Trump Military Scandal

No matter what side your on with Trump, the scandals are in the news here and now. There is the military scandal, which as someone who has a military family, this one makes me so nauseous. Then another scandal about downplaying the Coronavirus. And another whistleblower. However the China part of the prediction has not happened yet.

Have you noticed how radically different the messages are right now, from the Supreme Court to submarines in the Nordic Sea. Right now we are testing a timetable loop, all of the new predictions are expected ‘now’ or very soon. Our goal is to find a 7-14 day expectation for the messages. Once we create that system, then narrow it down even more. The only one in question is Belarus and I haven’t posted it yet. The word ‘scandal’ post was made on August 17th and happened initially around September 7th, we still have some tuning left.


Have you ever turned on the news and just saw Corona? I had a visual of the word “scandal” written over and over on multiple papers. This was the tone coming. This was the shift the world would engage in next.

This part of the prediction in green has not unfolded. Is it a separate scandal or is China behind revealing these scandals just like Russia and Clinton?

The prediction: 

”You have a traitor among you.” 

I had a visual of a newspaper that read scandal. Then it shifted to show ribbons upon ribbons with Chinese text. The visual shifted to show a man holding a case. It felt stealthy and spy like, as if holding secrets. 

I was briefly reminded of the ribbon by Spirit, pointing to it, asking me to think about it? The ribbon looked similar to the tape in the ‘Russian scandal prediction’ PREDICTIONS 12-12-16 Perhaps the scandal isn’t about China. Perhaps China is facilitating a scandal about President Trump. Just as there was Russia interference in our elections. This prediction could be about China now interfering. Thoughts on what the ribbon could also mean? Pun?

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-24-19“I warn you don’t.. otherwise I will leave” I had a visual of military men standing next to the White House. 
The impression given was military individuals would be leaving because of decision made by the White House or President. 
PREDICTIONS 3-22-18 The threat that is coming.. the problem is your president acts like a troll.. he hunts down individuals to verbally hurt.. which in turn creates a tone that it is acceptable to be cruel to one another.. which leads to upheaval.. which leads to violence.. violence will flourish happily in your own country. The impression was that home grown terrorism as well as violent protests explodes across the US. 

The previous scandal predicted:

Predictions 3-7-18 No evidence of direct collusion with Donald Trump.. vindication!  . But then the scandal is unearthed and this time it will not pass.

Through the lens of multiple shady deals; What’s in it for me, what can you offer me.

It will cripple his leadership.

The Word of 2017: Topsy Turvy

Spirit marked this prediction as the major event of 2017

The first bombshell is coming soon.. Trump..  what starts off as a small issue grows and grows.. fraud.. fraud.. fraud.. back channel deals.. Zero then five”  — Spirits Voice
Previous prediction:
“Wait.. Wait”
There is an epic bombshell coming, other bombshells follow, the US politics continue.. disarray.. topsy turvy
Russia.. back door deals.. tape-taps.. the strain between the US and Russia mounts so bad that a new cold war is inevitable.” – Spirits Voice

The Word of 2018: Enough!

53 thoughts on “Trump Military Scandal

  1. I knew you told us about tape taps! Thank you for reposting the prediction!

  2. Trump did not say anything at all derogatory about fallen military- absolutely impossible. Even spirit told you that Trump is saving the world and your liberal bias is just dying to accuse him of lies. Maybe that is why you are always seriously ill.

    1. You could argue that. The prediction mentions “scandal” and that is very much happening. The predictions speak for themselves. If he can do it to McCain, then clearly he doesn’t have a problem insulting Veterans.

      1. Trump doesn’t have a problem insulting anyone….he even said this about his supporters in 2016: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Trump supporters dismissed it, but they’d have reacted very differently if it’d been Obama saying such a thing, or any Democrat.

    2. Wow, Susan, what a nasty comment. You can disagree without being nasty “maybe that is why you are always seriously ill”? Really?

    3. Trump isn’t saving the world, Susan, he’s using fear and hatred to stay in power, just like Hitler did in the 1930s. He’s convinced his supporters to fear liberals and nonwhites and immigrants, just the way Hitler got Germans all riled about Jews, Gypsies, and Communists. Both so-called leaders convinced their supporters these groups were enemies out to ‘destroy America/Germany’ and too many people have fallen for it.

