The Next US President?

The next president? I am at a loss. I am unclear on what this is? Yes I have been sitting on this message because I seriously need more clarity. But I can’t wait any longer. Perhaps they are talking about the next four years? They have had predictions where I expected it one year and it happened the next. That does happen. But they predicted this president before. PREDICTIONS 8-19-17 So a prediction 7 years out? That doesn’t compute. My unfortunate reality is my illness limits these predictions for now, and their focus is clearly on the nightmares coming not the election details. Keep in mind just to get this information requires hours of meditation which is difficult with pain. But I write what they say so here it is. It is a thing of beauty:

There is Washington.. Jefferson.. Lincoln.. and then him. A titan of your era.. the military one.. will bring back the word ‘United’ by common interest. equality, freedom and liberty.
The military one will hold his seat longer than normal.
I had a visual: I was watching a fairly young person for a president, talk to a small group about him becoming president.. their expectations were low but out of no where he rose to be president.
I had a visual of leader walking down steps and the entire military saluted him.
I had a visual of now: Riots, hate, loud voices, divisions, killing on the streets. Then later. Americans in formation walking together holding large American flags, storm clouds formed in the back, a new foe.. an old one.. approached.
(To be clear I only saw their back, their posture, their feet. So him? Her?)

Then it briefly returned to now, what’s next.. from the street riots.. from all the hate..I saw dead bodies.. so many laying on the ground.. that’s what all your division created.. death

Oh America your breaking my heart

These predictions could line up with WORLD PREDICTIONS: 9-18-20

Eric —There is this strange opinion that we are expected to stand in the middle, not have an opinion or bias. This entire site is their opinion, their voice, it’s them telling us ‘you are going the wrong way.’. It’s their voice warning you their is a threat coming prepare yourself. You don’t want their opinion on that?? Or perhaps it is my silence? Respectfully I would say if my opinion is incorrect then I assure you the Spirits will let me know. I am here to represent their voice and there is no greater honor. It is sacred to me. I will never stand with those throwing their stones from afar, I will always stand to help. That’s all we are trying to accomplish here.. help.

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  1. It’s definitely a confusing, troubling time. Lately I find myself checking the news like crazy, with this foreboding sense that bad things are about to happen. I have anxiety problems, though, so it might just be that.

    Eric, for whatever it’s worth, I want you to know that many people appreciate the work you’re doing, trying to warn us about the future. The predictions about things eventually becoming better after all this chaos is a much-needed beacon!

  2. The hate, violence, and burning of cities is coming from liberalism and the left. Based on falsehoods and endorsed by the media they want to destroy America. Oh America you are breaking my heart – we must not give into the violent hateful mob.

    1. Hello Chewdy. It is an extremely painful time for us all as we pass from the Age of Pisces, which started around the time of Jesus, to this new Age of Aquarius. It isn’t a case of the ‘left’ versus ‘the right’ so much as the old world aggressively fighting to stay alive. We all, no matter what ‘wings’ we may support, must let the Creator have it’s way. Otherwise the only ones that get hurt are the ones fighting against It. Pete

      1. Similarities between Trump & Hitler OMG lady you have that so wrong, so your written thoughts would make you a Dem. Oh well it’s a load of rubbish what you are saying.

        1. Why present as an attack against her? You can’t have a civil conversation without attacking others here? Yes his “propaganda” mirrors 1940s not just the Nazis but Europe. But let’s debate that respectfully.

        2. Pauline,
          No, really, there are remarkable similarities: Hitler talked about making Germany great again and said he’d fix all its problems, as did Trump, and both used heavily nationalistic messages and an us vs. them mentality. Both men viewed themselves as saviors of sorts.

          Hitler basically blamed his country’s troubles on Jews, communists, and gypsies, which is similar to the way Trump blames liberals, nonwhites, protesters, and non-Christians. (It’s no accident that racial and anti-Semitic attacks have increased in America under Trump.)

          Hitler talked about driving foreigners out, (similar to the way Trump fights to keep nonwhite immigrants out of America. He’s fine with white European immigrants like his wife, but is absolutely vicious about African, South American, or Middle Eastern immigrants coming in. He’s been caught saying racist stuff in the past, so it’s not a secret).

          Hitler’s propaganda said that Jewish people were part of a plot to rule the world and destroy Germany (not unlike the deep state theories Trump loves to mention.)

