Cyprus Serial Killer

This horrible prediction has happened. Other than being a serial killer there are no clear ties to Hannibal.

Predictions 3-22-18 A serial killer on an Island.. similar to the acts of the fictional character Hannibal Lector



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  1. Perhaps more will be clarified as further information is released about the perpetrator. There are actually four books in the Hannibal Lector series….and I think in all of them. Hannibal was generally regarded by most people as a normal person–his psychosis was well-hidden….and also seem to remember that in all four, he was utilized by police detectives or FBi personnel as an “informant” or initially someone helpful to them. Thus…perhaps one similarity.

  2. Also…depnding on if the other 4 claimed decedents are discovered and no desecration to their bodie, then that similarity would be ruled out. However, one of the books takes place in Florence, Italy….makes me wonder about this perpetrator’s history. If he has ever lived in Florence, that would be an enormous similarity.

  3. The killer – at least from current reports – only targeted women, which makes me think he’s more like the “Buffalo Bill” character – based on serial killer Ed Gein, both of whom only targeted women – from The Silence of Lambs than Hannibal Lector. I’m of course not relating anything else from what the character did in the movie with the real life killer, only that they both targeted women – that’s the only similarity I can find with the killer and anything to do with the movie.

  4. From what I remember about Ed Gein, he actually wove clothing and lampshades out of the victim’s skin…..(shudder),
    I think the connection may be more the “friend to police” similarity….but….still….Cyprus is not THAT far from Florence. Be interesting to see his travel or previous life history….and….if he has ever been in Florence, any unsolved missing there?
    (I probably read way too much…but there has to be something there that relates to Eric’s prediction.)

    1. “I’m of course not relating anything else from what the character did in the movie with the real life killer” — I should’ve been more specific because I was talking about the Cyprus killer, not Ed Gein, when it came to nothing else being related to the character besides both targeting only women.

  5. According to an update on FOX, the perpetrator in custody is a 35 year old Cypriot National Guard Captain. There is a lot of anger in Cyprus because people think the police have not taken disappearances seriously. Cyprus has a population of 1 million….but there are 80 unsolved missing person cases…the oldest of which dates from 1990. He first admitted to a couple of murders, then added more….so far….all females and some with children who are also missing and feared dead. Other than “serial killer on an island”…. but….technically….his profession does relate him to being a friend of law enforcement (like Hannibal Lector was portrayed). I do not know the nimber of Hannibal’s victims. But….this man is clearly psychotic.

  6. unfortunately at the moment there were 22 ladies from Philippines ( working as cleaning ladies in houses)who went missing the last years and the police didn’t do anything to find them! apparently some of the victims already found are part of these missing ladies…
    This monster gave information about 5 killings of ladies and 2 children!
    It is very possible it’s much more because nobody knows when he started! One of the victims found is from Nepal!
    The bodies of the poor children are not yet found (7 and 8 years old little girls 😥)
    Its so awful!! its such a quiet island but lately some terrible things have happened there….
    I don’t know about any similarities with Hannibal but today they found suitcases in a toxic lake and when they opened one there was a human body! tomorrow they will bring out the second one😢

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