Aurora Shooting

This prediction has happened my heart pours out to all those in Aurora. I also want to thank the brave police who put their lives at risk to save others.

It is unclear what Red port represents. The new way of predicting the timing does work. The time they gave was 2:27, with the hour representing the month and the minutes representing days I calculated mid February. We unfortunately are still expecting more shooting sprees, one in Texas/Florida and a very bad one in the North West US most likely Washington. World Predictions 2-15-19

Here are the predictions:

World Predictions 2-1-19 I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.” Later they would bring up Illinois again as a target. I had a visual of 2:27

World Prediction: Florida Shooting On a separate note a reminder that the 14th-15th is marked, we are expecting a prediction to unfold. The 21st is also marked.

Converting clocks into dates can be confusing but the interpretation here would imply February (2) and then mid month (27). If it was at the end of the month it would read 2:59. To add to the confusion (27) would imply a date right before the 15th. Bottom line, 27 isn’t a date but how far into the month we are.

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    1. The town where the shooting took place, Aurora, is in Illinois. It’s not that far from Chicago.

  1. It’s awful that these shootings keep happening. This shouldn’t be accepted as normal.
    Something needs to change, both in terms of gun laws, and in terms of improving mental health services.

    People definitely need to be alert, just in case of copycats. Always know where the closest exit is, learn self-defense techniques, and plan escape routes in case something happens. Learn what to do in a mass-shooting.

    I’m not saying we should panic or be terrified–though it’s hard not to be sometimes–but we should keep our eyes open and have plans on how to react in emergencies.

  2. Is the one in Washington still a concert ?

    Is it a big venue or a small?I know a few country singers who are coming her next month to perform in small venues

    1. There was music playing, and they did show a stage at one point. Does that mean it’s a concert? It could be a local event, or a competition. My hope was to narrow it down but it’s not happening unfortunately.

  3. Eric, You kept hearing New Port, Red Port. Name of business was Henry Pratt. Just a thought.

  4. Red point. He had a hand gun with a red laser. Also u of ill are red birds there’s a red river and red plates in I’ll. All stretches.

  5. Please forgive me. The following is off-topic but goes back to a previous prediction:

    Three earthquakes registering over 3.0 magnitude hit Utah in less than 48 hours

    A 3.3 magnitude earthquake struck south of Fillmore, Utah, Saturday afternoon

    The day before, 3.2 and 3.7 magnitude quakes occurred in Bluffdale, Utah

    Bluffdale also experienced a 2.4 magnitude aftershock on Saturday

    Authorities are unclear if the quakes are the precursor for a larger earthquake

    All of the earthquakes were said to be shallow and no damage was expected

  6. Eric swc
    This is outside the box thinking..
    I’m not familiar with the area at all just trying to
    Help with ideas .
    There is a Mt pleasant psychiatry in Seattle and there is this institution 10mile out of Tacoma ..
    It has quite a few escapes ..
    I found an old article from 2013 which I include just to see if it triggers any ideas from others ..
    Concerts in Tacoma are not far from this facility and with the shooter pointing to his head it just made me think
    Please stay safe in Seattle and sending love and light hopefully this can be thwarted .

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