          Like Trump, Hitler used outright lies to frighten people. There were incidents that would occur in Nazi-occupied areas, where many innocent Jews were murdered by bigots who were told that Jewish people killed Gentile children and used their blood for rituals. (Not unlike the conspiracy theories today about ‘evil liberals’ being cannibals and pedophiles).

          I don’t point this out to argue, but to explain my viewpoint. It’s unnerving to see so many people believing Trump the way the Germans did with Hitler. In both cases, they’re getting worked up to fight ‘evil enemies’ who are un-American (or in the 30s, un-German), enemies who they claim want to “disarm us” and “force us to live under communism” and “change racial demographics” and “destroy the country.” It’s the same lies, the same hatred.

          I don’t mean that all conservatives are Nazis, that’s not it at all. I believe most are genuinely good people, and besides, two of my own grandparents were conservative…but they’d have been disappointed and horrified if they’d lived to see Trump get control of the Republicans. They’d never have supported him. They’d be worried by all his lies and conspiracy theories and his fear-mongering against “enemies”.

          1. Sara, I agree absolutely many similarities between the two, watch the History Channel..its rather chilling

    2. Chewdy,
      Liberals don’t want to destroy America. That’s what Trump wants people to believe. It’s the same type of propaganda Hitler used to scare the Germans into supporting him….it’s eerie how similar it all is. I’d advise you to do research into Germany pre-WWII, you’ll see the similarities between Trump and Hitler.

      You’re right about not giving into a hateful mob, but keep in mind, most protesters are peaceful. The violent ones needs to b held accountable, but the peaceful ones have a right to protest. As for hate and violence, Trump spouts more of that than anyone else, and he has for years.

    3. It is extremely unusual for violence to occur at protests. I’ve been to several and protestors and police were always cooperative and no violence occurred. Media searching for eyeballs and nefarious actors looking to spread hate and fear focus their cameras on the 1/10,000 cases where there are exceptions (okay, my estimate but you get the idea). Any gathering of a huge number of people is going to include a few crazies; it’s just statistics.

      Also, protest is necessary for ending oppression. MLK and the civil rights movement won civil rights for blacks through protest. They were called violent and a mob by detractors. Similarly, Gandhi won freedom for India through protests. Both Gandhi’s and MLK’s protests were almost always non-violent; however, opponents would seize on the 1/10,000 exception to smear the movements.

      The American Revolution also started from protests when colonists demanded the British government recognize their rights. The British government not only refused to listen but escalated the situation gravely when they sent troops into Boston. The American colonists were denounced for supporting “mob rule” and “anarchy” by the British.

      If people were not allowed to protest we’d all still be bowing before oppressive emperors.

      1. Most of the 7% of protests that became violent were when authorities intervened and used force that escalated tensions/increased risks of violence or when militias and other nonstate actors intervened in demonstrations.

        Nonstate actors engaged in more than 100 demonstrations, mostly in response to Black Lives Matter protests, the report states. Those actors include militias and groups from the right and left, such as Antifa, the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois and the Ku Klux Klan.

        Protests over racial justice have prompted a number of counterprotests, however, many of which have turned violent, the report states.

  3. Hi Eric, I am so sorry that you are in so much pain. I know that its tough as i have been there myself. Please feel better. I hope that condition just goes away!

    This picture of America is depressing for the “now”, will this period last long? I hate to hear there will be bloodshed, how many more have to die unjustly, before people get its not the way to live? How much worse do they feel the economy is going to get? Is the virus going to be a contributing factor this winter?, Thanks Eric

  4. Question to anyone please: If a President dies, take seriously ill or has to step down, does the VP automatically become President, or must there be another election?

              1. Ok mate thank you. I’m getting Biden will take ill around late next year and Kamala will take over. Also that she will be a force to be reckoned with, bringing unity to not just the US. But as you well know, there is a lot going on in the Spirit Realm and clarity is a little while off yet it seems. Again thanks and keep on keeping well … you are going to be needed for this rough time ahead mate. Pete

                1. So, if the VP steps up, then who becomes the new VP? Is this a path for someone influential to step up?

                  1. If a VP becomes President then they can nominate someone to take the VP position. Whoever is nominated has to be confirmed by both houses of Congress if I’m not mistaken. The other option I believe is to wait until the election and add the person to the ticket.

              2. Could they mean Tom Ridge? He just came out in support of Biden. He also was governor of Pennsylvania and started up Homeland Security. He was also in Vietnam.

