Trump Supporter Attacks Media

This prediction has happened.

Predictions 10-30-18 I had a visual of a reporter walking down the street. “The so called enemy of the people.. has now been attacked”

Around March 1st we will share the information about the future dark leader who brings this world into a nightmare, for that I am very sorry.

31 thoughts on “Trump Supporter Attacks Media

  1. Gosh Eric, I thought our next world leader (US) would be a person of great character and integrity that would bring in peace 😥

    1. I’d love to know more about that. Also it’s almost the 17th, can you find out anything else about the shootings in Washington?

  2. The future dark leader does not have to be American.
    Is there some reason you can’t say more about it now?
    Are there circumstances that have to occur prior to the first of March ?

    Thanks for your blog Eric.

  3. Eric don’t be sorry. I know the darkness surrounding the individual is very difficult for you to deal with. But know you are doing good informing all of us. Knowledge is power and it’s how we will defeat evil.
    Every one needs to pray for Eric. Pray to give him peace and strength.

  4. Is he the antichrist that we keep hearing about ?

    Supposedly, he was born in Lebanon and was / is being groomed by his uncle and other family members.

  5. A psychic named Cheryl Lynn once predicted a “third Anti-Christ”, with Napoleon and Hitler being the first two. This Anti-Christ was born in 2014 in Syria. He would be a boy genius type who wears a purple turban and will try to build an “underground nation”, whatever that means. Is this the leader you’re talking about.

    1. That was not what they implied, however separately there is a monster leader who brings horror to the world in a year or two who I believe comes out of Saudi Arabia.

  6. Doesn’t the individual who brings an end to WW3 and brings the world together come about because of this dark leader? In other words, without this dark leader we wouldn’t have this individual who brings the world together, right? Without this dark leader we wouldn’t have this individual who unites us. I can’t remember what Spirit refers to this individual as though.

      1. They call him the Ambassador of God and Christian’s call him Jesus Christ the Son of God. Since they call him the Ambassador then they do not recognize him as the Son of God and they dont say he died for our sins as the Holy Bible tells people. They do call Muhammad The Great Prophet though and they have a lot of respect for The Great Prophet. I have been trying to learn the truth for a long time now as far as religion goes and the Spirits that guide you I have gotten more answers than anywhere else. I dont want to be in the dark and want to know the truth as far as religion goes. I dont want to follow blindly just because I was raised and told too. Thank you!

  7. Wow… This is getting dark and it’s no wonder why the world is the way it is. To produce this vile fiend all it takes is hate, apathy, corruption, and malice within ourselves to create a behemoth that would ruin the world. Humans sure loves to create the demons from within.

  8. There is a preacher named Perry Stone who has said for over 10 years that the Antichrist will be a Muslim and is most likely the Mahdi (12th Imam).

    What other religions besides Islam behead people who refuse to practice it?

    If you read the Biblical description of Antichrist and his actions this fits with the description of the Mahdi (12th Imam).

  9. In the 10-30-18 prediction that points this recent event coming to fruition, there is a reference to the concert shooting that we have been trying to pinpoint ” I had a visual of the number 4, then it shifted to show someone who looked like Washington, then it shifted again the show a stage, then a music hall. Then I heard so many bullets and then screams.”
    I know we are looking at the NW in Washington State areas but what if this refers to the upcoming Presidents Day weekend? Just a thought.

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