and my personal fear trying to seep in.

    Seems like I was walking around in some kind of concrete structure, and I saw this Russian Hat with a Red Star (like old school, looked close to a Worker’s Hat, it was grey color). Another thing I saw was some kind of weapon being looked at? Next I saw was soldiers I think? They looked scared, and I think one of them called my name (odd).

    Anyway it was a strange dream, and I didn’t have the dream for the long to make heads or tails of it.

    1. Hi again Eric, something seems to be going on inside Russia.

      “Retired Russian Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, the head of the All-Russian Officers Assembly, has gone public with a statement that calls for Russian President Vladimir Putin to resign over the confrontation involving Ukraine. To remove any doubt as to his message, Ivashov, 78, followed the public statement with an interview on a liberal Russian media outlet, Echo Moskvy, insisting that he was speaking in the name of the assembly of retired and reservist Russian officers which he heads. “

        1. If it doesn’t show because of the security false positive (since this blog is finicky about links) you can find the story on The Hill, NYpost, Daily Mail, etc. just by typing his name in google.

          The Daily Mail actually has a letter written by him sharply criticizing Putin. Leonid Ivashov actually has has a power base and respect, and Putin wouldn’t dare try something on him.

    1. “Australia will be the first nation to ban political parties as they exist in the world today.”

      This doesn’t surprise me, with the way things are going over there it makes the USA politicians look good.

      China makes me smile, I’m happy there will a change for them.

      That russia thing seems to align I was saying earlier, could be connected currently?

      The viruses are concerning though and I pray that can be averted in time (might be too late on the animal virus, I hope it doesn’t mutate to that point at all), that will probably be the time I would take a vaccine if there was no way around it if its going to be at its deadliest since this pandemic started. I’m just going to have to pray I don’t get something debilitating.

      Will we have to avoid meat all together you know? Though I’ve been trying to go vegan (its rough).

      1. I meant to reply to this earlier.
        “This doesn’t surprise me, with the way things are going over there it makes the USA politicians look good.”
        We have always vote conservative Governments two to one to our left leaning ALP because Murdoch and his media always backs them.
        The confusion is that our conservative Governments calls itself the Liberal Coalition and includes our National, or rural, party.
        Our current conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison, blatantly lies and there are stacks of instances where he has been found doing so.
        What is putting our politics high on the agenda is a Federal election due before May this year, and for that reason you are seeing more and more political unrest in all media.
        I believe Morrison is one of the ‘Kings’ that Eric has mentioned.

  10. 1) Sadly, America will suffer dearly for trying to hold onto their pride/systems. Australia has always been innovative, and as you will have read further down the Blog, Australia will initiate many new options. But we won’t be the only ones. Other nations will be moving quickly too.
    2) Yes China will be innovative, but that’s a long way off just yet.
    3) Yes, I thought the same thing when I read your post.
    4) Please, please, please get the vaccine. Both Eric and I, and numerous other mediums, have ALL had clearance for the vaccines from our respective Sources. Any side effects are nothing compared to what this thing does to your body. It is not a flu. It is more like tetanus or similar, because it attacks the human tissue, including the brain, liver as well as the lungs. I’ve had two vaccines plus booster, and as soon as another booster is recommended, I’ll be getting that as well. And waiting till this new ‘strain’ strikes to get inoculated will be way too late, because you need to take the course over many months.
    5) My Spirit Friends haven’t mentioned meat consumption, an probably because beef and lamb are herbivores. I would be hens and pigs that could be the problem. However, my Spirit Friends haven’t mentioned that yet.

    My whole Blog purpose, and and reason for coming to Eric and other sites it to encourage us all to get into Spiritual Meditation.
    I no longer do psychic reading or similar, preferring to get us ALL to commune DIRECTLY with the Divine, just as Eric, myself and other mediums are doing.
    And finally, may I humbly suggest you book a psychic session with Eric, so that you can he reassured with the plans you are making.

      1. I used to have the money to do a booking for Eric at one point, but no longer. I always meant to talk to him one day as there is some things I’ve been meaning to find out about my past lives (I only know of one right now).

        As for my plans, I’ll figure it out. I won’t lie, what you described scares me a little bit. I really wanted to believe that the virus turned to ash like in past predictions on here, but it seems like it was not meant to be.

        Its not right, humans shouldn’t have to fear for their lives at every corner and never seems to stop. I know I can’t blame God for it, its our own doing but this is getting very stressful and frustrating. 2 more years of this constant fear (if I’m reading past predictions correctly) of our lives because of something invisible that can’t be stopped.

        And while this maybe a futile attempt, but I emailed a organization to give a hypothetical about the virus you described and what we can do for animals and vaccines. If a drop in the ocean can change the future I might as well make a attempt.

  11. Hi Eric, do you see another virus like Pete is seeing? And pete are you saying the vaccination for covid will also be enough to help us with the new virus as this seems unlikely because it’s a different virus or am I reading wrong? Hope your both well 😊

    1. isseyandellie, my Spirit Friends are indicating that even with two jabs and a booster, there will be some that will not be protected from this new ‘strain’. I say ‘strain’ because in Their first Message back a couple of months ago that it may not be a Corona. But the main message is for people to get vaccinated, and follow the isolation, sanitation and distancing protocols.