            1. Kamala Harris is a former prosecutor, and California Attorney General. She is not a military person but does have a hawkish personality.

  5. The young military one–whenever that comes up here, I think Pete Buttigieg—but I can’t see how that would be possible.

    1. He was the first to come to my mind also, only way would be if he was speaker of the house or positions under that and vp isn’t able to succeed.

      1. Speaker of the house she had support of military to become speaker of the house again

          1. Could it be someone who hasn’t been in the military yet, but will join them and come to power down the road years later?

      2. That’s the only path I saw. He becomes either speaker of the house and something drastic happens or if something happens to Joe, and Kamala becomes president, and then he becomes VP. Either way, a lot of pieces would have to fall into place. Definitely a long shot.

    2. Buttigieg was in the Naval Reserve for 7-8 years and resigned his commission several years ago. I don’t see how this would make him a “military one.”

    3. Or it could even be someone like Dan Crenshaw. But he is a long shot on it because he was born I believe Aberdeen.

  6. Eric, the bloodshed before the unity right? A new but old adversary, possibilities of a attack on US soil by someone we’ve already fought? Maybe taking the chance to attack while we are in chaos and division? I hope not! I love the idea of unity again but I don’t want it out of war and strife! I thought we’d get it out of this pandemic but was sorely mistaken.

    1. The “reds” are the enemy of the future and how WW3 is unleashed. I think in this future timeline that foundation is just forming. What does Red mean. Honestly it could mean so much I would rather not guess. (But if i did it would be Russia) But the geopolitical makeup has not happened. In this future red is spreading. So maybe red is communist?

      1. Could “reds” be a reference to “country boys” aka “rednecks” ? Just a thought

          1. How about Islamism, the extremists (and secretly a lot of not so extremists) have wanted not only destroy the west but also take over and turn the west into muslim/islam/sharia territory.

              1. the man in blue?? aside from the “reds” dictator there will be a blue dictator too? no wonder ww3 is almost unavoidable…

                1. He wears blue. It’s odd like Steve Jobs and black turtlenecks or Churchill and his cigars. I believe the blue is a hat but that would not fit being Arab.

      2. I’m sure you posted a visual a year or two ago that suggest any World War 3 could be two or three decades away and possibly started by an extremely evil person (maybe from this ‘Red’ country). If it was Russia that it implied, then the timeframe wouldn’t suggest the current leadership. With current events over the last year or so, I actually think we’re more likely to be on a collision course with China than Russia.

          1. Yes, I read the prediction about the coup and the timeline in the prediction was the mid-2030’s. Certainly other predictions I’ve seen elsewhere would indicate Russia has a big part to play in the future. If your prediction does indeed relate to Russia and the timeline is so far in the future, it must be at a time well after Putin has gone.

  7. I always think Tammy Duckworth when you mention the military one. I love her so much, she’s an amazing vet and a no-nonsense fight for what’s right woman.

    Was the figure you saw of the new/old enemy? Or the military one?

    1. The new enemy is the “reds” . In this timeframe they are just starting to become an enemy. Later they will be the enemy of the world. Like Nazis of the 1940s.

        1. Yes, not right away, but yes this future Hitler takes over in a coup. All of that is the “Reds”. I also believe that our map does not reflect the future map which is why they hesitate to say where. But it seems East vs west.

  8. Eric, I thought we had Oct 2nd for an evolution! For Trump to declare his stepping down after money matters surface. I know the bigger pic is a military leader coming out of nowhere to lead us to heal has been told by spirits. I just can’t see where this would come from right now. So, still holding out hope that Trump will step down (or be forced to), and someone will take up the leadership and will be good for the country. Reading this gives me hope in an otherwise sad situation of just disgusting evil hatred and fractured United States as other dictators would love us to be.
    I have lived in terrible pain for 19 years now, it’s very hard to function. 13 surgeries later and this last year pain is much better. I hope yours gets better too. 💕

  9. The suddenness of this person becoming President + serving more than 8 years makes me think this may be a line of succession situation. I believe that the law is that if someone were to become the President with less than 2 years left in the current President they are succeeding’s term then they would be able to then still be elected for two more terms. (So if this was the case you’re looking at this being at least 2 years out from the January inauguration- or something happening immediately but that would be extremely shocking because it would be pretty wild to end up with whoever this is that fits that description from the current line of succession). I don’t think either Kamala or Pence for the description of this Military One. So it could be that whoever the President is steps down or something happens to them, and the VP takes over, and they appoint a new VP, and then something else happens and that new VP is the military one and becomes President. (Seems unlikely but not impossible legally). The other possibility would be that after the election we end up with a new Speaker of the House that is this Military One, and if something were to simultaneously happen to both the President and VP that person would become President. (Also seems unlikely but not impossible legally).