      Also, that comment about Eric’s illnesses being his fault don’t help anything, it’s downright mean. You might disagree with what he writes, but you can so without stooping so low as to blame him for his health issues.

      1. while I agree was nasty to say its Eric fault for being ill I disagree with the rest. Trump has been pointing out the violence not trying to instill fear. The left is supporting the violence errupting in democrats states by having police stand down and not stopping the violence down to even denying it at first. Democrats are even bailing rioters out so they can go back to rioting. As far as the military comments…Trump has always spoken very highly of our troops l. He didn’t like McCain with reasons but he has never talked down on our soldiers. Ones that don’t even like him stated he did not say those things. The fact everyone is so quick to believe anything said from anonymous sources is mind boggling. When proven not true people prefer to believe the lie and still repeat as truth. I like to wait till the facts come out because the truth will always come out in the end.

        1. Michelle,
          Actually, Trump is instilling fear….at all his rallies, he goes off on how liberals want open borders–which is not true. Liberals don’t support the wall or Trump’s rough treatment of immigrants, but that’s a far cry from wanting open borders. He says Biden supports defunding the police (Biden doesn’t). He repeatedly tells his voters “they’re coming for your guns”, when that isn’t true: Democrats want to ban assault weapons for civilians, not all guns, and they want to put in better safety measures for regular guns. Trump tells everyone “they’re going to indoctrinate your children, they hate America,” which are fear mongering tactics if I’ve ever seen them.

          Don’t get me wrong, the Democrats are far from perfect, and I think they do need to be tougher on the rioters (not including the peaceful protesters). But Trump has crossed line after line after line, he’s hurt the environment, he mishandled the Covid-19 crisis from the start (even lying to Americans about how serious it is), he’s divided Americans and allowed racism and hatred to flourish. It’s no accident that all these racist events keep happening, or that the people saying them keep referencing Trump….he’s condoning it. He’s standing with Confederate monuments and totally denying the need for racial reform. In the past he’s insulted women, minorities, told people to “go back where they came from” and has just been a horrible leader…..especially the way he compliments dictators like Putin or Kim Jong Un, despite the fact that they oppress and kill their own people.

          1. Democrats themselves say they want open borders. Trump is repeating what they themselves say. Kamala said if she became president the first thing she would do is make executive order and ban guns. They literally say this themselves. I believe they are indoctrinating our children. They are telling our children America is bad and racist. Now we have many rioters burning our flags and even screaming death to America. As far as him standing with confederate monuments he believes in our history needing to be preserved no matter how bad or we are doomed to repeat it. When we have people coming here from other countries then hating on ours and putting it down then a lot of us feel why are they here then if they hate it so much? Why dont they go back to where they came from if they hate it here. Racial inequalities? Many black people in all positions even one became POTUS. Yes there are racists. We have them in all races. Right now it is proven fact it is more dangerous to be a white person because they are attacking and even killing people just because they are white or a Trump supporter. I dont see people afraid to wear Biden gear but Trump supporters get attacked and beaten and worse when they do theirs so explain the discrimination against conservatives being ok. Most of the division is coming from our media that hate Trump and only want Democrats in power. I have 6 grown black children and 15 biracial grandchildren who mean the world to me. We have been discriminated against from white and black ppl. Kids will even tell you mostly from their black side of the family. Hate is hate no matter who is dishing it. Media deliberately twists Trumps words no matter what he says. Media has been cought lying time and time again and losing lawsuits left and right for it yet ppl still take what they say as truth. We have been watching the riots every night while left leaning media lied about it saying it wasnt that many riots and was mostly peaceful while buildings burning in the backgrounds. Democrats have been allowing it and even bailing rioters out and putting them back out to burn more down. Trump is bringing light to it all and he is the one in instealing fear? He is just showing the truth. Democrats admitting now and even saying its not going to stop. Democrats won’t be harder on them because they are funding them to do it. Love is the only thing that will defeat this evil. I have gotten to where I have to watch every debate and rally on all sides to get the truth myself because of media spin. Have you even looked up policies Trump has done? Have you even looked up all the good he has done for the minority communities? This is a shame that so many take media at their word and wont research for themselves and get the truth for themselves. So many are blinded by hate they dont even attempt to look deeper. I love everyone and will continue to love everyone and pray for us all.

