Trump Test Covid Positive

Prayers please for the recovery of the President and the First Lady.

This prediction is happening and on 10:02. I am sorry.
I am sorry I truly don’t mean to be disrespectful but the ‘why’ of this post about THE NEXT US PRESIDENT? is starting to show itself. The predictions:

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WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-20-20 The president falls ill.

WORLD PREDICTIONS: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 3 The spirits recently said “Coronavirus.. leaks in.. White House “ I assume that means the president and those around him might catch the virus. They have also made mention of “your under attack” which I am assuming is unrelated to Coronavirus . Also Florida is expected to be hit with disarray in regards to the Coronavirus. 

WORLD PREDICTIONS: 9-18-20 I had a visual that I was circling the Washington Monument from above. It was at night. Then I had a visual of the number 2 on a calendar. “Something is wrong.” 

Coronavirus prediction:
PREDICTIONS 8-8-17 I had a visual of Spirit marking multiple locations all across Europe. “An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-6-19 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2

“An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.

I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-19-19 “The two walls.” I had a visual of these massive metal doors/gates shutting.


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  1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    This is not good. Trump’s health is poor and he has a minor child. I do not want Mike Pence acting as President.

    1. margie Avatar

      They said Trump health not poor. He just overweight a little . Prayers for our President

  2. Susan Steffen Avatar
    Susan Steffen

    “The spirits recently said “Coronavirus.. leaks in.. White House “ I assume that means the president and those around him might catch the virus. They have also made mention of “your under attack” which I am assuming is unrelated to Coronavirus . ”
    The “You are under attack” is entirely related to coronavirus. This was probably an attack by the left to get Biden out of doing another debate.
    Because Trump has access to Hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax, and Zinc very early on, it is highly unlikely he will suffer ill effects. Of course the Deep State- headed by Obama it is being revealed- will be prosecuted if he serves another term, so they are absolutely desperate to get him out of office.
    They attack him for being a racist, when he is nothing of the sort- actually Biden eulogized one of the Grand Poobahs of the KKK, and Hillary did the same for her mentor, a notorious KKK member. Trump even 10 years before he became president denounced the KKK.

    1. margie Avatar

      I agree

    2. LM Avatar

      Please take it elsewhere. You’ve already been asked nicely in another post. This is about a prediction related to Trump getting coronavirus. Nothing more.

  3. Lizziebee Avatar

    I wish all people suffering from covid a speedy recovery. As this virus knows no boundaries. My father had it and on his admission to hospital was told they would not ventilate .. people on those site offered prayers and he made it . Nothing short of a miracle .. thank you from the bottom of my heart . Love and peace to you all xx thank you

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Your father is in my prayers.

  4. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Oh boy, I was reading all the places he’s been since exposure, not good! Spirits and you were spot on with this prediction. Coronavirus is very real. Biden could get it also. Both men seniors. I had it and it’s not pretty. It was the worst thing I ever had. Didn’t require hospitalization but went to ER, and it was non A non B. but this was early Feb. Nobody said oh you have it. Just like me though, I’m an “early adopter” lol

    America has enough confusion right now, I hope all get well and have relatively mild symptoms. I wouldnt wish this coronavirus on my worst enemy.

    2020 has been like a rollercoaster ride at Cedar Point amusement park. But its been a rollercoaster that NEVER stops. Unfortunately, I dont see the year 2021 going any better in the USA! All we all can do is hope and PRAY. And WATCH, Geeeze WHEW

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The year sucks. No argument there.

      1. Donna B Avatar
        Donna B

        Yep, Eric, I too will be glad to get this year over with. I hate to wish away time but its been a really hard year to plow through. I hope 2021 sees you in a better state of health too. Would be very hard to meditate in pain. I can hardly imagine doing so,

  5. Cody Spanner Avatar
    Cody Spanner

    Eric – I follow on Twitter a DC insider that has served for multiple presidents and has many friends working with the administration, as well as Congress and Senate.
    He has shared on multiple occasions that there is a plan in place for Trump to gracefully exit if criminal investigations get too close or the RNC will no longer support him.
    The plan is that he resigns because of an illness, and then Pence will pardon Trump for any criminal wrong doings.
    Pence will also face criminal charges so even if Trump resigns Pence may not hold office for long.
    This plan was designed by Mitch McConnell and friends.
    Not saying that Trumps diagnosis of Corona Virus indicates motion with this plan, just bringing another snapshot to the Presidential picture.
    Blessings 😇

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for that information.

