World Predictions 2-10-19

I had a visual of a man holding a silver gun, then a shot fired.

That prediction has ties to:
I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.”

I had a visual of a green plate attached to a grocery store basket, it read “27 Ideology over”

Then I heard “Maduro.. murder.. shot”

I had a visual of multiple blocks on a sidewalk, it was the next block that had multiple cracks in it.. implying an earthquake again.

“Trump.. in July the fall begins and in December it will come to a close. Oh how the US will go down, down, down.. The new president will face crisis on top of crisis.”

Is the Venezuela leader going to be assassinated or is he killing another leader? Sorry for my absence, I had another small episode with bowel obstruction. This coming week we plan to run several procedures to try and figure out why this keeps happening. On the opposite side, Bea is done with her Cancer. On Facebook we have this wonderful video of her ringing the navy bell. The FB link is below.

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  1. Raymond Avatar

    Thanks for your forum. I hope you and your wife are doing much better.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  2. Shannon Avatar

    Hi Eric, I’m so glad to hear about Bea. Also, I’m so sorry you have to keep going through your issues. Hope they find something this week. We care about you both.
    Very interesting predictions again. I’m trying to come up with something about the 27 Ideology.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It was odd message, why was the plate green? Thanks I am so happy for my mom

      1. Sara Avatar

        Maybe the green plate’s symbolic of the environment? Maybe the green plate being with a grocery store basket means something in the environment affects the food supply.

        ’27 ideology over; I have no idea what that means. But if it’s related to the environment, maybe it means a change in policy, or a change in how people think we should treat the environment. Kind of a random guess here, but thought I’d throw it out there.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          The green was odd. I believe they are crunching information together. The 27 could be the 2nd or 27th, perhaps that is when things change. Where as the socialist ideas are coming to a close?

      2. Panos chronopoulos Avatar
        Panos chronopoulos

        Is the new earthquake will be in greece because right now there is a war about the earthquake a seismologist said that an earthquake 5.5-6.5 richter will happen in my region in the next 2-3 months and the possibilities are 80% while other seismologist said there isnt a big earthquake so im confused

  3. Nickole Frank Avatar
    Nickole Frank

    Could the ideology 27 be there changing to the 27th amendment?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe 27 is a date of some kind, 2nd or 27. Perhaps it’s a time frame when things change.

      1. Jon Blue Avatar
        Jon Blue

        “The numerology number 27 is about philanthropy and compassion in a cooperative atmosphere.

        The number 27 is a wonderful number. The energies it represents makes the number kind hearted, tolerant, intelligent, a team worker, and so very much wanting to see humanity better off than it is.

        27 endeavors to inspire others to support humanitarian groups and organizations, using its diplomatic skills and enticing them with a vision of an ideal. The groups and organizations are carefully chosen for their effectiveness. Found on numerology website:

        A sense of fulfillment for 27 comes with others adopting its sense of idealism and actively helping to achieve that end.

  4. Amy Avatar

    So sorry to hear about you having another episode of bowel obstruction, Eric. I really hope that they find the reason for this continuing problem and can take care of it once and for all. Sending positive energy for good health your way! I’m so glad to know that your mom is done with the cancer. That is awesome news!
    Thought you should know that the link to the facebook page with the video of Bea doesn’t work for me. It just says –
    “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now. The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Really! That is upsetting, I will try and repost the video, for some reason I can’t post it here

  5. Ann Avatar

    “27 Ideology over”

    Maduro addressed the troops last Monday on the 27th anniversary of National Dignity Day, the anniversary of a failed 1992 coup against late President Hugo Chavez, his predecessor.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  6. Mother of an Angel Avatar
    Mother of an Angel

    So sorry you are still having medical issues. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Hope this gets resolved quickly. Glad you mom is done with the cancer. Hope she always remains cancer free!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Me too! It was an excellent moment

  7. cat Avatar

    Dear Eric ! I am sending you LOVE and HEALING ANGELS to your side.
    Praying that you find the resolution to your illness and You Never have to go through
    this or any other illness again!
    There is a Health Solution for you! I am Praying that God and the Angels make your medicine and healing clear and precise , smooth and easy.
    Thank God Bea is over her illness. What a beautiful blessing that is!
    Sending you big love and hearts, and a smooth swift and complete recovery!!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you!

