philadelphia Explosion

This prediction has happened. Please stay safe.

We are 1 day off.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-13-19 I had a visual of one massive explosion, so huge it had a mushroom shape. 

I had a visual of a factory, at first there was a smaller explosion than a much larger one. 

I had a visual of the letter W. They implied the factory or plant explosion would unfold in or around China. There was an implication that another plant/factory explosion would unfold in the US. 

There was also an implication on a coverup over how many casualties or damage took place. 


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25 thoughts on “philadelphia Explosion

  1. I thought of you when I saw this on the local news. The things you see must be terrifying. I pray you see great things too.

    1. I do! Several predictions are made about distant events that are not posted. The plan is to post them as sets at a later date but they are beyond amazing. It’s awesome to see how far humanity takes it. For me anytime we discuss distant predictions I feel like a child at Christmas opening presents

      1. hello Eric, excuse me you have some forecast regarding the 4th July, numerous sources attribute this day to a great planetary revelation besides July 20th will be the “limit date” of chico xavier ..

      2. I’m glad you saw these things. No problem with waiting for you to post. Timing is the most difficult part of predictions. Even Jesus said he didn’t know when he will return. For me, this illustrates how important human free will is. Also, thank you for your help. Things are slowly but surely coming to pass!

        1. It’s not entirely about timing some of the things I see, I really don’t understand, it’s beyond me. I guess in many ways it would be like explaining the internet or cell phones to someone in the biblical days. For the sake of interest, I will add one of these distant predictions in the next round of predictions.

      1. Here’s one greek prophecy: When you will hear on tv friday morning that israel and usa dropped the first bomb on iran WW3 will begin.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink,

        We pulled out of the Iran deal that Iran was abiding by just so we could intentionally escalate the situation with our crippling economic sanctions in the hopes that it breaks the Iranian regime. We violated the deal first yet they continued to follow the deal even after we’d pulled out and placed sanctions on them for no reason. Very dumb move considering how the situation has only escalated ever since that unnecessary action.

      3. Wren,

        Unfortunately Trump has been fed by Bolton, Pompeo and Netanyahu – who is very close to the neoconservative war hawks like Bolton/Pompeo – that if you wage economic warfare against Iran that it will break the backbone of Iran and that Iran will surrender and come back to the negotiation table. That was the narrative fed to Trump; unfortunately he believed them. Bush also believed this same narrative about Iran that was fed to him by Cheney, Bolton and other neoconservatives.

        Iran however is now punching back and not surrendering, which isn’t what they expected. Trump’s “maximum pressure” strategy against Iran might bring about war even if he doesn’t want war because the Iranians aren’t going to sit and take it; and they obviously haven’t thus far.

        Iran wants to increase the costs of Trump’s “maximum pressure” strategy by increasing the price of oil by attacking targets that have an impact on oil prices. So we’re heading towards war even if Trump doesn’t believe in a military confrontation with Iran.

        Which eased tensions and prevented escalation to war?
        Iran Deal > Pulling out + maximum pressure strategy

    1. That is very odd and bone chilling. I will put it out there for Spirit to look into, unfortunately right now they aren’t taking questions so they can give all their focus on these new types of predictions. But maybe they will make an exception

  2. 7.3 quake in the Banda Sea West Papua area.
    Parts of Darwin (Northern Territory Australia) has been evacuate for fear of a tsunami.

    1. Darwin residents have reported buildings swaying and parts of the city centre have been evacuated after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the city.

      “The epicentre of the earthquake was in the Banda Sea, north of Timor-Leste, on Monday, local time, and prompted reports of large tremors in the Top End city.
      The Bureau of Meteorology issued an alert just after 1pm saying there was no tsunami threat to Australia following the earthquake.”

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