    2. Peggy9cats Avatar

      What about the dems, are they all angelic and crime free? Maybe it’s the other way around…..dem coup to get rid of trump from day one? Corruption on both sides of the aisle!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I don’t know what we are talking about here but it seems hostile. Just an FYI I took the next president prediction to be a republican not that it should be vital since we all American.

  6. Sara Avatar

    Wow. I don’t like Trump at all, but I don’t wish him harm. I hope he recovers, as well as his wife and Hope Hicks. I’m also worried that, during the debate, he might have exposed Biden to it. They didn’t shake hands or anything, but still….

    Prayers for recovery for everyone with the virus, all the people worldwide who have it.

  7. Sara Avatar

    President Trump and First Lady will receive the absolute best health care we the taxpayers can afford. They are not fearing financial ruin. They are still making money while they have time to recover.

    Everyone should have these things right now.

  8. Trevor Avatar

    Isn’t it wonderful that Trump and those around him at the White House NOW decide that contact tracing is important and is underway! Things only matter when they impact him personally. The rest of us . . . don’t matter to him.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones who lost grandparents, parents, siblings, and children this year because they didn’t have access to daily rapid tests and health care.

    1. allen Avatar

      thank you Trevor, for your post! Most Americans, dont care, or dont want to dwell on, SOO many Americans, we have lost, since March! Many more, will be lost, in the next six months. Had America, as a country, CARED, for its citizens, Soo many, will still be alive, but most, only cared for themselves, May we someday, return to Science, and knowledge, and compassion and humality, for ALL of our citizens.

  9. Nicole Avatar

    Senator Mike Lee also has it. Sounds like there may be a really big cluster emerging in these leaders in DC.

    Eric – do you think the October Trump resignation you saw could be health related rather than scandal related?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The sickness was always there in the mix. That was the tone from the beginning. They have another prediction that warns of heart issues. I am expecting him to stand down due to health the scandal is just apart of it.

      1. Nicole Avatar

        Oh wow. The heart thing would fit with Covid too if it’s that.

  10. Cody Avatar

    “I’m happy to report that Jill and I [Joe Biden] have tested negative for COVID. Thank you to everyone for your messages of concern. I hope this serves as a reminder: wear a mask, keep social distance, and wash your hands.”

  11. Cody Avatar

    At the debate, “2 days before his coronavirus diagnosis, Trump mocked Biden for wearing a face mask”

    Covid cases would plummet and over 70,000 Americans wouldn’t be dead if 80% of Americans wore masks; masks are also just as, if not more effective, than a vaccine.

    Be smart. Trust the scientists. Don’t politicize mask wearing when you’re the president.

    1. Peggy9cats Avatar

      Science changes…..yes, wear masks, may help even more with preventing flu. Follow the guidelines as given (common sense). Biden is old and corrupt too, I just wish he chose Tammy Duckworth as his partner, a true patriot! Imho, we need to look more closely at VP.

  12. justin Avatar

    Constitutional questions mount: Can Donald Trump be replaced on the ballot in an election which he cannot stop – and can individual Republican states launch desperate bid to delay voting until early December or even do without it?

    Was White House unveiling of SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett the superspreader event? Trump, Melania, Hope Hicks, Senator Mike Lee and Notre Dame president were ALL at mask-free as guests hugged and kissed

  13. gypsymidnightsun Avatar

    Lynn at Psychic Focus says Trump is pretending. “Trump is using this time to strategize how this will play out. The list of indictments are long, and once the arrests start it will be total chaos. I get that some big name people are going down, and are terrified of his reelection.” This is so interesting.

    1. mk Avatar

      Isn’t it just! trump said on the 08/08/2020 that you may not be seeing me for a while. He has big enemies in high places as he takes down the pharmaceutical cartels.

    2. petemedium Avatar

      NOT the most reliable of psychic sites imho.

    3. LM Avatar

      I followed her for a bit until her political bias became so glaring it was hard to take her seriously. Any psychic that shows clear bias to that extent is not worth visiting, in my opinion. There are many out there. I also noticed over time she had a terrible track record. For the few things that could be followed up on, anyway. If you notice, most of her posts are not future predictions, per se. They’re mostly about people who have died, or other things from the past that most likely will never be proven either way (such as missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370). Easier for her to to get away with. What you posted above is an exception to that rule, however, for 4 years now I’ve been reading that we are supposedly on the verge of arrests and indictments, and it still hasn’t happened. Frankly, I think posts like that are just her catering to and trying to build her audience, who you can tell have a similar ideology based on their comments. I also got tired of Lynn peddling various wares that have nothing to do with her blog or her psychic abilities. And there have been a lot – essential oils, her husband’s homemade orgonite, various non related services such as “life coaching”, etc. As soon as she started getting followers, all that started coming out. I think she’s a scam all the way around.

