World Prediction: Florida Shooting

I had a visual of the United States, then the visual shifted to show Florida, then Spirit zeroed in on a region of Florida.

Again!.. Another tragic shooting.. the youth enraged.. this day the heart torn.

I had a visual of flowers and gifts being put down.

This prediction might have ties to: World Predictions 2-10-19 I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.”

On a separate note a reminder that the 14th-15th is marked, we are expecting a prediction to unfold. The 21st is also marked.

My hope is to get a specific location but I feel time is running out. I question if the heart is an implication to a time frame around Valentines. If I can narrow down the location to a city, we can warn them ahead of time. There was an excluded part of the prediction where they said “your condolences are not welcomed” but I question if it’s related to this prediction. It doesn’t really fit?

30 thoughts on “World Prediction: Florida Shooting

  1. Since you mention youth, was it a school shooting or somewhere else the youth congregate? “Your condolences are not welcome” likely relates to how upset people have become with “thoughts and prayers” being given by people in response to mass shootings and yet no gun reform. Was it actually a Florida shooting or making a connection to the Florida Parkland shooting a year ago last Valentine’s Day.

    1. I’m not sure if you got my last reply so I apologize if it’s double posted. I live in Central Florida and there is a New Port Richey as well as a Port Orange nearby

  2. Hi. I am from Central Florida and there is a New Port Richey, and a Port Orange near here.

  3. Five women were executed in a Florida bank just a few weeks ago and it hardly made any coverage. We live in a sick society where the death toll now has to reach double digits just for the news to cover it for an entire week and for us not to forget about it too quickly before the next big one.

    1. That’s terrible Cody but you’re right. The media only covers what THEY decide is news worthy, sad.

      1. Unfortunately, there is a lot of gun violence to cover. Not only mass-shootings, but also as you pointed out, violent robberies. School shootings. Gang violence in Chicago. Domestic shootings. It’s a serious problem.

        But I still think we can cause change if we keep writing to/calling our elected officials.
        Unfortunately, many politicians try to ignore us. But if small groups of activists like Rosa Parks were able to put pressure on the government to end segregation–something many people thought would never, ever change–we can pressure our elected officials to help make safer gun laws.

        It won’t be easy. But ordinary people have made the country better by activism, and it can be done again.

  4. There is a New Port Richey in Florida. It has 4 high schools only one of which is located within the city limits. Gulf High School and a college, Pasco-Hernando State College. It’s not a very big town, around 17 thousand.

  5. I just had a dream a few nights ago of another mass shooting. It was not young people but adult men dead.

    1. Eric
      Hi ..I’m wondering if ” your condolences are not welcome ”
      Could be from the shooters family and people are just too upset and angry to want to hear that ..
      Prayers love and light to Florida and it is thwarted ..

    2. I saw the same thing coming as you, last night while I was laying in bed about to pray. It was vivid (note technically it was the 14th because after midnight). I grabbed my phone and wrote a note. Here’s what I put in my notes:

      “Laying in bed relaxing getting ready to sleep. Suddenly hear “shots fired.”
      Images of people running (fleeing)- I sense it’s teenagers, maybe a high school. It looks like grey (concrete colored) brick and it feels outdoors (maybe? But like between classrooms somehow).

      “9” (or ‘9 lives’ maybe?) hear and see the 9. There also may have been a 5? 9-5?(not sure if they went together)

      ”Like Parkland….(Columbine?).”
      Images get graphic- I see an automatic gun firing. Blood on the ground with text books dropped next to the blood. Backpacks in blood. The image zooms in on a girl with curly reddish / light brownish hair… she’s lying on the ground. It’s horrible. Her eyes are open and there is blood. I know she’s dead. I don’t want to see this.

      I ask “what can I do? Where is this? Can we stop it?”
      I hear “pray. Pray for meaning and change to come from this. It has to happen… They (souls of victims) signed up. Tomorrow. Must stop the gun violence.”

      Seems like this event will happen to be a pivotal event in generating change in gun laws maybe?

      Note: after this I googled Parkland- tomorrow is actually the 1 year anniversary?! Could this be actually just about the attention to the Parkland thing again and saying that Parkland had to happen to effect change and those kids signed up? Praying there is not another shooting like that one was.”

      1. Nicole, I sure hope that your dream was of the past year with the Parkland anniversary on 2/14. It sure was a horrific visual that you had with the little girl, but I just found a very odd possible match in Florida. Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, Florida is performing the musical “9 to 5” (based on Dolly Parton’s song and the movie) beginning today Feb 15 to Feb 24, 2019.

  6. Eric I think it may be New Port Richey Florida. As others have mentioned also.
    And the “your condolences are not welcome” may be from kids and families who get another empty “we are so sorry” from the NRA and politicians/leaders who have refused to do anything about this issue.

  7. Wow, I got New Port Richey as well. Went to a concert in St. Petersburg FL (which is nearby) last night and there were people that were trying to start fights, throwing full cans at people and so much aggression. I met some really good people in the mix but the energy is really tense with people imposing their “entitled” bad behavior on others. It was a powder keg and my children and their friends are resigned to the thought that a shooting here in school is probably inevitable. It breaks my heart. I grew up here. I pray it doesn’t happen, maybe there is a chance to stop it.

  8. Interesting. They just had a memorial for the anniversary of the Parkland shooting in Florida. I wonder if that “inspires” more people to shoot up more schools there. There’s always a domino effect when shootings happen, especially school shootings. Maybe someone seeing the memorial will make them go out and shoot people. It’s sad but does seem to happen alot and there’s always people, especially teenagers, who become obsessed with serial killers and mass shooters and will try to copy them.

  9. Eric, there are some of your predictions 02-28-18 and 10-13-18 mention a shooting spree, New Port Beach, March 11 and 727 marking the 27th. New Port Richey Fl’s area code is 727.

  10. Eric, there was a shooting at a high school on the 14th in Albuquerque. NO injuries or fatalities because of school resource officers already were there and the training they’ve had. The shooter only managed to shoot once in a hallway, then fled. The did catch up with him hiding in a ditch. A new program of training and several officers in place to deter such things just started.

  11. Well Eric New Port Richey made national news after all but with a happy ending. On 2/15/19 a mother locked her her SUV. County Sheriff Deputies were assisted by multiple inmates using a coat hanger to unlock the doors. Ironically the baby’s name is Dallas and doing just fine. Sorry can’t upload the news link but you can find the story online Fox 13 News

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