Truth 20

In regards to the universe, The Big Bang?

According to Spirit that is not how the universe formed.

There is an element in space that can only be described as an anti light, or lights opposite. This matter is growing at an accelerated rate pushing the universe outward, constantly making it bigger.

I had a visual of the darkest part of space. Then the visual shifted to show the infinitesimal part of the universe. First there was a small sphere, from the visual it seemed microscopic, then one sphere became four more, and those four created four more again and again.

I had a visual of the universe in a ‘different’ time, it was a sphere much smaller than the universe today, Then the visual shifted to show grass grow outward. Certain part of the grass had much more heavy patches, but in every way the grass kept growing outward, with each passing moment it grew faster and larger. Then Spirit made the comparison to this anti light and how the grass grew.

From what I understand in a time that we are unfamiliar with, the universe was much smaller. It was also extremely different. Then this anti light came to be, consistently pushing the universe outward. Because it is constantly multiplying the growth not only hasn’t slowed down but is moving faster than ever before.

In a final visual they showed a small balloon, then the balloon started to inflate, getting bigger and bigger. But their message is a contradiction to a Big Bang.

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  1. het eric, what the most important thing, that was not covered, in the truth, is WHO made the universes? there is soo many out their, with there own life forms, but WHO made them? someday, if you can cover the different layers of spirt homes? THANK YOU, so much for all you do, and sharing this, special truth………….

    1. Happy belated birthday to Eric! ! Hope it was a blast! ♡

      Thanks for sharing the Truths. Love reading every moments of the Truth. It opens up my eyes. Wow

  2. The “Big Bang Teory” is just the latest “scientific” theory to explain the beginning of the universe and life itself without the inclusion of an all-knowing, all-powerful Creator (aka “God”). In accordance with the Big Bang theory, we are supposed to believe that there was once nothing in existence….except two atomic sized particles that somehow “met” in the vast void…exploded…and multiplied into billions of stars and even more planets…and then life (including human life) appeared over time and through scientific evolution.

    Even Einstein said that 1) elementary energy and matter can be changed….but cannot be created nor destroyed and 2) “something” cannot be created from “nothing.”

    So…if one believes in the Big Bang Theory, one must then ask….how did those two small pieces of matter even come into existence?

    And the only answer is that there always was, always will be, an all-knowing, all-powerful Being in existence that we refer to as the “Creator” or “God”. And…yes…God allows the spiritual as well as natural life to exist and contact to be made between them. Mysteries? Yes. But I will never deny the existence of God.

    1. Questions about God or some kind of Higher Power have always stuck with me. I wonder….if there is a God or some higher being, then how did he/she come to exist? If God created the universe, who created God, or what made God?
      And if someone else created God, who created them….these questions are really endless, I think. Or at least a good source debate for philosophical things.

      1. Sara, there will always be continuous questions regarding the existence of God. What we fail to see is that “God always was, God always will be, God always remains the same”. A mystery? Yes. But belief in this is why there is a tenet called “faith”. And without doubt, there would be no need for faith….with or without faith….there would still be doubt.
        Some things are…. and always will be….beyond human understanding.

      2. Spirit clearly believes in the creator and the ancient ones. Not only that but there is a clear admiration in their talk, like a child proud of their father.

    2. Well said. I also believe there are many things like this we can’t possibly comprehend until we leave this life. Just like how time plays out on earth is different from how it goes on the other side of the veil. We go on learning when we leave here and get more answers.

  3. Thanks Eric, very interesting. Is there a specific purpose for expanding the universe? And why creator is accelerating that process?

  4. So, what is the universe expanding into? Is it the blackness of space or is it whiteness? But, what creates the space? If God created the Universe, who created Him ?

    Is there any energy in the universe that we can harness on Earth to create the free energy machines that Tesla and Cayce said we would have in our garages one day ?

    Thanks for your blog Eric.