      1. gypsymidnightsun Avatar

        Suggest you might like to take it elsewhere as you’ve already mentioned this is about a prediction of Trump getting COVID nothing more why express such a long winded opinion of another psychic, with so much to say you need to have your own blog rather than expressing personal views in others comments.

        1. LM Avatar

          Just explaining where my opinion comes from and that there is reason behind it. I followed her for some time, and perhaps that person who posted her has not. Just wanted him/her to be aware of what I’ve seen.

  14. Julia Myers Avatar
    Julia Myers

    I’ve just read on CBC that Trump has been taken to hospital for a few day’s treatment.

  15. Liliane Avatar

    “If, by reason of death, resignation, removal from office, inability, or failure to qualify, there is neither a President nor Vice President to discharge the powers and duties of the office of President.”
    First up is speaker of the House, although he or she would have to resign from Congress. Then comes the most senior US senator. Then it moves to the Cabinet”.

  16. justin Avatar

    “Covid crisis sweeps White House and Capitol Hill as Air Force One and Marine One fleet will be grounded for a deep clean, at least three reporters test positive and congressional and SCOTUS staff rush to testing sites”

    i thought most politicians in usa consider testing not needed? until one of them gets Covid. not just one of them.. Potus of all people. one of the most guarded, protected and shielded off person in the world. or so they claim!

    “White House testing is revealed as fiasco – but is STILL being used as proof aides are ‘negative’ for COVID while masks for most workers will still be considered a ‘personal choice’”

    or is this part of his exit strategy, devised by McConnell as stated by Cody Spanner, earlier in the comments?

  17. Cody Avatar

    If roles were reversed, this wouldn’t happen:

    “Biden pulling all negative [Trump] ads”

  18. petemedium Avatar

    My latest Blog is further Questions and Answers:

    1. justin Avatar

      Hi pete, i wanted to reply on your site but i can’t fill in my email or name?

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I actually had that problem too!

        1. petemedium Avatar

          Oh dear … to both of you …. I don’t know why. Maybe you have to be registered … in your case Eric I can’t understand as you use the WordPress mob I’m using. Anyway if you want to email me I may be able to link up somehow:

      2. petemedium Avatar

        Hi Justin. I don’t know how to help you as I’m not that brilliant with these web sites. My email address is

      3. Christine Avatar

        It is sometimes difficult to reply to Pete.
        If you click on the top bit that says email it goes blank. type in your email address over that. The same with your name, then you can click post and it should, not always, activate posting. Sometimes you can’t see what you have typed but it should still work.
        The trick is to write over the top bit I find, and not use autofill.
        Hope you are all successful and tune into Pete’s site and that this may be helpful for those that wish to comment respectfully.
        KIndest regards

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Pete have you asked WP? Maybe they can help.

          1. petemedium Avatar

            Hi Eric. I’m in contact with them at the moment. I have rotten internet service so everything my end is very slow. Thanks so much for your help mate.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
        2. petemedium Avatar

          Thank you Christine.

  19. justin Avatar

    Not for your entertainment, but i was sitting on the toilet (which i do regurarly) and got a feeling:
    it is now around 7:30 pm in DC and i felt that doctors will or are going to remove fat around Trumps bellsy to reduce risks of covid and/or death.

    1. justin Avatar

      I am not sure if this vision is correct or still stands… only i know is he will or had at least one surgery. the heart surgery everybody keeps seeing is almost a certainty.
      as is that any surgery is to reduce risks of covid/death.
      but still dont know why i saw the belly/stomach lying on the surgery table. it wasnt opened yet tho.

      ps doctors and white house and trump family are not telling the whole truth or story.
      also have a nasty feeling that in all this mess ONE thing about or around Trump is kept in the dark, as long as possible, almost at any cost?!