    4. susan Steffen
      Thank you for clarifying and Personifying a Trump supporter …
      oh its ok I wont blame you for your illness … have a speedy recovery ..

    5. I’ve interpreted his predictions about the White House and Trump differently. The assumption is corruption is Trump while I see the corruption happening to Trump. I wish I had a better example but don’t have time to look it up but one prediction was about him walking in the other direction of the chaos in the cities etc. I saw it as him allowing the unpeaceful protestors to burn down the cities allowing the Deep State to expose themselves. Forgive me for not quoting the exact source. Eric gets his predictions and shares with us what he gets. He leaves it open to interpretation for us all. That’s why he often poses it as a question and asks what we think. JMHO

      1. Laura I read into it the same way. It seems a lot of what spirits predict are what headlines are saying. Doesnt matter if headlines are true or not they are still stories media puts out and that is a lit of what I see spirits predicting.

    6. Trump stated he did not like people who had been captured by the enemy. This comment is on video & made national news at the time it happened. Trump was purposely trying to make Senator John McCain look bad. McCain was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.

  3. When one of the sources was a four-star-general, it made me wonder if this is the lion figure who walks the halls of congress according to that prediction. It’s also not good when even Fox News confirms the story with their senior level WH sources.

    Plus we know Trump trashes veterans because he’s always loved to openly trashed the late veteran McCain’s war status – and now he’s openly trashed Gen. Kelly to the press on multiple occasions.

    Trump also threatened to disown his own kids if they chose to ever join the military.

  4. Thank you Eric! Hope you are feeling better…..

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E

  5. Still confused about the China prediction. Not sure if it’s bad for an American or a Chinese – maybe China exposes a financial scandal involving them and another American who hypocritically talks tough against China publically while privately makes deals that personally enrich themselves?

  6. I hope the public sees more and more scandals involving Trump and his administration before the election in November. Trump is the only US president to turn to tyrants with affection and snub our allies. He has no sense of history or how government is really supposed to work. He only uses his own greed and his desire to be powerful as his compass.
    He laughs at the evangelicals behind their backs as he has no real understanding of religion, as his true religion is self-promotion and self-aggrandizement.

    1. So Obama didn’t? That is so untrue! Many past presidents have to keep peace or try and reach peace with the other countries.

      1. Secret back channels, secrets, secrets all tied to darkness is the Trump presidency

  7. The Cult of Personality around Trump is blinding many people to his flaws. Some of his most extreme supporters have embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory. The insane conspiracy theory has many elements resembling the anti-Semitic conspiracy of the Medieval Era: both theories posit children kidnapped and having their blood drunken. Only the scapegoat has changed: “Democrat elites” replacing Jews… though not entirely; the anti-Soros stuff associated with QAnon is pretty rote anti-Semitic.

    Maybe the real question is what dark forces are turning Americans on each other. Maybe we need domestic foreign exchange programs: rural conservative voters come to live temporarily in liberal city centers and urban liberals live temporarily among countryside folk. Maybe then we will see through the lies diving us.

  8. Jeez, this is just a thought, but WOW!! That is so EVIL, so twisted and desperate- to try to equate trump’s unhappy pathetic life brought on entirely by his own doing- to anything Eric has been going through!
    Everyone hears trump’s words every day. We all know what he said.
    And we are incredibly LUCKY to have Eric here – sharing Spirits uplifting messages and predictions- giving us the truth from the other side! Eric gives us a light at the end of this long dark tunnel!- and it can’t come soon enough.
    trump is so jealous and insecure he cannot control himself. Trump is NOT saving the world – just the opposite ! and Spirit NEVER told Eric that either.
    Trumps insults and disgraceful utterances about our fallen military, our brave service men and women presently serving and all of our veterans, disqualify him to hold ANY office in this great country!
    Every word that Narcissist Malignancy trump says is wrapped in poison and deceit.
    And we have all heard it.

  9. Eric forgive me for saying but after reading the comments I had to put my two cents worth in. During the last election you predicted that Trump would not be president, but now, he IS our president. From the outside looking in since then all your predictions are obviously ANTI Trump, so….. I have to ask this question, are your predictions really coming from Spirit or your personal desired outcome? Since coming into office, he has done nothing but defend himself from the nastiness of the opposition (as evident in these comments). It reminds of me a carnival game where weasels pop up and you have to club them with a bat when they come out of their hole.
    Just a suggestion, do you think before you make political predictions you could clarify with Spirit the TRUTH and not your DESIRE? Or, refrain from political predictions completely that spur more nastiness, hatred and finger pointing all together and focus on other world events like natural disasters which you seem to be good at. There’s just enough hatred in this world already.
    Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Please find a way to remain neutral in your future political predictions and stick to the truth.
    Good health to you my friend.

