Coast Guard Officer Planning Major Attack

Though they did not mention the foiled part, here is an example of racism and hatred in the US flourishing, the nightmare of the near future. We desperately need to shift tones away from hate or the inevitable outcome is violence. The only thing violence achieves is sorrow.

Predictions 3-12-18 “Hate rises.. racism flourishes.. violent attacks.. terror attacks committed from within.. all sides implode from the Neo Nazis.. to the extreme left.. never before has there been this level of upheaval and violence since the Jim Crow days.”

In other news there was a shooting in New Port Richey Florida which might explain the New Port message. It sounds like they mixed messages.

World Predictions 2-10-19  I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.”

The facts reported 2-21: SWAT officers trying to serve a search warrant at a Port Richey home Thursday before dawn were fired on as they entered, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said. The shooter, as identified by Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco: Port Richey Mayor Dale Massad.
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63 thoughts on “Coast Guard Officer Planning Major Attack

  1. Why is nothing being said about Julius Smollett and his racism? Conservative and Trump supporters are being blamed for the fraudulent activities of the socialist left and self-serving haters like Smollett. Has it not occurred to anyone the “Silent Majority” is tired of being silent?

    1. With respect to you, I don’t make predictions about movie stars. I believe we did that once, and stepped back from anything further, but we just don’t peddle in movie star scandals. Politicians on the other hand have the power to change this world, and our focus is on the world. In regards to the socialist left The prediction reads: terror attacks committed from within.. all sides implode from the Neo Nazis.. to the extreme left..

    2. if you have followed the news. from any source, you will see that 92% of hate and racism, is from republicians, and our wonderful president, that stirs the pot, and doesnt know, how to work with BOTH parties, for the common good. 8% of the blame, does fall on the democates. when the silent Marjority, starts to work with other parties, for the common good of Americans, so much more could be done! President Ragen, NEVER would have acted like this, as he worked with both sides. IT is ashame.that alittle of the democats, are using the playbook, of hate, lies, and racism, to be heard……STAY tuned, between now and the future, for most of the information, to come out or be leaked, of the damage done, to our country, the last two years……….on, another note, SPIRITS, dont take sides, BUT, they see, and have SOO MUCH MORE INFORMATION, of what IS going on, ERIC, trys to stay nuterial. on any given subjects, but, he is human like the rest, so, BLESS you eric, for all you do, and making this website possible, for ALL of us, to share indeals and information. THANK YOU everyone, from both sides, who still care, and hopefully, ALL of us, can REPAIR the country, we really need to go back to the founding fathers, who knew and had that wonderful vision, of what AMERICA was…………………….

    3. Texasbelle,

      You’re right that Smollet’s actions are wrong, and if he really did purposely stoke tensions, that needs to be addressed.
      In the case of this Coast Guard guy, he subscribes to extreme right-wing ideas and was willing to murder for them. He could have killed dozens of people if his plans had succeeded. I think the reason people are focusing on him more is because, as bad as Smollet’s actions, he wasn’t planning to kill anyone. It doesn’t excuse what Smollet did, but it does explain why the focus is more on the guy who actively planned to murder people.

      Unfortunately, there are extremists on both sides, each one of them doing more damage to America. Both sides need to condemn the extremists’ actions.
      The Coast guard guy needs to be held accountable for his actions, and Smollet needs to be held accountable for his actions.

      1. What of brutal ones various color w;o bomb and kill media and ones reverse racism .there civil wars..all colors sides..

    4. texasbelle4732 — What do you mean by “the ‘Silent Majority’ is tired of being silent”? Are you condoning what this Coast Guard officer was planning to do by saying “the ‘Silent Majority’ is tired of being silent”? Sure sounds like it. And there were no “fraudulent activities of the socialist left” — you just made that up and added it in there. What is true though is that the Coast Guard officer was planning on murdering members of the socialist left.