    One even more far fetched idea – is Eric is right and Trump reigns, there could be a deal with Pence and Republicans to put a specific person in the VP slot, and then have Pence also resign. And now you have this new person. But I can’t imagine this close to the election how any of that would result in the mystery new person being re-elected in November with the election so soon.

    I agree with others that it sure sounds like Pete Buttigieg, but I would think for that to be remotely possible without this being many years off of a future election, Biden would have to win, something would have to happen to him or he resigns, Kamala would pick Pete as VP, and then something happened to her or she resigned and he became President. Again seriously unlikely unfolding of events. I suppose he could also run for Congress in 2022 and end up Speaker of the House to put him in the line of succession also. But again it all seems so far fetched!

    Of course after 2020- I’ll never say anything is impossible!

      1. What about Tammy Duckworth? Can’t think of a single living politician with a more stellar military career, and general reputation.

          1. Eric first hope you start feeling better. I have stage 2 bladder cancer and just went through chemo. And surgery in November. So being sick takes a toll on anyone. Anyways although I like Trump. Still I think an individual from the military would in all probability make a great President.

            1. Margie,
              I’m sorry to hear about your cancer. I know how hard serious illnesses are to live with. Best wishes for a complete recovery.

          2. Ohhh that’s interesting! I thought from reading it this is was a “he.” I’ve had premonitions about Tammy Duckworth that were making me think she would be Biden’s VP pick but they were confusing. So maybe it is her.

            Eric- how significant do you think the walking down steps and visual of the feet part was? Tammy is in a wheelchair – would that rule her out?

        1. Tammy is an interesting idea! Eric is it possible it’s a woman? (Since the post say “he” I assume it was a man). Also, how significant do you think the waking down stairs was? Tammy is in a wheelchair- would that rule her out with what you saw?

          Interestingly I have picked up a few premonitions with Tammy Duckworth’s name in my meditations this year. For a while I thought it must be because she would be Biden’s VP pick with the strange messages about her I was getting. But all of the messages were confusing.

          1. I am not excluding anything, this is 2020. I will say I will exclude anyone who has not served. It’s clear this person has a specific background.

  10. My thoughts based on predictions:

    1) Trump gets re-elected but House-Senate both blue; has to resign at 12 (December)

    2) Pence takes over, becomes president but then has to step down after he’s attacked on stage (I don’t wish this, just a prediction)

    3) The military one on the GOP side – like the prediction says – becomes president.

  11. “Then later. Americans in formation walking together holding large American flags, storm clouds formed in the back, a new foe.. an old one.. approached.”

    These seem related (there’s a prediction saying the next president will be too tough towards Putin, which is understandable considering the bombshells coming):

    “The visual shifted to show a new era of America marching in unison, with one enemy.. Russia. There was a massive storm in the background and a horrible ominous feeling of dread. Though the people were dressed in modern day clothes the background looked like the 1950s.”

  12. I had a visual (indicating near the end of 2020) of the name Kamala Harris (after she was nominated for VP) with a white check mark next to it. But no Joe Biden.

    Then some days later I had a visual of Harris in the stands looking quite happy, but the seat next to her (where Joe Biden would be sitting) was empty. I think it means he will absent, either figuratively or literally.

  13. Military one… Would Spirit mean literally, or could they mean a Spiritual Warrior…A Soldier of the Light…. Being in the military can mean being of service to a higher cause…. The old enemy could mean darkness and distrust.

  14. There was a prediction where you actually said the military one’s name, yet I can’t remember it.

    I think the cowboy hat means he’s from Texas. I’ve also heard others say the next president is a Latino on the GOP side, which could back up my view that the cowboy hat reference means he’s from Texas. As for being a young president, you have to be at least 35 – so we’ll see if he’s less than 40.

  15. Considering your health issues, thank you for what you share. For the past few months after the surge of political campaigning started, my strongest thought has been, “where are our younger people who want to serve our country? Why are they not running for president?”