    1. Yes, I can see your predicament Kim. It is extremely hard to find a psychic, medium, Astrologist etc who receives information in support of Trump’s unstable and unpredictable style of Presidency.
      Even those that are pro Republican rarely find Messages in support of his Presidency. The problem, of course, is that the Higher Spiritual Realm see the Spiritual as their priority over the material/physical world. They care for ALL peoples of the world, not just white Americans. They never cease in Their desire for Peace, as opposed to conflict, greed and egocentricity.
      Basically, They support true socialism, where ALL of God’s creations come first, as opposed to wealth for a few at the expense of the majority. Pete

      1. Thank you Pete Medium, and much appreciated.
        Beautifully stated. Perfectly said.
        two thumbs way way way up! 🙂

  10. Stop. Just Stop. Can you please all just STOP talking American politics. Just STOP. Your anger just keeps going around and around this petty quabbling pro-republican anti-republican pro-democrat anti-democrat. The anger getting louder and louder on every iteration of opinion. Can you just all listen to yourselves for once. Show me one piece of constructive thought in any of this dialog, just one thought that is going to bring world peace. Just one thought that is going to stop the genocide in China. Just one thought that is going to help the many animals and plants that face extinction. Just one thought, just one prayer that you can send to the hundreds of thousands of people who are infected with CVT19 in India. Just one prayer to go to all the people in oppressive regimes so they perhaps some light may reach them. Do you really think the rest of the world gives a $h** about your petty political feuding? Grow up for fs sake. We are just so sick of it. If you aren’t interested in what Eric has to say, then just go somewhere else. It is really quite simple. But for the rest of the people who continue to read this blog, who dream of a better world, just try and focus on the goal here. Focus on the positive, on the constructive. If you really don’t have anything good to say, just want to mouth off some criticism or you want to start some parochial US political fight, just go somewhere else. The world just doesn’t want to hear it ANYMORE.

    1. You’re probably right Steve, we should focus more on the predictions and trying to help figure out how to fix things that are going on in the world. Please know, we’re not trying to be petty; politics is an issue that’s genuinely scaring the heck out of Americans right now, on all sides, and with the election coming up, the anxiety is getting worse.

      We all try to sway people to our side with our arguments, but we’re probably just driving each other crazy. You’re right, we need more constructive discussions.

      On that note, I apologize to everyone if my political comments on this thread came out sharp or mean. I meant to explain why I feel the way I do, why Trump scares me, but I probably came off as aggressive. For whatever it’s worth, I really hope we can pull through this dark time together.

    2. @Steve (Prayers out)…….and those caught in the wildfires….those suffering from extreme poverty….children stuck in war torn areas…..Africa suffering from plague of locusts…..climate change…..

  11. I pray the truth shines over the lies. I pray people wake up and see the truth. I pray our almighty God shines down upon us all I pray for discernment. I pray we put our egos aside even if it doesn’t fit our narrative so we can see the truth. I pray and will continue to pray we are all lead to the truth. The real truth. God bless us all.

  12. As an American, I find that it’s really important to look beyond tribalism and extremism in our politics. Unfortunately, in recent years these things have consumed our national outlook, very much to the detriment of our people. George Washington warned us of the dangers of submitting to a two party system, and here we are, polarized and fighting with one another when neither side of the political aisle has a monopoly on common sense. Steve, you’re right to point out that this isn’t benefiting our world in the least.

    Given the political landscape and visceral election season that we are currently dealing with presently in the US, I think it may be prudent to remember that while the world may not be benefiting from the political chaos our country is embroiled in, there ARE forces those willing to push polarization and exploit our differences as a weakness. Honestly, when I read comments such as Susan Steffen’s, the first thing that pops into my head is “Russian Troll.”