  8. jules104 Avatar

    Eric so sorry to here you had another episode with obstruction of your bowels. I hope the doctors can figure out what’s going on with that soon as I know you are so over it already and it must be very painfull each time it occurs. 😥 Sending healing light and love your way. Great news about your mom being finished with her cancer!😇🙏🏻Praying that you both have a better rest of the year now. I wasn’t able to get the link to load properly.
    About the green plate… could it have to do with the “Green New Deal” that’s been in the news lately? Here’s a link.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks.. I will check it out.

  9. Sara Avatar

    Glad Bea’s doing better! Hopefully you’ll start feeling better soon, too.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks!.. I hope so

  10. swampy11 Avatar

    What great news about your mom! I am sending healing love and light and prayers to you. There’s got to be an end to this somehow. So sorry you’re having to go through this again. Keep us posted.

  11. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    I am glad Bra is okay. I pray your body receives and manifests recovery and healing.

    1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
      T W Longtime Lurker

      Please forgive me, auto correct changed Bea’s name.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Don’t worry, auto correct is doing that to a lot of people. There are all sorts of funny articles online about it!

    2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
      T W Longtime Lurker

      Thank you Sara!

  12. C. Avatar

    The prediction about the U.S. sent chills down my spine. When you were told “down, down, down” are we talking about an economic crises? Social, political, or even environmental?

    Maybe a combination of all the above?

    Has me quite concerned! How can I and others prepare?

  13. Brightraven Avatar

    Thinking good thoughts for you and your mother 🙂 You’re both awesome and would like to see you stick around for a long time to come!

  14. rhona2 Avatar

    Eric and Bea
    Very joyous and celebrating Bea’s news ..😄💓
    Excellent ..what a great relief for you all .
    WELL DONE ..
    now as for yourself sending more light your way …hoping it just disappears and that’s it ..
    Take care .

  15. freestonew Avatar

    I wonder if Eric’s bowel obstruction is *not* an obstruction?! I wonder if the nerves that stimulate the movement of the contents are not working. like a paralyzed bowel! if no signal is sent, the muscles might not move. I think of a pipe where the water is moved by a pump then the electric goes out and this pump is not working thus the water just sits there. a nerve problem then.
    get well Eric.


  16. freestonew Avatar

    this prediction, trump going out and then down down down the United states; this prediction gives me the chills! my own feelings is that eventually the entire world could be involved in wars, then add the volcanoes, quakes, then for a coup-de-grace, an asteroid hits the earth, eventually!!
    might be time some people pray to ask their High Self if they are meant to become Survivors and “move to the hills”, or where ever spirit directs them!


  17. Cody Avatar

    “Notes on 2-25-14 Venezuela — In Venezuela.. 3.. 3 written on a gas station”

    You said 3 could simply be March, so maybe this happens in March – possibly March 27th.

    1. Cody Avatar

      “US refiner Citgo emerges as key to Venezuela’s power battle”

      1. Angelica Avatar

        Well it is time I stop following your site. Your predictions never come true. You make huge stretches when you say a prediction has happened, and many of your predictions come at the same times as news media events. I can’t believe you haven’t been called out sooner as anyone who actually reads the news sees that your predictions are about 2 days behind the media. Then you have the additional help of your hatred for the president. You try to hide it in some comments and on your posts, but for those of us who do follow regularly we see your little smart ass remarks on comments. But the worst of all is that when none of your predictions are coming true you post that you or your mom are sick and post a go fund me link. Time to follow those that actually make good predictions!

  18. Brandon Parnell Avatar
    Brandon Parnell

    Newport could be a referance to england or great britain

  19. Sara Avatar

    Are the predictions about the silver gun related to the predictions about a concert shooting, or are they separate events?

  20. star48 Avatar

    Venezuela 🇻🇪
    Latest on Maduro..
    Digs in and aides hunt for emergency escape route.

  21. Donna Avatar

    I hope you get to feeling better soon Eric! Good news about mom too! As a cancer survivor myself i know it is tough! But can be a battle won!

    Does this mean economy will crash and how do we prepare?

  22. Ann Avatar

    Possible crises faced by the VP/new president:

    North Korea — I believe there’s a prediction that escalation/war happens in or around March of when the VP takes over the presidency, so maybe March of 2020 if Trump’s out after December.

    Economy — recession begins to start around July if I remember correctly, so either this year or next once he’s president.

    Acts of terrorism — any predictions regarding terrorism on the homeland/abroad.