  20. Cody Avatar

    More new cases in the White House cluster than there was in Australia today:


    1+2. President & Melania Trump
    3. Bill Stepien, Trump campaign mgr
    4. Hope Hicks
    5. Kellyanne Conway
    6. Sen. Mike Lee
    7. Sen. Thom Tillis
    8. Ronna McDaniel
    9. Notre Dame Pres. Jenkins
    10-12. Three WH reporters
    13-23. Eleven staffers frm Cleveland debate

  21. Cody Avatar

    Trump isn’t using hydroxychloroquine drug that he’s recklessly urged the public to use. Why? Because a malaria drug doesn’t work on Covid:

    “Trump is now being given remdesivir (GileadSciences). It’s shown to reduce illness duration but not (yet) shown to significantly lower mortality so far. At least better than the sketchy use of the no-evidence Regeneron multi-monoclonal antibody earlier.”

  22. Cody Avatar

    “Trump was tested regularly for Covid-19. He wanted less testing for everyone else.
    “Why doesn’t every workplace have the same level of testing as the White House?

    “Trump has called to slow down Covid-19 testing across the US, arguing that the level of testing conducted in the US detects more cases and makes the country seem worse compared to others. ‘I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down please,’ he said in June.

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) subsequently revised its testing guidelines to reduce the number of tests conducted.

    “That Trump and the White House would ramp up testing internally while downplaying its utility for the rest of the country for political reasons is not just hypocritical; the abysmal testing apparatus across the United States continues to be a major obstacle thwarting progress in containing Covid-19.

    “And alongside Trump’s hypocrisy, his convoluted messaging and his political interference with the science throughout the pandemic will not make these tasks any easier.”

  23. Cody Avatar

    Trump mingled with dozens of people after testing positive and just disclosed the diagnosis when it became clear he’d have to go to the hospital.

    Trump disclosed the diagnosis when a reporter discovered Hope had tested positive. Then he said he and Melania were awaiting tests. Then, mere hours later, they admitted they had it. They never intended to tell us if a reporter hadn’t found it out.

  24. Cody Avatar

    “Trump staff wearing masks now is galling. When it came time to send the right message to protect other people’s lives, they would not do it! After we lose 200,000 Americans, they put on masks when it affects them! Their lack of empathy is not only horrific but also dangerous.”

  25. Cody Avatar

    The details of the indoor, unmasked receptions at the White House last Saturday are stunning. The entire govt and GOP leadership put at risk for some cocktails and appetizers:

    Invincibility punctured by infection: How the coronavirus spread in Trump’s White House

    1. Cody Avatar

      “Dawning realization that nine months into the pandemic. senior WH officials think that if you test negative it means that you definitely have not caught the virus and can do whatever you want and don’t need to quarantine if you’ve been in contact with someone with COVID.”

      1. justin Avatar

        it gets weirder by the minute Cody.
        His doctor said all is fine. his Chief of Staff said next 48 hrs is crucial.

  26. Jon Blue Avatar
    Jon Blue

    Hi Eric, I can’t remember if it was you or Jeanne Mayel predicted Seeing in a vision Trump in a hospital gown just before election. It was predicted a year to a year and a half ago. I’m not quite sure how to search your site via my iPhone. I’d be able to do it on my laptop but don’t have it on me right now. I vividly remember one of you making that prediction.
    The official letter from Trump’s doctor on WH letterhead definitely says he is not taking hydroxychloroquine. The FDA has found it does more harm than good. Trump was never taking it. He was invested in it with his friends. But the list of Republicans from his fundraiser on Saturday to confirm choice for SCOTUS is getting longer. God really does miraculous things when evil tries to stay in power. Ultimately Trump made fun of Hillary Clinton on Oct 2, 2016 for having pneumonia and Then made fun of Biden for wearing a mask everywhere when at the debate. God saw fit to show Trump not to make fun of people. I think God is done having patience with Trump and his group of con artists. Look thru your predictions and see if it was you that saw Trump in a hospital gown just before the election. Hope you are feeling better.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We do have an existing prediction which has concerns over his heart, however I question if that was the last scare.

      1. justin Avatar

        i read today somewhere that there are rumors trump had a heart attack or stroke in the weekend of 16-17 november 2019,
        It is confirmed he made an unscheduled medical visit to the Walter Reed Hospital that same weekend.

  27. Cody Avatar

    Reminder that Trump allies were claiming this was BS. Now the doctor admits it was true:

    “Dr. Conley very specifically not answering whether POTUS has been on oxygen at any point. Two sources close to POTUS tell me his blood oxygen levels dropped yesterday.”

    1. Cody Avatar

      There’s a long history of White Houses lying about the president’s health — JFK, FDR, etc. The distinction here is the incompetence.