  16. I hope you feel better Eric! This is an interesting read in light of this prediction.
    Thinking the unthinkable: could there be a military coup in the US?
    . . . So if we take it up as a thought experiment, what stands in the way of an American coup actually happening? Plenty. First and foremost is the ingrained legitimacy of the civilian commander-in-chief, to whom the US military has been subordinate for 250 years. But it’s important to remember that the US military’s oath is taken to defend the Constitution. If there were ever clear evidence that the president had acted to subvert the Constitution, and Congress proved unable or unwilling to impeach that president, the military’s first obligation might come into question.. .

    1. Let me help squash any reference to a military take over or something odd like that, Spirit called Obama Hubris and Trump loud and crude. They mark this person as honorable. The leader doesn’t even get criticized. Unheard of.

      1. Got it. Trying to think of any situations that could unfold that would make this prediction accurate. Looks like most have been stated.

  17. You describe a situation where the military takes over the country to restore order. Our military leaders are sworn to defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. The current leaders on both sides of the isle are setting themselves up as enemies of the constitution. If violence and Chaos erupts after the election the military could be expected to step in to restore order. God forbid it ever comes to that

  18. US Army Veteran Cal Cunningham is running against Thom Tillis for one of North Carolina’s Congressional seats.

    As for red, I first thought China but Mr. Eric is correct. Red could be anyone.

    We need to avert tragedies by being loving & sharing love.

    Mr. Eric, please take a week off to sleep!

  19. Eric I think some of your solar system predictions have come true the last few days. I think you had a post a couple of years ago, maybe even it was a truth post that said something along the lines of “there is other life in the nearby planets that you would not recognize as life based upon your current understanding”

    Something like that. Anywho, life has been found in the atmosphere of Venus via some type of very foul smelling particle or what not.

    In addition to this, nasa announced they have found a lake of actual, liquid water. Not ice but actual water on Mars as well.

  20. Ok, i have waited and hesitated to comment on this prediction, because of sometimes hostile feelings and environments on this forum.
    I have had flashes, deja vu, visions etc,whatever you call them, for years now.

    A while ago i already said something about the coming elections and trump, biden and pence. and indeed i also experienced blurred stuff regarding the coming elections and beyond.

    I was mostly ignored and overlooked, just like it happens with quite a lot of other people here.
    I do understand, people focus very much on eric.
    And thats ok, it is his site and his predictions.

    But now eric has posted this military potus predictions, and the trump prediction of possibly october 2nd.
    it triggered me, I had the urge and need to tell this story. and it is not even the full story.

    What was not blurred in my visions and didn’t mention in earlier posts, was a future president who sides with the military, and even wants to wear a military uniform.
    This man is in his 40’s and not known to the general public
    This president is not party related or party sided.

    He will likely activate death penalty in all states of america. but also enforces equality etc in all states of america. thus taking from both parties but put the people and the country first.. not politics or lobbyists.

    This president is Appointed by Congress, not elected. he will finish the term of a previous president.

    Potus 45 will not have his 2nd term finished.
    Potus 46 is an acting president, means temporary. and is female.
    (No Pence or Biden in the picture)
    Potus 47 is the Military loving male one, perhaps a high ranking JAG, appointed to finish a term then elected a term. makes 7 years.

    And this is where it gets blurry for me.. potus 47 does get another term.
    but the way he gets the term, depends on the worlds consiousness and choices.
    either he will get it by extreme popular vote or has to stay for the sake of the country during a war.
    all terms added: i see a clear 7 years and a blurred another 4 years. which makes 11 in total. longer then most potus.

    last thing on this military Potus that i clearly saw:
    He will not be sworn in, in the White House or on the steps of Congress.
    The timing? during sunrise or sunset in a February month.
    i do not know if this is in 2021 or later.
    But in this room/hall are present, a west wing staff, the joint chiefs of staff, an officer with the football, the chief justice of the us supreme court and the only 2 familiar faces to me.. Melania and Barron Trump.

    Sidenote: Eric i am wondering is your pain coming from a vertebrea that is not alligned? have you tried Osteopathy? hopefully the pain wil be reduced or gone soon!

    1. Thanks for sharing your information. I would add that 10:02 doesn’t entirely mean the second. It might. But most likely means the beginning of October.