    Russia — VP will be forced to deal with a more emboldened and defiant Putin/Russia – determined to break the Western Alliance – thanks to the concessions that were made due to the former being financially in debt to the Russians.

    Return of a new Jim Crow era

    Threat to his own life – Assassination attempt prediction

  23. Flicker Avatar

    Your guides said that in 2018 too. July in trouble – out by December. Had me stressed out all year. Its not Mueller Trump needs to worry about – it’s his second in command pit bull Andrew Weissmann. Weissmann, using his unethical and illegal tactics, brought down Arthur Anderson which destroyed his company, Enron, and the Merrill Lynch executives

    Some executives spent time in maximum security solitary confinement (Manafort is there now) most have been cleared of all charges and their cases overturned – in one instance by a 9-0 Supreme Court reversal. Prosecutorial misconduct . If Weissmann dont find something (how could he? there nothing there) he’ll make it up or, under the threat of solitary confinement in federal prison, force others to lie.

  24. allen Avatar

    thank you so much, for your predictions, and making the world better, thru knowledge, and prayers. the lady, angelica that is leaving this site, does not have a clue, how hard it is, to make predictions, in earth time. each minute that passes, changes, due to the many choices, humans make! also, I know, you do not allow your opinions to interfear with this site. sorry, I could not stand around, and have someone trash your good name and all the wonderful things you are doing! so very happy your mom is doing great! thank you again for all you do!

  25. amatoanne Avatar

    Wonder if the “green plate” refes to Vietnam. This President is meeing with NK leader in Vietnam (Hanoi) beginning on March 27th. Could “idiology” refer to U.S. progress in the nuclear & trade deal? Just a thought.

    Am sorry you are going through those health issues….know exactly how you feel. Had a colon resection for a tumor years ago. Am sure you have already been told not to eat certain foods…no seeds of any kind…no popcorn…all that, right? Think that is usually first thing we are told. Anyway…best wishes for your wife and your health.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Good point

  26. freestonew Avatar

    anger. one of the problems facing everyone today, is that Divisiveness. you can feel it in the person’s comments, above, where she tears into Eric’s predictive ability. it is not *enough* today to make a critique, one “has” to also lash out with Vitriol! it is far more then the Russians who divide us all! a snarling cat, all claws extended, is what you have, now, in many people, if they are even the very slightest touched in the “wrong way”!

    as we all approach the Singularity of the yet-unknown ascension, anyone who passes through it to the Christ functioning planes, *all* of that person’s being comes up. alas, some, or much, of that person’s “stuff” is vibrating at a lower frequency then that frequency of the Ascension planes! but that Stuff is part of the person! it cannot be separated without rending the soul in two! the only way to “lift” these lower vibe stuff is to transform it to a higher level, equal to that ascension plane. thus here, now, spirit is probably erupting in all of us, our darker past lower vibe stuff; our shadows! get it out, now! erupt it into manifestation onto the physical plane.
    open them boxes and sort and Clean up!

    my definition of a “redneck” is someone who sees something beyond that person’s ability to Understand and then that person emotionally lashes out against the belief and/or the person behind it! I have seen that there are many high level college professors who are more Redneck then of any southern farmer or mountain man!
    yes, SO hard to make a prediction. often the material has to come down through several planes, a spirit by spirit, in a chain, each spirit only stands on its own plane. then each plane has its own time flow too. then the time flow of earth is different then the time flow of the first spirit plane. i have read that a medium says that if she sees something that will occur in one year, this really means two years, here on earth!


  27. Luna Tic Avatar
    Luna Tic

    Hello Eric and SWC, I hope you are doing better and that is wonderful news about Bea. I was thinking that the green plate…27 ideology might have something to do with the Green New Deal (economic bill of rights, green transition, real financial reform & functioning democracy) and the 27 Amendments to the U.S.Constitution.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  28. […] prediction might have ties to: World Predictions 2-10-19 I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. […]

  29. […] World Predictions 2-10-19  I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.” […]

  30. star48 Avatar

    Ref::had a visual of multiple blocks on a sidewalk, it was the next block that had multiple cracks in it.. implying an earthquake again.

    Earthquake..7.0 M Peru 🇵🇪

    M 7.0
    – 27km NNE of Azangaro, Peru
    2019-03-01 08:50:41 (UTC)14.684°S 70.127°W..
    .257.4 km depth (deep)

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