      1. Cody Avatar

        “Bottom line: it seems like Trump is stable, but remains at high risk, given transient hypoxemia, some findings on chest imaging. The happy talk and evasions are clearly at Trump’s direction, putting the docs in a terrible position. No way he’s ready for discharge tomorrow. (8/8)”

  28. Cody Avatar

    Trump would be dead without this help, yet he will con’t to downplay and give Covid misinfo to the public like he did before getting it once he recovers:

    “Dr. Sanjay Gupta says doctors at Walter Reed are throwing “the kitchen sink” at Trump, feeding him 3 different “serious” medications, one of which is experimental in nature. He suggests this is far more serious than what Dr. Conley is letting on.”

  29. Cody Avatar

    Trump doctor Sean Conley says “he’s doing really well” after dexamethasone and plans to be discharged tomorrow.

    Dexamethasone is pretty extreme sign though. It’s mostly been reserved for patients on ICU or ventilated—occasionally for patients on oxygen.

    1) Worried—Trump’s new treatment with DEXAMETHASONE is serious. The WHO makes clear that dexamethasone is only for “patients with severe and critical #COVID19”!

    2) here is NIH’s official guideline. Dexamethasone is a serious drug. Not for light or moderate infection anymore.

    3) WHO warns basically *DO NOT USE* dexamethasone if a patient is not serious/critical condition. It weakens immune system if given too early.

  30. petemedium Avatar

    To me it’s quite ironic that the very tools, antibodies and general medicines, created by science, which Trump and his followers have constantly rubbished, is now the only means he has of staying alive, and he could well loose that battle, all because of deliberate ignorance. Pete

  31. Cody Avatar

    As the virus spread among the people closest to him, Trump asked one adviser not to disclose results of their own positive test. “Don’t tell anyone,” Trump said, according to a person familiar with the conversation

    “Trump Didn’t Disclose First Positive Covid-19 Test While Awaiting a Second Test on Thursday

    “President received positive result on Thursday evening before making an appearance on Fox News in which he didn’t reveal those results”

  32. petemedium Avatar

    Trump has just taken a joy ride around the hospital to re assure his followers that ‘there is nothing seriously wrong’.
    “That Presidential SUV is not only bulletproof, but hermetically sealed against chemical attack. The risk of COVID19 transmission inside is as high as it gets outside of medical procedures. The (President’s) irresponsibility is astounding. My thoughts are with the Secret Service forced to play.” Dr. James. P. Phillips. MD as reported in The Guardian.

    Remember Ronald Regan’s incident? Where he was shot and severely wounded? Where Bush Sr and other republicans doped Regan up to the eye balls, wheel chaired him to the window, assisted him to stand and wave to the onlookers out side and wheeled him back to his bed where for the next four days he spent unconscious in intensive care. Pete

    1. Sara Avatar

      You’re right, it’s disgusting how Trump put the other people in the car with him at risk just so he could do a drive-by and wave to supporters. If those men get sick or die for the sake of a publicity stunt….I don’t understand how anyone can fool themselves into thinking Trump cares about anyone else. He doesn’t and this behavior proves it.

  33. Cody Avatar

    Prayers for those around our Covid President, who doesn’t care if he gives them Covid:

    “Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary Presidential “drive-by” just now has to be quarantined for 14 days. They might get sick. They may die. For political theater. Commanded by Trump to put their lives at risk for theater. This is insanity.

    “That Presidential SUV is not only bulletproof, but hermetically sealed against chemical attack. The risk of COVID19 transmission inside is as high as it gets outside of medical procedures. The irresponsibility is astounding. My thoughts are with the Secret Service forced to play.”

  34. Cody Avatar

    Unlike Trump, Melania cared about not exposing SS agents to Covid:

    Yesterday, a White House official said Mrs Trump hasn’t visited her husband at Walter Reed because:
    “She has COVID. That would expose the agents who would drive her there and the medical staff who would walk her up to him.“

  35. justin Avatar

    31 JUL 2020 AT 8:19 AM
    Eric regarding the, “10:02”, reference in this prediction…
    On 29 May 2019, you have a prediction, “Trump Scandal”, with the same numbers or date reference of, “10:02”
    Then on, 6-27-19, there is a prediction which has, “On 10:22..No more Trump”.

    10 02 trump revealed to have covid.
    10 22 no more trump…
    eric does the prediction 10 22 still stand? or has the spirits shifted away from it.