    2. Justin people aren’t necessarily ignoring you but they read the comment and go onto the next without much to add or respond to. I find your insights interesting but normally wouldn’t say anything in response. Sometimes I don’t get much response to what I post also but I assume there are some interested readers who just don’t have much to add…
      It is hard to imagine a president not elected but appointed by congress…I don’t know how that would happen. There is a chain of presidential succession starting with the Speaker of the House if no president or vice president are available, then the president pro tempore of the Senate, and then the Cabinet Secretaries as eligible (from Wikipedia). There was a very good TV miniseries called Designated Survivor that I liked to watch in which all the eligible government officials are killed but one, the chosen “designated survivor” who is kept separate from large government assemblies in case of terrorism–such as a bomb which might kill everyone at the location. I am sure your scenario could play out in some way in which we can’t imagine now but that was what I thought about when I read your post. Much of the rest of your visions sound very plausible to me however…even ones which don’t sound “normal” to how US government works…under extreme duress I could imagine the rest of it happening…Thanks for your insights.

    3. I wonder if his presidential extension depends on the Dark One’s actions because the timetable lines up (2028-2029).

  21. Gen Mark Milley comes to mind. Current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, military advisor to the president or perhaps Mark Ester Secretary of Defense.

    1. Another note on this- Trump tweeted tonight that he and Melania are awaiting their test results and will begin their quarantine process.

      What’s a little odd about this that the White House has rapid tests and there’s no way he wouldn’t have been tested immediately. I’m sure in this situation they would also do a more definitive test that takes longer, but I can’t really imagine Trump NOT telling everyone that the rapid test had come back negative if it had come back negative.

      Eric- do you think that Trump having Covid could be your Washington prediction? Could him leaving in October be from illness rather than scandal? He is likely extremely high risk if he does get Covid (between age and weight).

  22. Trump and Melania both tested positive. He just Tweeted it. On every news network.

  23. 10/02! Positive Covid for Trump! Wow Eric! Just wow! Now they say he could have exposed Biden and Pence…….things are getting crazy…….
    Rest up, we need your input when you can provide it!! Just mind blown!!!

  24. Eric thank you for the prediction as I know you dread political ones.

    “Americans in formation walking together holding large American flags, storm clouds formed in the back, a new foe.. an old one.. approached”.

    Nibiru The 2nd sun. It is said that it will be visible to all by January. Every single conversation people are having now will pale into insignificance.

    If you can tell me I’m wrong I would be delighted.

      1. If another star came even remotely close to our solar system its gravitational effects would reek chaos. Earth would be inundated with meteors, comets, and asteroids. Planets would change orbits (it might even fling a couple of them into outside our system). Nobody would survive. There is no Nibiru. It’s a story. A fable. Our star does not have a binary companion. It’s a fact. So don’t worry about it.

  25. Hi Eric.

    I wanted to share with you a vision another woman named Jeanne Mayell, intuitive and psychic) saw two years ago about the next US president. See pictures I’ve attached. They are snapshots from her website.

    When I read your prediction, I thought WOW, I HAVE TO SHARE THIS! THEY ARE TOO SIMILAR!

    I hope this can help in some way. Connections are important!


    ღ Shannon:Holder ஜᵒᵛᵉ


    1. i have had a quick search through the site, and i did recognize several predictions, spooky similar to predictions made by several people on eric’s and pete’s sites

      but couldnt find the prediction you are referring to?
      another thing, i cant see the pics? dont know if it just me?

  26. Trump further incites attacks on Michigan governor at his rally by laughing about a planned terrorism attack on her:

    ‘It needs to stop’: Whitmer condemns rhetoric at Trump rally, chants of ‘lock her up’

  27. Minutes before Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed, SCOTUS rules 5-3 to throw out ballots in Wisconsin that are postmarked by Election Day but arrive after. 80,000 ballots were counted in primary that arrived after Election Day but were postmarked by then:

    BREAKING: SCOTUS sides with Republicans to block voting accommodations in Wisconsin. The vote is 5-3.

  28. Love to see the 2nd amendment cannibalize the 15th:

    “Reuters: Michigan judge sides with gun rights advocates to allow open-carry of firearms at polling places on Election Day”

  29. “Justice Kavanaugh thinks we should declare a winner before the votes are counted. That’s not how a democracy works. Here’s a useful guide to understand why we might not know the winner on election night – and why that’s just fine.”


  30. Trump advocating lawbreaking. The law is to count ballots postmarked in time in many states:

    “President Trump says that hopefully the courts will stop ballots from being counted past November 3rd”

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