Colorado School Shooting

Another horrible shooting, so tragic, so horrible, my heart pours out to all in Colorado.

Anytime Spirit mentions “In” it seems to be a date. World Predictions: US Attack Coming

Predictions 1-11-18 Notes on 12-2-13

I had a visual of a large Zero. A major prediction is about to happen.

I was falling asleep when I heard screams and gunshots. Individuals were screaming at others to run.  I had a visual of a mad man plunge through a door, staring down those in the room. “In 7 minutes”

I had a visual of what looked like colored markers or crayons lined up next to it there were bullets, then I heard shots fired. Five shots. “This is coming soon.. Not the nicest kid anymore.. poor popularity.. ” At the end they showed the number 7.


15 thoughts on “Colorado School Shooting

  1. Hello Eric

    I am French and many medieum see something very important and serious that will happen this month.
    Do you have predictions for France?
    Thank you

    1. We have an eye towards France, which actually implies the same, that something is coming. Right now Spirit has complete control over the predictions. We are testing this new process.

  2. This is insane. Children should not have to go to school and live in fear that another student will start shooting. More needs to be done to keep guns out of the hands of people who would do that.

    I’m not saying we should do away with the 2nd Amendment, but we really do need to improve something. We can still respect the 2nd amendment, but have better safety measures to protect people and prevent tragedies.

    A national database of people who aren’t allowed to buy guns or own–terrorist sympathizers, domestic abusers, anyone who’s made a threat against a school–might at least alert gun-sellers not to sell to someone. Or at least not make it easy for an abusive husband or a crazed 18-year-old to open fire. (Sort of like the terrorist no-fly list).

    I don’t mean to be preachy, I’m just fed up with all the shootings, with kids dying like this….kids deserve better. They deserve to go to school without wondering if there’ll be a lockdown or if they’ll see their families again.

  3. This is so sad. What is possessing our children to strike out at each other with such violence? I’m not sure why this isn’t a top priority with the U.S. Government right now but we have many self absorbed people in office leading our nation. I just wanted to mention that Dutchsinse twitter is kind of messed up this morning and I can’t find any recent postings past May the 6th. DLive is also not giving a picture. Activity from 5/5/19 forward on Iris Seismic Monitor shows high 4’s for coast of CA, Indonesia, Honshu Japan, Philippines and S. Pacific. Was reading up on the “earth wobble” and it makes me think of Newton’s cradle.

    1. When the elders of America have put guns before their lives, and our leaders have been bought, I can see how our youth would see the world with minimal hope.

  4. Just hours after Kendrick Castillo died – the Hispanic 7th grader who sacrificed his life to protect his classmates — you had the president and his supporters down at his Florida rally laughing about shooting Hispanic migrants at the border. What the hell is wrong with people?

    1. I don’t think it was ‘just hours,’ the day after is more accurate – still disgusting.

      1. Agreed. That’s not normal for any politician–let alone a president– to laugh when a supporter jokes about shooting unarmed migrants. It’s not normal for people in the audience to laugh about something like that, either. The whole thing is just wrong.

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