  36. Cody Avatar

    It just keeps getting dumber, folks:

    Trump campaign attacks Joe Biden for lack of ‘firsthand experience’ being infected with COVID-19

  37. Cody Avatar

    “We’re at around 30 positive WH-orbit covid cases because Trump and his party refuse to follow basic public health precautions, and his media supporters say this is evidence the public health precautions don’t work.”

  38. Cody Avatar

    1) Doctor says the president is NOT entirely out of the woods but he is being sent home.

    2) Dr. Sean Conley again refuses to say when Trump’s last negative Covid-19 test was.

    3) White House doctors repeatedly decline to say whether the president has developed pneumonia or what his lung scans show

    4) White House doctors releasing his vital signs down to the number, answering questions about how he’s doing better. Then asked about his chest scans, suddenly they invoke HIPAA patient privacy protections and won’t answer

    5) Under HIPAA, cited by Trump’s doctor to decline answering some but not other questions, doctors can only disclose personal health information (PHI) with patient’s consent. This raises the prospect that Trump told his doctors they could share positive news but not worrying news

    6) Conley says he won’t feel relief about Trump’s situation till NEXT Monday

    1. justin Avatar

      The doctors said Trump will receive his fourth remdesivir dose on Monday night before he leaves the hospital, and his fifth on Tuesday.

      The president’s kidney and liver function are both good, they said. His temperature on Monday was 98.1F.

      President Trump has been given at least three potent drugs since announcing he tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday night: Regeneron’s cocktail of lab-made antibodies, the antiviral remdesivir, and the steroid dexamethasone.
      And Vitamine D
      And Oxygen

      Two of those medications are still experimental for treating COVID-19, and have given emergency use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


      WHEN HE GOT IT: Trump received a single 8 gram dose of Regeneron’s cocktail of lab-made antibodies on Friday.

      WHAT IT DOES: REGN-COV2 is a combination of two lab-made versions of antibodies that help block the coronavirus from entering cells.

      One of the antibodies in the ‘cocktail’ is based on an antibody that mice produce in response to coronavirus, while the other is based on an antibody isolated from the one of the first US COVID-19 patients.

      The hope is that the treatment drives down viral load, keeping it from overrunning the body and sending the immune system haywire, and preventing the infection from becoming severe.

      WHAT THE DATA SAYS: REGN-COV2 is still in early trial phases, but the first data from its clinical trial found that it dramatically lowered viral load within a week and cut recovery time in half in patients that weren’t sick enough to be hospitalized.

      Regeneron has not yet studied the drug in severely ill patients.

      THE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: The main concern is these types of treatment occasionally trigger ‘antibody-dependent enhancement,’ which means the intended therapeutic actually helps the virus invade cells.

      So far, the trials don’t suggest that REGN-COV2 is causing this phenomenon.

      Antibody treatments can also cause allergic reactions including anaphylaxis, as well as fever, chills, nausea, diarrhea, weakness, headache and low blood pressure.


      WHEN HE GOT IT: President Trump was given his first dose of a five-day treatment course on Friday evening, after he was transferred from the White House to Walter Reed National Medical Center.

      He has since received his second and third dose of the drug.

      WHAT IT DOES: Remdesivir is an antiviral therapy originally designed to treat Ebola.

      Scientists are not entirely sure why, but it helps to prevent coronavirus from making more copies of itself.

      WHAT THE DATA SAYS: Late-stage clinical trials of remdesivir found that patients treated with the drug were more likely to recover within 11 days than those who did not get the drug.

      Their survival odds were about 40 percent better. In May, the drug became the first to get emergency use authorization from the FDA for treating severely ill patients. That approval has since been expanded to any hospitalized patients.

      THE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: It can cause nausea, vomiting, chils, sweating or light-headedness. The drug also may harm liver function, meaning that patients have to be closely monitored.

      There was some suggestion the Trump’s liver and kidney function were suboptimal last night, but Dr Conley said Monday the president was just ‘dehydrated.’


      WHEN HE GOT IT: The president got a dose of dexamethasone on Saturday after he developed a high fever and his blood oxygen levels dropped below 94 percent on two occasions.

      WHAT IT DOES: Dexamethasone is a cheap steroid known to tamp down inflammation. It’s already approved for use in other conditions in the US.

      WHAT THE DATA SAYS: Although it hasn’t yet been given emergency approval in the US, dexamethasone is the most promising treatment yet for coronavirus.

      In a major UK study, the steroid cut the risk of death by 36 percent for patients sick enough to need breathing machines and by 18 percent for patients needing just supplemental oxygen.