    Now, I certainly have major issues with both the political left and the political right. This idea that we have to choose one or the other is simply a false narrative. But no matter where you stand, if you look at the facts, Trump is divisive, he is morally objectionable, he surrounds himself with corrupt individuals, and he has been largely ineffective as a President. It is the responsibility of the voting public in the US to look past propaganda, and vote with discernment and conscience. I do not consider myself a democrat by any stretch of the imagination, but I do consider myself a man who believes in the principles of truth, honor, and personal integrity. I know these things when I see them, and they are not present in our current President. To see what I have seen and to think otherwise would be willfully ignorant.

    Eric, I honestly don’t know if your abilities are in any way supernatural or if you just have an insanely fine tuned sense of what’s coming down the pike. Either way, I am glad to have you here and sharing your insights.

    1. Upon re-reading my own post, I just wanted to make a quick clarification, that I meant this as a statement of support for Eric and the wonderful work that he does. I apologize if that came across any other way. You’re amazing, Eric! Stay well and keep up the good work!

  13. Eric, isn’t it amazing, how one or two people, and their negitives, can highjack, and change , the very core vaules, in which this site was founded.? Please feel free, to delete people, from this site, when they do get nasty, attack you, and others. time, is short, so many people, are wasting energies, where it could be directed, in more postive ways, other than defending you or others peoples view points and posts. America, will have to learn to work that EVERONE, has to work together! as SOO many Pressing problems and issues are COMING! The house of cards, will be collopsing within in the next six months, most people arent aware. now, this is my opoinion, so i DO pat you on the back, for having big shoulders, and i do hope, that extreme hate and extreme negitives, dont influence, this site down the road! as always Thank you for all you do! This website, is your assignment, in this lifetime, and you are working wonders , and teaching and learning as well……..

  14. Hi Eric. As you know I normally only give a short explanation of my weekly Blog, along with the link.
    In view of this particular set of comments, and I hope acceptable by you, I’ve given a bit of what my Spirit Friends are saying in relation to the world’s turmoil. Hope it’s acceptable. Pete
    “What the world isn’t recognising, and they should, is the world is no longer under the influence of the Pisces era. In order for the Universe to move to this new age, mechanisms are necessary to close down the old world, and allow the new.
    The supporters of the old ways are blaming socialists. The Universe is not interested in those ‘handles’.
    If the virus doesn’t bring the majority away from that old age, other ‘additives’ will be added to the mix, hence why the answer to your original questions was delayed. Nothing is certain or truly predictable until the collective consciousness of the majority of peoples understands this change is in no way man made.”

  15. This is really sad, I once had high hopes and regard for this site and its purpose. I feel it’s now lost in all the hate in our world. It no longer shines with hope and love. The hope and love of God. I pray Eric you can bring this site back to it’s original purpose. I need to step away for awhile, to much hate. Good luck to you. I’ll check back in a few months.

  16. Wow! What is going on here!

    This is Eric’s website. He has invested a lot of time and resources into sharing his message. We can’t let anger, hate and down right rudeness destroy his work. So have some respect.

    I’m not going to point fingers but this is so wrong! Please if you don’t like Eric’s message then go to a website that fits your narrative…please.

    Remember, that we collectively have the power to change timelines. Do not let the hate, lies and divisive language become your reality. You are only succeeding in feeding into the negative forces who rule this world. Trump is just one of their puppets!

    In this matrix the human race is deliberately kept distracted…divide and conquer… wars, famines, man-made climate change…the list goes on. And long after we’ve let this life it will continue to be so.

    As scary as these predictions can be, talented seers such as Eric give us a glimpse into future possibilities. What we choose do do with that information is our free will.

    Be kind, show respect, and we can continue to enjoy Eric’s work.

    Peace & Light

  17. Holy torpedoes Batman this really went a different direction. I’m just here so I don’t get fined!

    Anywho, I hope this slight modification to the time tables help make the predictions a bit more comprehendible. Less cryptic numbers, more solid time tables is truly a win for all who follow this blog!

    Keep doing what your doing, my friends now contact me daily to get your latest updates and they in turn spread the word to help create awareness to deter/alter future problems

  18. Regarding Susan Steffens comments above….
    As far as I know, Eric nor his Spirits have ever said, “Trump is saving our world”.
    Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong Eric.
    And, I find their remarks pertaining to your illness just plain mean and spiteful. That was a boundary they should not have crossed. It is not what this site is about.

