What Is With 2020

This is very interesting. What with 2020? Their answer.

I had a visual of two dates in two corners. One read 2020. The second read 2035. (36) There was a tether between the two years, it pulled and swayed back and forth. Then a large sheet with a Tai Chi symbol of yin and yang fell over the numbers. The number 2020 was covered with the black side of the symbol while the white covered 2035. It fell in perfect formation.
I had a visual of a black and white chess board. All the pieces fell over in a shuffle. Then when they stood back up their place on the board changed. Pawns became queens. Kings became pawns. Even the sides switched.

“The universe needs to alter your path. When the universe brings change it is epic. The universe is always looking to correct imbalance.”

“The universe has put up a mirror and you are just now realizing the reflection of this world needs serious attention.”

“Fix it.” They whispered

Note: The entire vision was black and white. Think of all the times we saw the ugly truth of us, note how repetitious that is this year.

33 thoughts on “What Is With 2020

  1. WOW, This year has all been unbalanced toward the difficult. So does this mean in 15 years things are going to be great? If we are still here? That is.

  2. Thanks, Eric, whatever improvement it is, will be welcome. Do you think COVID or any other epidemics have anything to do with it? Or will this COVID be over way before then?

    1. I will post this later but expect Covid to be strong for a good full year (2020) . Then it dwindles, then they mark Nov 2021. I assume that it’s dying. That is our trajectory.

  3. And what is up with Google butting in taking over my screen every time I try to read comments?

  4. Didn’t spirit say in 2036 or so that the we experience our first global famine due to climate change? I don’t mean to dwell on future negativity while we still deal with Covid in the present but I was just wondering if that was still correct.

  5. This from 2013 seems related:


    “The Future is Beautiful. This century is all about change, do you feel it. A tsunami of change is coming, and when it crashes down the world will be born again. Do you feel it. A world where music is on a stage for the entire world to dance to and everyone is dancing, a world were our leaders answer to the world not just their own egos, a world where our brothers across the globe are a click away, and our cultures collide blissfully. A world where knowledge is free from its chains. A world where all of us are intertwined tighter then we could ever imagine and the stars aren’t that far away after all. A new world is coming where all of us must participate and cultivate as one, together united. For those of you who might choose to hold onto the old ways of radical acts, racism, hate, war, and most of all apathy, don’t bother, otherwise you will drown in your resistance to change. Yes a new world is coming, do you feel it, let the emotions of fear and excitement roll over you, and I say to the violent old, good riddance you were a waste with little purpose. Yes a tsunami of change is coming, do you feel it, this is the century when it all comes crashing down, the future is truly beautiful.”

    “So many of you are asking about the violence and horror of the world, why?.. this is their response, the days are numbered for that darkness that ruled in the background for so long and they know it.”


  6. The yin yang symbol represents balance.
    But it could also represent China.
    2035 is the year China is projected to overtake the U.S. with the world’s number one economy.
    The black and white chess pieces might represent conflict between China and the U.S. or perhaps the East and the West. Chess pieces falling over, and pawns becoming queens, might represent political changes in the world.

    Just a few ideas.

  7. Black & white vision makes me think history is repeating itself but we have the benefit of learning from the past. The future is in our hands.

    As I’ve been saying elsewhere, people are showing their true colors this year & hindsight will literally be 2020.

  8. 2036 isn’t that the year that evil leader starts a war? Or is it sooner or later?

  9. Any psychic here or Eric see any spiritual significance with December 24th this year?

    I was wondering if this December will significantly different in a particular way.

    1. Yes! i do think that December will hold some power, news, drama and something significant for us all

      also December 24th is 51 days after November 3rd and the Elections.

      In my country it looks like there will be little room to celebrate christmas, so yes it will be very different i think for everyone on the planet.

  10. for me is crystal clear! the spirits mean that women will come to power! thats why kings are replaced by (the pawns=women) queens
    “Pawns became queens. Kings became pawns. Even the sides switched.”

    1. I’m a woman & I don’t consider myself a pawn. If we take the game of chess literally, the Queen is to be protected at all costs. The Knight & rook are male. The pawns are the masses for we are considered expendable.

    2. I have to agree with you Liliane!! I had vivid dream, walking around the Washington monuments (the mall) very quiet, almost like today….covid times… the water , ponds reflecting pool and nearby river was crystal clear, the monuments seem to glow in white, under the bright sunlight, and me and my sister are there. The take away from it made me feel a bright future where all corruptions removed and peace is restored.

  11. So I am confused about the predictions. Didn’t you say that the coming president would be of the Republican Party? And now you predict Biden winning who is not? And also the military man? I’m just confused, is there anyway you could shed light for me?

    1. It depends on how you ask. Spirit who wins on November 3? Biden “50” 20-1. Spirit who is our future president? The military one.
      Something happens that they have not seen yet. An oddity.

  12. So… FINALLY after months and months of ignorance and downplaying by Governments and Media, but pleads by doctors and scientists…

    Vitamine D is crucial in battling and reduce severity of Covid19

    The UK Government is going to handout free Vitamine D to the elderly and vulnerable for the upcoming 4 months of winter.


    Hopefully this will be picked up by other governments and people.
    Get your vitamine d3 asap, it plays a part in more than 300 processes in your body.

    Stay safe, stay healthy.

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