      However, it seemed harmful at earlier stages or milder cases of illness: 18 percent of those on the drug died versus 14 percent of those given usual care.

      For that reason, many doctors were alarmed to see President Trump treated with the drug because using it suggested either that he was very sick, or that doctors were taking a risk in giving it to him early.

      THE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: The steroid is potent, and can cause swelling, headaches, stomach pain, nausea, weakness, dizziness sleep problems, vision changes, skin problems, severe allergic reactions including mood changes.

      These mood changes include aggression, agitation and confusion.

      ‘Steroids are always very dangerous medications to use,’ Dr Edward Jones-Lopez, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, told Reuters.

      ‘That is why it (dexamethasone) is used in severe to critical patients… There can be neuropsychiatric side effects. These are medications that we use very, very carefully.’

      Feeling bit better now Cody? now you know this?

  39. Cody Avatar

    Things Trump and his doctors are keeping secret:

    1. What drugs he’s taking

    2. When he had his last negative COVID test

    3. If his lungs are damaged

    4. If he has pneumonia

    5. Whether an lab tests were abnormal

    Dr. Conley enthusiastically discusses specific details of Trump’s personal health information when it shines a positive light on the president’s condition.

    Asked about information that could undercut that “upbeat” picture, he dodges and cites HIPAA.

  40. Cody Avatar

    Now that Trump’s back to downplaying Covid, just remember:

    Unlike the public, the President has access to the best care, drugs and experimental treatment – free of charge!!!

    1. Donna B Avatar
      Donna B

      Sounds like socialized Healthcare lol

    2. justin Avatar

      Cody cody cody, relax!

      dont stressed yourself out over a man who is eventually gonna lose/leave the White House anyway.
      no matter what,
      sooner or later.
      death or alive.

      Any new truths or lies by trump and his administration are not going to change that.

  41. petemedium Avatar

    Some of the reports I’m reading here this morning (It’s 7.50am here in Aussie) are indicating that the hospital is enraged at Trump’s refusal to follow hospital guidelines … not wearing masks all the time, staff coming and going, mixing with other patients … and so have suggested he return home where specialist care would be offered. Pete

    1. Donna B Avatar
      Donna B

      Pete sounds like what we call in US, AMA, against medical advice. You can sign yourself out of the hospital even though its not recommended. Doesn’t sound like the standard of care a team of Drs would give, and then if you arent a president, they generally will not accept you at that hospital and will mark your file as such..

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Hah, AMA here is Australian Medical Association, (the doctor’s organisation)
        Seems there have been more rules broken for Trump than any other President, and possible person, in the US. I guess we’ll all find out sooner or later.

  42. Cody Avatar

    Apathy has always been this administration’s issue:

    “White House Is Not Contact Tracing ‘Super-Spreader’ Rose Garden Event

    “Since President Trump’s Covid diagnosis, numerous associates have tested positive, but the White House has not aggressively investigated the outbreak.”


  43. Cody Avatar

    Citing his own recent experience, TRUMP urges people not to be afraid of coronavirus.

    “We have the best medicines.”

    * 5.4M+ Americans lost insurance amid coronavirus recession.

    ** 48% of INSURED Americans say they can’t pay for coronavirus treatment.

    1. Cody Avatar

      Don’t be afraid of Covid!”

      “Please contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to stand with me”

      —fundraising email from TRUMP, who had access to world-class medical care in his home, plus a military helicopter to fly him to a world-class hospital after his oxygen dropped.

      1. Cody Avatar

        “The president’s advisers hope to show that he’s beaten the virus and also that he understands it better than he did. First thing he did when he got to the White House was take his mask off.”

  44. Cody Avatar

    A current Secret Service agent assigned to the First Family’s detail told CNN, “That should never have happened…The frustration with how we’re treated when it comes to decisions on this illness goes back before this though. We’re not disposable”

  45. Cody Avatar

    Aside from the fact that Trump has tested positive and Biden hasn’t, and aside from the symbolic aspect, it’s just entirely false that Trump was “hundreds of feet away from everyone” when he went maskless. He was just a few feet from photo/video staff, including when indoors.

    1. Cody Avatar

      “At least one staffer who is military personnel directly assigned to support the president in the Oval and the residence tested positive over the weekend”

      “Trump’s reckless return met with a dramatically changed White House”

      1. Cody Avatar

        “New Zealand Flag of New Zealand has had ZERO cases in 10 straight days. It has a population of 4,800,000.