    1. I think there are some questions that we will never know the answer too, except the ones from Tesla and Cayce.

    2. You get the impression it’s growing larger for more creatures like ourselves. Life. The creator is eternal. It’s very hard to wrap ones mind around a being outside of time, a being that gave birth to time. So however odd it may sound that concept implies a beginning and end but with the creator that’s not the case, it begin when the creator made time.

      1. ??? Is the clean energy a mineral, a gas, or energy produced from wave action?
        Cayce and Tesla talked about the ‘aether’ of space…….presumably dark energy.
        But I always thought it was produced from static energy from the atmosphere or something we would derive from space.

        If you were to ask your Guides about the new energy, could they elaborate more on its source or tell you how it is produced?


  5. “There is an element in space that can only be described as an anti light, or lights opposite. This matter is growing at an accelerated rate pushing the universe outward, constantly making it bigger.”

    Dark matter?

    1. I always thought that ‘dark matter’ was represented by the darkness of space.
      I guess not.

  6. I would agree Eric you are describing Dark Matter, and your truth is a contradiction after all. Scientists have proven the Universe is expanding and getting faster. They Said the Universe began as a small spec of matter that just grew intensively.

      1. Yes, scientists are well aware the universe is expanding, and I, too believe that what you are speaking of may very well be what they call dark matter.

  7. So just like the Big Bang, God didn’t create everything in six days and rest on the seventh?

    1. One must remember that “Genesis” is the first book of the Jewish and Christian Bible. Prior to approximately 1300 BC, writing did not exist. So…this Biblical story was told by word of mouth….a simple story to a simple people…in an effort to explain the purpose of man on earth, and man’s relationship to God. Most believe that Genesis is written in allegorical form. And one must also remember that numbers are widely used in ancient writings in symbolic form. So…nobody knows….the actual lengh of a “day” in the story of the beginning…..except God.

  8. there is so much more to GOD, than what is dicussed, each planet was created for different reasons, for souls to come down and learn. but, each planet has a experation date, that GOD determines, so many souls, go to so many different planets too learn. i have been praying in a couple of years, that eric and the group, will cover, so much more, as the truth, touch lightly on the subjects, given that, we are so happy that eric shares the truths, and get people, on this website, to much higher learning, of the truths, but it is, one step at a time thing. thank you eric.

  9. Thank you Mr. Eric!

    The secret things of God belong to God.

    I do not care where God came from. I am glad God exists and that God is light and love.

  10. I think this video i recently found can give some answers concerning God…
    Because people are usually confused looking for Him somewhere out there or looking fror proofs. God is inside us! we are a piece of His soul and that’s why we are all connected! we are like blood cells let’s say fror the same body, we are souls, we are consciousness and we have a body( like a nutshell)using it just to be here right now!(for a reason we previously have chosen-agreed before we are born to this life.. )The emphasis point is to what “we are” and not what we have.
    I hope this will help some people getting some answers.

  11. That’s why earth (Tiamat) is called Mother Earth. She is the mother of all. Shhhhhh. She was blown in two by her children planets and the top portion was joined with the other half of kingu(her protector) to make what we call the moon. The lower portion is the earth and a dome was placed over it. That’s why the moon effects the tides so much, it is the top half of our earth. Their is a lot more to the story. Too much to get into here.

  12. This is just a hypothesis since now we got a clearer picture, but here is my theory on the Creator.

    Since once upon a time the universe was a small sphere that eventually greatly expanded, within that sphere was a heavily compacted Light and Anti-light as you described and eventually somehow this light and anti-light was so intense that it created some kind of unknown dense matter that we can’t begin to understand. Eventually this matter took a life of it’s own, and since some people believe that God doesn’t have a physical form as we perceive it then it could be possible that the beginner of life might be a collection of synapses in the form of light-like material that was compacted that created him? He/She would have been create literally from almost nothing.

    Similar to how our Brain’s synapses and Eyes works with light itself.


    The Creator came from another existence of life that I cannot begin to understand that created the universe.

    It’s just my guess.

