Cyclone Fani Approaches India

This prediction has happened to its date. They might be talking about two. storms back to back. Be safe India!

We just predicted Cyclone Kenneth Strikes Mozambique now this. Their focus on weather goes to a broader message that climate change is now at our doorstep and can no longer be ignored: World Predictions 3-11-19

The prediction:

World Predictions 2-21-19 I had a visual I was above the planet looking down, there was one massive cyclone below. It was a huge storm. “At the end and beginning of a month.” 

“India.. Bangladesh.. devastated by one massive storm.” 

In regards to the storm I believe they said ‘May’. I do question are the two events about a mega storm related or separate?

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  1. There is a Greek prophecy that says days before WW3 and the Turkish invasion on Greece a huge earthquake Magnitude 9.5 will hit in Athens or Aegean sea and the Santorini volcano will erupt also WW3 will begin when Israel and USA will drop the first bomb on Iran and it will happen 1 month after the death of erdogan and probably it will happen in 2020 can you ask your spirit about this pls?

  2. Eric,SWC,

    Bangladesh late this week


    Tropical Cyclone Fani is forecast to become a formidable cyclone in the Bay of Bengal and is likely to pose a danger to parts of eastern India and Bangladesh late this week.
    Cyclone Fani is expected to intensify into an “extremely severe” storm as it heads toward the coast of the eastern Indian state of Odisha, the India Meteorological Office said on Tuesday.

      1. Eric,
        I agree…now is a cat 3..
        Thursday Cat 4 is forecast…/ Cat 5
        Will. Monitor…

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