        “White House has had at least 31 cases among direct staff, attendees, debate workers, & WH corespondents in less than a week. Its exposure pool is only ~1000. #COVID19”

  46. Cody Avatar

    A growing number of Secret Service agents have been concerned about Trump’s indifference to the health risks they face when traveling with him in public.

    “He’s not even pretending to care now,” one agent said after Trump’s Walter Reed publicity stunt.


    1. Cody Avatar

      He listened to Trump and didn’t wear a mask. He died just before the president announced his COVID-19 diagnosis.

      “We found out that Trump tested positive the day before my grandfather was cremated. It brought some anger into our hearts.”

  47. Cody Avatar

    “There are now more recorded cases of COVID-19 in the White House than in New Zealand, Taiwan, and Vietnam combined, and they have 124 million people.

    “Let that sink in.”

  48. Cody Avatar

    White House also rebuffed a national testing/tracing plan. No surprise why we’ve done the worst:

    “White House rebuffed CDC offer to lead contact tracing investigation of Trump outbreak”

  49. Cody Avatar

    “Facebook removes Trump post falsely saying flu is more lethal than Covid

    “Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone confirmed the company removed the post for breaking its rules on Covid-19 misinformation.”

    1. Cody Avatar

      “GOP county chair in Arkansas Steven Farmer dies from COVID-19.

      “His committee hosted a maskless gathering last month.”

  50. Cody Avatar

    All but one member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is now self-quarantining due to exposure at multiple meetings in recent days, including a meeting in Pentagon’s secure meeting space for classified information known as ‘the tank’, a defense official tells Barbara Starr

  51. Cody Avatar

    DC — driven by the White House cluster — is now reporting more new cases than China, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore combined:

    “DC reports 105 new coronavirus cases in one day period; highest one-day spike since June”

  52. Cody Avatar

    White supremacist Stephen Miller has Covid – but don’t forget this:

    “When Stephen Miller’s own grandmother died of COVID, the White House lied to press, claiming she didn’t die of the virus.

    “Her own son had to take time out of mourning to provide her death certificate as proof.”

  53. Cody Avatar

    Wake up Trump, GOP aka anti maskers:

    “BREAKING: CDC finds Arizona infection rates

    “-increased 150% when mask wearing/distancing removed -declined 75% after the measures implemented”

    1. Cody Avatar

      “NEW: Hospitalization rates & ICU admissions are climbing again.

      “None of the people admitted have access to the Regeneron cocktail the president took.”

  54. Cody Avatar

    “Trump spent three days in the hospital. He commuted by helicopter. He received multiple COVID tests, oxygen, steroids and an experimental antibody treatment.

    “For someone who isn’t president, that would cost more than $100,000 in the U.S. health system.”

    How Much Would Trump’s Coronavirus Treatment Cost Most Americans?

  55. Cody Avatar

    34 people connected to White House, more than previously known, infected by coronavirus: Internal FEMA memo

    The administration has sought to downplay the spread.

  56. Cody Avatar

    Not only did 2 staffers of a GOP congressman test positive, but the dangerous part:

    A) they were told to keep silent and not tell close contacts
    B) the Congressman is refusing to get tested himself. Cuz no testing no problem

    Lawmakers’ Covid-19 Cases Prompt New Worries on Capitol Hill

  57. Cody Avatar

    McConnell calling the Trump White House a breeding ground for disease:

    McConnell today in Ky: “I actually haven’t been to the White House since August the 6th because my impression was their approach to how to handle this is different from mine and what I insisted that we do in the Senate which is to wear a mask and practice social distancing”

  58. Cody Avatar

    Don’t tell his pro life supporters:

    Trump’s Covid Treatments Were Tested in Cells Derived From Fetal Tissue

    It’s not just the antibody cocktail. NYT reports that remdesivir, the antiviral drug that Trump was given last week, was also developed with cells derived from fetal tissue. And some of companies racing to create COVID vaccines are also using those cells.

    1. justin Avatar

      do you think that this pro life supporters wont take any covid medication, because of this fetal tissue? even if they are dying in ICU?
      off course not! they would say: that would be hypocrite from us to think that!

  59. Cody Avatar

    They don’t care if WH workers live or die:

    Trump plans to hold a rally for hundreds on the White House lawn Saturday

  60. Cody Avatar
  61. Cody Avatar

    No surprise why we have 200,000+ dead Americans:

    Trump: Biden will “listen to the scientists” if elected

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