ISIS Leader Baghdadi IS Dead

Has this prediction happened?

Predictions on 10-26-15   “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS, will be killed by US forces. His days are numbered. A great blow to the darkness.

Predictions 12-19-16   “Secretly the leader unclear if he is sitting on dirt or gold.. contemplates his decision to strike.. boldly the eagle strikes the spiders den.. the king of terror is dead.” — Spirits Voice

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  1. Cody Avatar

    “ISIS leader al-Baghdadi confirmed dead after apparent suicide during U.S. operation: sources”


  2. Sara Avatar

    It feels wrong to be relieved a man is dead, but I’m relieved al-Baghdadi was finally brought to justice. He caused the deaths of thousands of people worldwide, and his followers will likely still be a threat after this. (We should still be careful, because his followers might want to retaliate). But I’m relieved there was justice for his victims.

    I was saddened to hear that, when Baghdadi blew himself up, he also killed 3 of his children. In his last act, he took the lives of more innocent victims. I pray the children will rest in peace; after all, they had no control over who their father was or what he did.

    1. Peggy9cats Avatar

      I agree with you Sara, you are such a thoughtful, intelligent person with a beautiful spirit!

      1. Sara Avatar

        Thank you, Peggy, you seem really nice, too!

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I agree with both of you!

  3. Vicks Avatar

    We should still be in prayer and vigilance as they have a line up of people that will be next to take the throne.

    1. Sara Avatar

      That’s true, we should still be careful.

  4. francinesmith1 Avatar

    Such fantastic news. It is a really significant psychological blow to ISIS. This guy was a founder. They have killed so many people in such hideously awful ways.

  5. francinesmith1 Avatar

    And, I love our military.

  6. sun00 Avatar

    When it comes to ISIS there is always someone else to step up. This solves nothing,

  7. Star Puzzler Avatar
    Star Puzzler

    I noticed you posted this prediction EXACTLY 4 years ago to the day that he is reported dead. That seems incredible to me.
    I had a sort of sad feeling after he died that perhaps his death will inspire some retaliation or attacks of some kind.
    I also felt a little ashamed of our president feeling the need to say over and over again that this man whimpered and cried out in fear during the attack before he committed murder-suicide with his children…perhaps in his mind he was making them martyrs, I am not sure…
    No matter who it is, we shouldn’t take joy in the other person’s suffering, even if they were considered someone who deserved it. We are here for focusing our energies on better things than wishing suffering on others, aren’t we?

  8. Star Puzzler Avatar
    Star Puzzler

    Trump’s ‘Crass’ Rhetoric Is ‘Really Going to Incite al-Baghdadi’s Followers,’ Says Al Jazeera Reporter:

    1. Amy Avatar

      With that, let’s not forget World Predictions 10-23-19, posted just four days earlier.

  9. Star Puzzler Avatar
    Star Puzzler

    There was already a new leader picked this August according to this article, with Baghdadi as a figurehead who didn’t get involved in planning operations:

    ISIS Already Has a New Leader, But Baghdadi May Not Have Been Running the Group Anyway–

    1. francinesmith1 Avatar

      The replacement was killed today! Our military is on it!

  10. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    From Predictions on 10-26-15
    “However in what has to be one of the most outrageous predictions, they predicted that a large Hurricane would swipe southern California, which is unheard of.
    I asked Spirit are there any Hurricanes that will hit the US?
    “Yes” I had a visual of the word ‘home’ (San Diego California).”
    “Driven by hurricane-force winds, the fire grew at a rate of one football field every three seconds when it first ignited on Wednesday, CNN’s meteorologist Brandon Miller said.

    1. Vicks Avatar

      That is so interesting. I would of never thought of that. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Trevor Avatar

    A Sunni Iraqi, Baghdadi was captured at the beginning of the Iraq war and became radicalized in the US military prison he was staying in in Iraq before being released; from there he became part of the Al Qaeda insurgency in Iraq during the war and then became the leader of the Islamic state in Iraq, which would become ISIS once they moved into Syria during the Syrian civil war.

    If the Iraq War never happened and if Saddam Hussein had never been removed from power, nobody would’ve ever known Baghdadi because ISIS would’ve never existed.

    Crazy how we Americans give ourselves high fives for killing the very bad guys our American foreign policy helped create in the first place – whether it be bin laden or baghdadi.

  12. francinesmith1 Avatar

    The tragedy is not in Baghdadi’s death..that is not tragic whatsoever other than the fact that he took three kids with him. He earned what happened to him. The tragedy is in the thousands of murders Isis carried out in the most excruciating of ways. They have come up with extremely inhumane methods to kill people even the Nazis hadn’t thought of.

    So no, there is no shame in this. Groups like Isis are going after civilians intentionally and without being picky about it. When one of them is permanently stopped, it’s a good day.

  13. Cody Avatar

    “No one even bats an eyelash as the US is stealing Syrian oil, a war crime, and smuggling 30 million dollars in profits out of #Syria every month.”

    “Now imagine the uproar if it was Russia doing the same thing in another sovereign nation 6,000 miles away.”


  14. Cody Avatar

    “An Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces faction has accused the US of sending former ISIS fighters and other Salafi-jihadist extremist “rebels” from Syria into Iraq in order to fight and destabilize the government, which voted to expel the US occupying troops”

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