  12. Pete Iv only just read your latest blog, apologies I get what your saying now with regards to the vaccine! This has made me very anxious because myself and kids haven’t had the vaccine 😞 Iv been scared to have it as Iv had covid twice and recovered and felt the vaccine shouldn’t be forced, we all had covid and recovered so took my chance with getting that and didn’t want to risk having the vaccine as you are hearing more more of adverse reactions so we all of felt it was a risk when we had recovered from covid also the way the world governments have handle this pandemic and the way they have treated people, vaccination or lose your job, in effect, your livelihood, just set alarm bells to me, I feel there was a huge element of control and it was more financial so Iv been very wary. I’m not an anti vaxer just very un sure as to which way I should go if this makes sense. Country’s like Canada are up in freedom rally’s and there now happing all over the world, not because of just the forced vaccinations but being un able to see loved ones for almost three years and many more things being pushed on us the rules have been one for us and one for them( government) especially here in England. I’m not being disrespectful just trying to get my point across 😊

    1. I guess the choice is this:
      Don’t get vaccinated because the ill informed throughout the world might be right and the scientists …. world scientists not just home grown ones … may be wrong.
      Get the jabs and die from some mysterious ingredient that’s meant to mind control us all.

      I had two jabs of Pfizer last year and a booster at the beginning of this month.
      I am 75 years old and in pretty good health for my age.
      I have had NO adverse reaction from any of the jabs, not even a sore arm as some have.
      I encourage choices to be informed and not hearsay.
      Again, the choice is your. Question is, who to trust? Pete

      1. I totally get what your saying and actually agree but then there’s this nagging feeling that this is all been pushed purely because of money, maybe this is all the mis information that’s going around that I feel this way, Iv always gone with my gut so it’s hard to to dismiss this, if that makes sense but followed Eric for a long time and Iv been reading your blogs so trust you guys so please don’t think I’m being disrespectful, I’m really not use to going again my gut but now I’m really torn. The thought of another 3 years in lock downs is depressing isn’t it! Thanks pete 😊

        1. Firstly, American doesn’t have the health systems our two countries have. It is an internal American matter that is firing this furnace. ‘Big Parma’ don’t exist in Australia because we have the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme where drug choices are determined by a branch of Government, not drug companies.
          Secondly, if you think about it, ‘gut feelings’ are basically lower chakra reactions. Hence why I’m constantly suggesting we all take ‘the elevator’ from the gut to the ‘Highest’, via meditation.
          And finally, I only know Eric from having come to his site about six years ago. I’m sure he has disagreements with some of what I say, as I have differences with that he says. But the fact that we are so very similar in what we pass on in our respective Blogs, must indicate that we are offering a Truth, that is NOT necessarily being offered via social media.
          Yes, the lockdowns are extremely stressing, but while we have people claiming the virus is a hoax, the lockdowns will continue. Pete

          1. Yes I understand what your saying and I do trust both you and Eric. Sadly a lot of people think this virus is a hoax, I definitely don’t. I struggle meditating but I am taking the time out to do more of this as switching off is difficult for me but I’ll take a look at the meditation tips you’ve given thank you pete 🙏

            1. Starts with a cup of tea/coffee drunk in a simple state of mind quietness …. just for that few minutes. Takes practice but as any musician will tell you, you can’t perform without a disciplined mind.

              1. I know and that’s what I struggle with, having a disciplined mind! I will keep on trying, thanks pete 😊

  13. Also the total black out from the medis hiding any kind of freedom rallys, all the lies, no wonder people are fed up and confused 😐

    1. The entire issue has been deliberately made cloudy and destructively so.
      I have seen the block aid of the bridge between Canada and the US. It’s all over the internet.
      I have seen the major protests here in Canberra, and again it’s all over the internet.
      I have seen the protests in France, and other European countries, including Britain because it’s readily available on the internet.

      The questions should be, who is really behind the freedom rallies?
      What nation’s Gov have in place mandatory vaccinations for all citizens?
      What nation’s Gov have mandatory vaccinations for non Gov employees?
      What nation’s Gov are actually advocating legislation for any of the above?
      I believe we all should be research this first.

      1. Who would have thought we would ever be in the position. When protests freedom rally’s are here the media definitely dim things down, we had a few through out the UK and reported that a few hundred had turned out but In actual fact thousands had been there. What I saw regarding Canada was small freedom rally’s but a good friend from Canada has said it’s thousands and thousands of people. It’s such hard times isn’t it, I try not to be easily led, go with my gut but now I’m just lost. Appreciate your feed back it does actually help 😊

        1. All I can say is the old adage “The Truth will set you free.”
          The only truth your gut can set free is with a laxative …. please pardon my gut humour. *Chuckle*

          1. Haha I like that humour! I like we can all have a debate/ opinion and there’s never any funniness or nastiness when we don’t agree, this is why I love this site 😊

            1. It’s those of us who want to learn that have that attitude as oppose to those that only want to teach their perspective. And as to this site, Eric is to be commended for it

          1. Good to hear, hope work is picking up for you after all the set backs over the last 2 years.

        1. If you’re suggesting I be rude and not reply to comments made to me then I’m sorry, I can’t accommodate you. What have you offered lately, as a prediction, or in reply to a prediction of Eric’s.

  14. I totally agree! Thanks for the discussion, maybe it’s time myself and daughters went for this vacation, no sarcasm there either thanks pete ❤️

  15. Vacation 😂 I definitely need one of them! Did I read right pete that this new strain/ virus that’s coming will mainly affect the young or have I imagined this? Maybe this is because most of the young aren’t vaccinated?

    1. I think my Spirit Friends meant that, where as the previous infections haven’t hit children as much as adults, this new strain will.

  16. It is my sincere belief that Moderna and Pfizer will Collapse into a cesspool of scandal and debt.

    We won’t have to wait long to see the beginnings of this.

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