World Predictions 3-2-20

I had a visual of a white dove sitting by a wall. On the wall one of the bricks had been destroyed or removed. Oddly it was just one missing brick in the wall of many bricks.

It could be a cryptic message about a specific nations peace or a testament; peace can only be achieved in this world if the walls come down. We created these boundaries, we built walls around our nations whether symbolic or literal, the only way forward is to remove them.

I had a visual of Kim Jong Un selling weapons to others. Some of the worst individuals out there.

I had a visual of one massive wave, or tide hitting a shoreline.
That’s the second time I have seen this prediction and most likely references Fiji again.

I am still working on the details of the next Truth. I should have it done by the 7th. Sorry for the delay.

29 thoughts on “World Predictions 3-2-20

  1. Wonder if this prediction is related in any way:

    “I had a visual of a fool of a man and his partner selling stolen weapons of mass destruction. As he was beginning his sell both of them fell sick, they were poisoned and this slithering snake took the weapons off their hands acknowledging that their sickness was his or her doing. Then the weapons left to be sold elsewhere.”

  2. The wall prediction for some reason put me in mind of an old Peter, Paul, and Mary song. “If there’s any hope for love at all, some walls must fall.”
    Actually, the song is still very relevant today, about breaking down walls between races, countries, etc. to make life better.

  3. I’m guessing that as time passes and as humanity evolves we begin to see less borders, less boundaries and less walls.

  4. Peace walls remind me of Northern ireland. More and more were put up to separate communities after the 1998 Peace Agreement (GFA) was signed. Very, very few are starting to be dismantled.

    Off topic, for everyone worried about the CoVid19 epidemic- Here’s how it spread in Week 1, in Italy, the worst affected country in Europe, despite a strong “lockdown and quarantine” strategy by the Italian government.

  5. Eric could you clarify that this is the words of your guides or your personal opinion?

    The “Peace can only be achieved in this world if the walls come down. We created these boundaries, we built walls around our nations whether symbolic or literal, the only way forward is to remove them”.

    It’s just that here in Europe we couldn’t have done more for the millions of people on the move welcoming them into a host of 1st world countries.

    There are approx 5 million refugees in Turkey being ushered to the Greek border. The Europeans people don’t (despite globalist propaganda) don’t want them based on the brutal and destructive experiences that they have had with the ones already here.

    Some people have lovely minds and hearts and assume its the same with every one. It simply is not and it puts every one in danger. Walls are good as are front doors to our homes.

      1. Within Europe yes most definitely. Hungary and Poland have no problems with Islamic terrorism which do not allow any Islamic immigration preferring to protect their citizens first. The countries that adopted the no borders globalist intentions are being destroyed.
        Sweden has collapsed. The German power house has gone into a deep recession, storm troopers are on the streets of France every week, the Brits voted out of the EU. Greece has been turned into a refugee dumping ground which has brought the army to the borders and Italy no longer allows boats to dock.
        Why do Islamic refugees fight their way into Christian countries and not Islamic ones if their need for sanctuary is genuine?

    1. Hi, the refusal of the EE to accept refugees has turned Greece to “ warehouse of Souls” “or prison guards”! It is really deeply saddening to see these poor people drowning with their children in Aegean waters or fighting to the greek frontier to come in…
      Turkey is using them in order to gain what they want and the other countries have closed their borders so they don’t go there! Greece is the last European border and they left us to deal with this alone!
      Fascism and racism have started now and these poor people are in the middle of a conflict between Turkey and EE..
      We really pray for guidance because there is a great danger for life loss..

      1. The videos of the drowning refugees are fake, shot by NGO film crews. The Greeks are demanding they leave and throwing their equipment into the sea. The reality is that it is an army of 95% males of fighting age at the borders with Greece. They are throwing petrol bombs and rocks and trying to force their way into a country that cannot cope with them.
        At the same time we are all meant to be quaking in our boots over Corona Virus.
        Should Greece take 3/4/5 million refugees representing nearly every country in the world during a pandemic?
        Or all the prisoners that Erdogan is releasing?

        1. probably you know better even from reuters! keep your disturbing thoughts for you and stop misleading the people! A baby is dead! EE and Turkey are criminals!

        2. Yes they should, because their human beings. We have an obligation to treat others as we would want to be treated. If someone needs help they should be helped. That’s why we are all here to help one another, to love each other.

  6. Looking forward to your next “Truth”. Looking forward to reading it.

  7. Hello to the french
    Some time ago you announced the assassination of a European leader, is this prediction still valid?

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