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What Is With 2020

This is very interesting. What with 2020? Their answer.

I had a visual of two dates in two corners. One read 2020. The second read 2035. (36) There was a tether between the two years, it pulled and swayed back and forth. Then a large sheet with a Tai Chi symbol of yin and yang fell over the numbers. The number 2020 was covered with the black side of the symbol while the white covered 2035. It fell in perfect formation.
I had a visual of a black and white chess board. All the pieces fell over in a shuffle. Then when they stood back up their place on the board changed. Pawns became queens. Kings became pawns. Even the sides switched.

“The universe needs to alter your path. When the universe brings change it is epic. The universe is always looking to correct imbalance.”

“The universe has put up a mirror and you are just now realizing the reflection of this world needs serious attention.”

“Fix it.” They whispered

Note: The entire vision was black and white. Think of all the times we saw the ugly truth of us, note how repetitious that is this year.