    5. texasbelle4732 – Things actually are “being said about Julius Smollett and his racism.” The reason why it isn’t being said here is because hoaxing a hate crime isn’t equivalent to planning out a hate crime that involves the mass murder of congresspersons and news pundits that you disagree with politically. If Jesse Smollett was a domestic terrorist planning to carry out mass murder against right wingers, it would be covered here. The whole point of this site is to alter tragedies that actually take peoples’ lives thru awareness; hoaxing a hate crime doesn’t measure up to that. If you remember, Eric covered the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot at Republican congressmen when they were playing baseball a while back.

    6. Let’s all take a step back at all the bashing, everyone has a right to their opinion on both sides. Please remember my hope is and always will be to create a community that TOGETHER alters the future nightmares. Every time is see this bashing from both sides I feel a sinking disappointment that my dream of altering tomorrow’s tragedy are diminished. Try and imagine what we could accomplish as one group instead of mirroring the division we have in this country and other parts of the world.

    7. texasbelle4732 – When you’re more outraged over someone faking a hate crime than someone who was planning to murder tons of innocent people, you might want to then take a good long hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask “What is wrong with me?”.

  2. What makes you think this might not have some correlation? You people so quick to jump on that writer who asked possibly a good question. Stay focus? In the wrong website? What a way to conduct yourselves on a writer who might be onto something and a GOOD psychic would be a sponge for any material especially when this site begs commenters to contact the police upon their hysteria or paranoia. I was a cop I’d contact the district attorney and conduct an investigation.

    I’m glad that poster wasn’t me. I’m ashamed of you to make such statements. A good psychic seeks everything I should know I’m familiar with one that had information regarding a murdered kid.

  3. Its been happening for a couple years now. The daily hate, vitriol, and violence from the left is frightening, and the media seems to encourage and celebrate it. Booker, Kamala, Ortez – I fear for America if their sort ever get into power – and they eventually will.

      1. Had a nasty message from my Guides a few days ago. The American Civil War was basically two sides in opposition. What is coming will be splintered groups on numerous fronts, and the hatred will destroy the US. I sincerely hope and pray that prediction changes. Sorry to be a wet blanket Eric.

        1. Pete- What is often forgotten about the civil war is the average soldier. They saw the other side as an attacking army and they fought for their home area. Whether or not they believed in the cause, they were protecting their families and property. Many bought into the rhetoric and had no dog in the fight.

          I see this happening now. People buying into the rhetoric of an “invading” army without thought of the reality. The country is divided and division leads to weakness. It is not a good state to be in.

      2. Thanks Eric. An event will happen, not foreseen so far, that will split the US into portions politically. The actions will be violent, some will be unprovoked aggressors, some will claim self defence and others will simply act in outrage as to what is declared/uncovered. This won’t happen for awhile yet, probably after 2021. I guess we’ll be given more info as we get closer to that mark Eric.

      3. DopeandDiamonds, yes you are so right. Governments then lied to the people and governments now continue to lie to the people, having them believe there is an enemy when there isn’t one; they are the followers of the liar/antichrist.
        Wars make money and money is their god. They must have war/conflict or they can’t exist.
        Our forefathers wiped out Indigenous/God’s children based on lies/greed/money and their hateful god. Those opposing that greed/god are labelled Communist. Those who follow the true teachings of Jesus are not Communists, but Socialists, in the true meaning of His Socialist ideals.
        And there lies the basis of the coming carnage Spirit has shown me that will happening in the US = The true followers of the ideals of Jesus opposing those using His name (as He said they would) to destroy his Socialist Peace.
        But they won’t win because they are of the Pieces Age that is now dying. The Age of Aquarius will be an Age of human kind first and monetary values second.
        It is no wonder, as we leave the cusp of Pisces and enter Aquarius, that Capitalism feels threatened and is fighting back. It knows it is dying, hence why the aggressiveness and hatred we are seeing, primarily in the US.
        Sad, sad times ahead I fear. Not just for the US, but for the first world at large.