    1. Jules- You are correct.
      Thank you.
      I tried to say the same in my post ,but you are crisp, succinct and right to the point. Neither Eric nor Spirit ever said that. never.- And the other stuff is just horrible. very hurtful.
      Thank you Jules. Stay safe and keep healthy.
      Prayers for the world.

  19. Posting should be a fairly simple exercise. Consider whether the comment is going to Incite or bring Insight and Inspire. If the former, then just don’t press the Post Comment button. If it doubt, copy your text to Notepad and mull over it for 24 hours, and if you still wonder whether it is going to offend or get people’s backs up, then just don’t post it at all.

    This works well, not just for your social postings, but also in your personal interactions and work life as well. We all fall for the trick of wanting to respond immediately, myself included, and where the message has gone awry I’ve always kicked myself for not having taken heed of this key rule. “Mmmmm. should have waited until the morning to send that one off!”

    We all have negative thoughts or opinions about events or people. What makes us wise and have wisdom is whether we choose to communicate about it either through words, actions or the keyboard.

    As they say, hurt begets hurt. It forms part of that cycle of hate that we have seen so often, where there is that incessant need for revenge, to get that final word in. Its an affliction that happens so often, in our relationships, it happens between countries, between cultures.

    Injustice needs to be called out, there is no dispute on that. But I would suggest that there would be equally many cases where there would be many more benefits in keeping those opinions to ourselves, especially when they are associated with negative thoughts. Recognise these negative thoughts for what they are. If in doubt let them go, and try and focus on the positive things only. But whatever you do don’t just spread anger and pain simply to air your negative point of view.

    Peace, calm and blessings to all.

  20. The China traitor prediction reminds me of these two predictions; the first prediction, in my opinion, is probably most similar to this new prediction because the 2nd prediction seems it’s more about Trump-Russia. Could be wrong tho:

    NOTES ON 12-2-14
    “China, treason, panic, panic, put to death.” — Spirits Voice I had a visual of a large rat sitting up eating a piece of cheese, he had beady black eyes that looked disturbing. … (CHINA ARRESTS EX-SECURITY CHIEF FOR LEAKING SECRETS)

    PREDICTIONS 2-10-17
    “The leader caught in an act of treason.. his own kind turn on him.. many demand that his only way forward is his removal.. Treason!” — Spirits Voice.

    1. Has anyone else noticed we haven’t heard from Xi Ping since early this year? My Spirit Friends have indicated that the Old Guard are now in control.
      “The leader caught in an act of treason.. his own kind turn on him.. many demand that his only way forward is his removal.. Treason!”
      Makes sense doesn’t it?

      1. The fact that you put Trump at the level of Hitler shows you’re mental facilities! Do you think the general public agrees with u ? Or not that they will say? This may be to the inclusion of Pete medium(although why u still are allowed to post here I’ll never know!) I wonder why u are actually here! Your verbiage is useless.. you should stay on your platform…or I should post all of mine to balance your nonsense…And leave Eric to my opinion u add nothing here except trying to get ppl to ur site! With that said, I care none about the haters, and to those who follow…wtf are u thinking! Are u led blindly…or are you happy with a Person who can’t finish a sentence without a prompter? We need someone to lead the country, do you really want someone who can’t form a sentence? He can’t even keep his hands off of the children! And if you want videos I’ll put them all up! But god knows no one ever wants to see that! Hate to tell you all,but a trump wins again clearly. And that’s not a hope,it’s a clear vision.

  21. I usually enjoy reading the comments but today I am totally shocked by the responses and wonder how some of them have passed the Akismet.
    Whenever I have posted it says waiting moderation before posting.
    Please let’s keep this as good as it can be and is.
    Kindest regards to all.

  22. Eric has blocked me simply because my message doesn’t Aline with his! Trump wins and you will be made to be fools…he hates that! But it’s true . Eric is promoting his perspective.. Trump wins and he doesnt want to believe anything out of his frame of reference. This is simple, trump wins again. Deal with it. Many of us have seen This!
    I live in nj..and even us, we don’t want dems anymore! We even want them all out!

  23. Eric, would you not consider that you have been in error on this? It appears that “back channel” dealings and a traitor in the military would aptly apply to the traitorous General Milley! Why no “predictions coming true” on that one? It appears that you are right on this, there is a traitor among us, but you seem to want to apply this to Trump when clearly, it is this current administration that is making this prediction true.

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