Truths 3

Coal a source of energy.. Oil a source of energy.. in the deep depths of the ocean where the pressure is the greatest is another energy source that humanity knows nothing about. Its cleaner than the other two and it is abundant.

39 thoughts on “Truths 3

    1. solar isn’t clean, you might want to read up about the warnings of the waste from solar panels in japan

  1. Tidal waves…… that would be clean. Googled methane hydrate but very risky and probably not clean. If we guess the name will Spirit confirm?

  2. Can your Source tell us if it is a solid or a gas? Or if it could be found on land if we dug deep enough? Will this arrive before the free energy devices that Cayce said we would have in our garages?

    Thanks for your blog, I enjoy reading it.

  3. Could it be something to do with deep sea volcanic vents? I just found this, and it isn’t just about boiling high pressure water, but the minerals they carry convert into energy via bacteria. My science knowledge isn’t good enough to speculate its potential, but does this sound as if it has potential?

  4. Eric,
    This is the wrong place to post this question, but do you sense any terror attacks happening soon, or any countdowns?

    The reason I’m asking is because it’ll be Independence Day in a few days, and I’m concerned terrorists might try to attack celebrations during that time.

  5. Oh dear, more ocean drilling? Telsa knew about free energy.Why don’t the spirits tell us what Telsa knew?

    1. many people use zero point energy, but do so without telling people because we are at a point still where big oil and car companies kill people to keep it quiet, but it is changing, expect zero point energy to be brought in very soon. It is the only way to go

  6. Hope you don’t mind me sharing this at your site Eric.
    Quite a few years ago, in the Circle of that time, we were all asking Spirit similar questions concerning energy in the New Aquarian Age and we got that new energy sources won’t be available to us until we learn to reduce waste and respect what we’re given. The previous ages, we were told, were wasteful Ages, but this one won’t allow it. Mind you, an age is something like 3,000 odd years I think so we may have a long time to wait for the good stuff to come to us.

      1. Aw thanks mate….I don’t want to up stage your wonderful work, but at times I get stuff and don’t know what to do with it….so assuming you don’t mind, I’ll pop in what I get from time to time….probably more that I have been up to this point. And for what its worth I haven’t got anything that has contradicted what you have posted….so I think I might have a chance here for a bit longer *Chuckle*

    1. zero point energy has been used on earth for a long time, although there are those that try to stop it and kill those who discover it. It’s basically the only energy source we will use, and uses all the energy that is already around us. IT was gifted many times to earth by et’s and is not in anyway being held back

    2. Yeah. Why would His trust us with the greatest when we cannot be trusted with the least?

  7. I wonder if someone could channel Cayce or Edward Leedskalnin (Coral Castle) and ask them about free energy. Or channel the people that built the pyramids and ask them 1001 questions about the pyramids and how they were built, how they moved the stones, and why they were built. I would ask questions all day.

  8. @Shell………Cayce said it was quartz and it was related to vibrations. He said everything had a vibration and if we learned how to use them we would have free energy. He said that in order to move big rocks that if we found the ‘opposite vibration’ then they would move. Supposedly, the secret was discovered a long time ago but it can be applied for military use and it won’t be released to the public anytime soon.

    1. I wonder if that has anything to do with the rocks in Death Valley that are moving across the desert by themselves. I just watched a piece on this 2 weeks ago … scientists are stumped and the rocks are in a restricted location where no cameras can be installed. They were thinking it was heat and cold, but the rocks also move in the summer, all by themselves, leaving a trail of the movement that would also reveal footprints if humans were moving them. It would be really cool if they were moved by energy.

      I’m fascinated with all this rock stuff — took about 10 geology classes and 2 atmo classes in college.

    2. Ah….yes, it’s been years ago that I read it but that does sound right! Thank you 😀

  9. Hi Eric,

    I am very curious of your discovery. Have you managed to find out what it is or where specifically on the ocean floors it can be found? Is it all over the ocean or just in some of the deepest places? How can it be extracted? With knowledge like this you have the chance to develop human life quickier

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