  4. forgive me but there isn’t extreme left in the US!! this is the usual excuse to blame socialists who aren’t really any close to the left as we know it!
    There is always a fear since Macarthy or Hoover that there is a danger of communism!! this doesn’t exist in America ! this is not your real problem people!! what really exists is Nazis who are back every where and i would suggest every one to read carefully what happened in the recent history! If history lessons are not learned they are repeated as you should all know!! Eric has already predicted the appearance of a new monster, so we all need to be focused and alarmed because Hitler is again “ante portas”

    1. Hi Popi, there is a real movement that is referred to as the 4th Reich. I anyone remembers, Eric had a prediction about brown shirts with a 4 on an emblem.

    2. Thank You Popi. All of this chaos and division is only meant as a distraction for what is truly happening in the world today. People need to realize there is a lot of false information, racism and propaganda being pushed from foreign sources and others within their own countries. Blessings.

      1. Wasn’t it Nostradamus who said we’d be living in the time of The Liar, or The Lie? Can’t remember if it was him or someone else. Hard to believe that lying isn’t illegal.

    1. Hi Pete. Been worried about you guys. I hope and pray that it continues on a path away from you and dissolves.

  5. Fellow Readers,

    Do NOT feed the right-wing nut jobs in the comments. They want you to get angry and attack them.

    Let them drown in their ignorance while we stay afloat.

  6. Our president goes after SNL and Jussie Smollett on Twitter yet is dead silent about this white nationalist, domestic terrorist Coast Guard officer. Why? Because the Coast Guard officer doesn’t fit the mold he loves to demonize. Just imagine the level of racist fear mongering our president would spew if this domestic terrorist was a Muslim or an illegal immigrant.

    1. Cory..YOU are part of the problem! How do you(and the rest on here) not see that! Keep spewing the hate and see what happens! One is not worse that the other…THEY are all bad and continuing your left/right ideas of hatred doesn’t help anyone!

      1. anomomus — “Keep spewing the hate and see what happens!” — This white nationalist/domestic terrorist Coast Guard officer is what happens when our president keeps spewing his hate towards immigrants, refugees, migrants, Muslims, the press and his political rivals. It’s no coincidence that right wing hate crimes have increased every year since he’s been president.

        The president doesn’t care about/downplays this case because this domestic terrorist wasn’t a Muslim/illegal, was a supporter of his who agreed with his hate, and was going to target Democrats – the very Dems Trump’s attacked publically – and not Republicans.

        Both left/right are bad, however the numbers prove one is certainly worse: In 2018, every extremist murder committed was by right wing extremist groups. And since 9/11, right wing terrorists have killed more Americans than Islamic extremists. Kind of reminds me of how illegal immigrants commit less crime than legal immigrants and native born Americans, yet our leaders would rather fear monger about those who pose the least threat to us because they’re the others who don’t look like us.

  7. Oh no 😫 I’m sick of seeing this constant hate the past few years. It’s getting worse. Now all I ever see on comment sections and videos or anything is black vs white. And blacks or whites calling for the killings of each other and all kinds of stuff. Or vice versa with democrats and republicans. Do you think things like this could lead to a civil war? Or do you think in the future that people (like in 10+ years or so) will come together and stop all this hate? I wonder what spirits think about this. But I fear of a World War III coming because of so much hate around the world now, it’s always like that before a war starts.

    1. WW3 is about a very different situation. Unfortunately the Spirits have gave concerns over a huge upkeep in terror like attacks committed by us the people. They do talk about a future president with a military background bringing back a united country but he couldn’t come fast enough.

      1. Eric, that’s similar to what I got that I posted above, but I’ll repost here for Olivia:
        “An event will happen, not foreseen so far, that will split the US into portions politically. The actions will be violent, some will be unprovoked aggressors, some will claim self defence and others will simply act in outrage as to what is declared/uncovered. This won’t happen for awhile yet, probably after 2021. I guess we’ll be given more info as we get closer to that mark Eric.” By ‘politically’ I mean it is within the people not the elected body/Congress. It is the people uprising dangerously.

      2. It is conserning that on a peaceful site as this that so many on both sides lash out in hate speech. On a brighter note you can see you are reaching people on both sides of the political isle. Let’s pray they open their harts and listen to you.