    1. And just to add a little further of what we actually are, one must wonder if our true form is actually in the form of light which would be a long discussion to get into that involves spirits, reincarnation, etc.

      All living things require light, and our true form is of the light.

      I’m somewhat curious if the opposite is true, beings that belong to the darkness whether benevolent and malevolent. I know Darkness gets a bad rep in many fantasy settings and such, but Darkness itself is not inheritingly evil, we only perceive it as such because it frightens us but Darkness alone can’t survive without light and light can’t survive without darkness.

      Perpetual intense light or darkness would definitely drive any being insane I imagine.

      Again, this just all guessing work. I’m probably totally wrong.

  13. Hi Eric,
    For clarification, are you saying the universe only grew when anti-light was introduced? Do the spheres mean the fabric of the universe? How were the spheres introduced?

    I currently study physics at university and from my understanding, we are aware that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, but scientists have also been trying to predict whether this expansion continues, stops, or just starts contracting into a “big crunch”. The truth implies that the expansion is continuous. Another problem scientists have been facing is that of “Dark matter” and “Dark energy” which account for a huge majority of the matter and energy in the universe. They postulate the existence of these to account for missing energy for phenomena which can only happen under certain constraints. The only problem is scientists have no idea of what this “Dark matter” or “Dark energy” is, nor how to find it, hence the name “Dark”. Although we know that the universe is expanding, we do not know what causes it to, and hence this “Dark energy/matter” is a candidate to explain it. Anti-light as you describe it may be something that satisfies the mystery.

    I’m quite curious about the properties of this “anti-light” and how it is different to normal light. Whilst all particles have anti-particles with the same mass, but other opposite properties, for photons/light, there isn’t an “anti-photon”, since a photon is its own “anti-photon”. Where does this “anti-light” come from, and how can it continually multiply? What makes it different to light? What exists outside the universe? Why do the spheres multiply in 4s rather than 6s? I hope I was clear enough in my explanations, very much appreciate these Truths and how they offer alternative understandings on what we think we know. Thank you.

    1. There description of this anti light might be what scientists call dark matter or dark energy. The Spirits however seem to put the energy and matter as two sides of the same coin. The spheres they described was this anti light, they did not talk much about it other than to say it microscopic and spherical. They made a heavy handed point to show it multiples itself by four. They also made a heavy handed point in the visual to explain that in certain areas it was growing more rapidly.

  14. It’s funny. But I don’t see conflict between the big bang theory and this truth. They seem to me to be both describing aspects of the same thing . In some areas even overlapping in their descriptions. I think scientific theory and continuous refinement of that theory is a path that is converging with the path you show us ( and also many other paths ) to the same Fundamental truths. Check out the story of the blind men and the elephant. It’s funny and kind of teaches the same lesson. All were right but each only saw a piece of the whole.

    1. From what they implied there are different pockets of time scattered throughout space, that none of it is linear. So the question is time based but one would have to look outside of our time bubble. The center where the creator resides, seems to be without time. My head wants to explode when they talk about this stuff.

  15. I am not a physicist, but I have never believed in the Big Bang Theory. I always felt that it was a basic way to explain the origins of the universe to a population that accepts science without questioning the author. The same way that the Chinese explained earthquakes because the Earth was sitting on top of a giant turtle. And when the turtle moved, the Earth shook.

    I am not so sure that we will ever know how the Universe began. Somethings we may not be permitted to know, such as who created God.

    If the other end of the universe is anti-matter, what does that mean? Does it mean that if it enters or clashes with our universe that it will explode? I assume that new physics would result, but would space still be dark or would it be filled with light because it is the opposite of our world?

  16. Can you ask your Source, how free energy machines are made? Tesla and Cayce said we would have them in our garage and they would be the size of a water heater. They would have an antennae driven several feet into the ground and they would derive their energy from magnetism and the energy of space.

    1. They actually answered it in an old Truth. They said that the ocean has an energy supply that is both boundless and clean. The drawback was it seemed like the depths of the ocean.

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