        1. We have over 6 mil viewers so having discord is expected. Having extremely different views is expected but I will not allow our community to go south. There was a time when it was just die hard fans of 300, then 3000. We just need to always remember why we are all here, and that is to bring change.

      3. Definitely very scary.
        Pete: I don’t read very many comments on here but I just saw that. I personally think it’s already happening because on the news I’ve seen violent fights between democrats and republicans.
        Rmf: Exactly. I was just looking through these comments. Politics always ends up in arguments and hate speech from both sides.

  8. Thank God they caught this hateful monster before he could carry out any of his plans. You were right Eric, with the 3-12-18 prediction. From the pipe bomber from Florida, to the
    synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh and now this, with most likely more to come. Scary times.

  9. I think one thing all sides can agree on is that we’re tired of extremism and violence. We all worry about the future, and we all want peace and safety. We may have different ideas about how to get it, but most of us want it.

    There’s a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. that I really like: “When evil men plot, good men must plan. When evil men burn and bomb, good men must build and bind. When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love.”

  10. Eric/SWC… I just want to add this… I heard this recently and feel it really speaks volumes and wanted to pass it on. No matter what our differences are, please everyone who feels a calling .. the one thing that we can all do is to pray/meditate, whatever you personally feel is right for you and ask that the light be sent into the darkness in order to illuminate the world and enter into peoples hearts and bring forth the truth, bring forth love onto this planet. You don’t have to be a religious person to send light into the world, you just have to want love and truth and compassion to prevail. It doesn’t matter your differences and who YOU think is good or bad. Just ask for the light to enter into the darkness, into humanities hearts … whoever and where ever that may be or be needed the most. Try not to allow your ego to get involved. Just ask for the light to enter in and the rest will be taken care of. I do feel this is one thing we can all do, a common cause.
    And I’m not saying to stick your head in the sand, but I feel this is really a critical time on our planet and we need to help dissolve the lies and hatred out there as much as possible. Something we should all be able to agree on. Blessings All

    1. My belief is that we must live the Light. With continuous meditation and denial of personal ego, we become the Light Bearer.
      “Don’t hide your Light under a cover, expose it to the world that they may see the Power of the Source.”
      When we walk through a crowd, a mall, board a train etc. be conscious that you are the carrier of The Light, as many others are also. The Creator’s Will IS the Light. That was the essence of the original teachings of Jesus, before they got completely contaminated.
      “Am I my brother’s keeper?” = I’m not here to change my brother.
      “What you sow, you reap.” = The seed sown by the farmer is not of the farmer, he is just the sower. Choose what you sow wisely.
      “Give to God what is God’s and Caesar what is Caesar’s.” Discernment is why we are here, life after life. To know what belongs to the Light and what doesn’t. Pete

  11. The Coast Guard Officer was arrested and his plans foiled. Quite a few wondering why the Media are not giving light to this story ? He was plotting to assassinate Democrats and Police.

  12. Oh my gosh….I just had dream last night….very sad…such hatred..violence killing on minority children….ran for their lives….tried to escape from secret trapped building….it was great sense of horror….especially young children….I sensed adult evil came everywhere hunting them till making sure not one left behind. Wow…it was by the coast occurred in heavy dark rain…it was a place like established area setting up for learning school program and later seen killing took place…..possible related in military uniforms but not sure.

    1. Another odd in my dream…it was a huge circle then close to half circle then close to like a fan shape till it’s completely gone. Not sure the meaning of huge circle like the shape of tower building. This one is odd.

  13. Apparently lying is illegal. Manafort,Stone,Cohen….the list goes on and on so Yes I believe we are in the age of the liar in many ways.

  14. Hello from France ; i’d like you to share this video about the situation in France at the moment . I wanted to know how long Macron was going to stay President in our country . Could you ask your guide and please listen to this video which is the only one I found in English and you will understand . I sent you a message last november but may be you didn’t realize the situation was chaotic . Thank you for your answer . We worried about our country . Danielle

    1. This is insane. There seem to be more and more world leaders creating tyrannies in their countries. Sending love and light to those in the world suffering and finding ways for us all to alter these heinous acts.

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