Predictions 10-30-18

I had a visual of a digital clock that read 9:11 then it shifted to show 12.

I had a visual of a massive inferno, the fire was burning down a town or neighborhood, so much smoke and fire.

I had a visual of a plane or helicopter burning, the remnants of this crash seemed to be in a hanger or building.

I had a visual of the number 4, then it shifted to show someone who looked like Washington, then it shifted again the show a stage, then a music hall. Then I heard so many bullets and then screams.

Spirit wrote 31 and marked it and then showed the number with a target symbol.

I had a visual of a reporter walking down the street. “The so called enemy of the people.. has now been attacked”

The impression given was the person was killed.

I had a visual of a map pointing to a Mid East coast location painted black, right next to it, in an inland location was a location painted in white.

Black in previous messages mean death, or evil. White has consistently represented Divine.

50 thoughts on “Predictions 10-30-18

  1. The person who looked like Washington, that could be symbolic of Washington D.C., Washington State, or maybe a historical site of some kind. Maybe a concert is performed at a place like that?

    Eric, what do you think the “9:11, shifts to 12” part means. Is it the time an event happens?

    1. Unfortunately I believe that they are implying that either in December or on the 12 there is going to be another attack against the US that mirrors 9/11. We still have the plane attack and Chicago bombing.

      1. LadyT, what does your son sees in dreams or visual that will happen in Dec? Can he describes what he sees and the location of whereabouts?

        Greatly appreciate. …his gift would help us alot by putting pieces together. How old is your son?

      2. Lossie…. Sorry to say i dont know much…. My son lives far away and we dont really talk much…. But a few weeks go i asked if he was ready… Stocked up on stuff…. He is 21…. We’ve talked many time adout being ready when shtf….anyway….it was brief…. He said it will happpend in Dec. NYC….. Worse than 911….there are 2 possible out comes the 2nd isn’t as bad a the first but more poeple die….. Said he has had these drams for over a yr now … He is empathic…. Invert…. He doesnt like to talk about such things but i keep asking…

    2. I think it’s showing 9-11 meaning: “Emergency”, and shifting to 9-12 : to show the date it happens.

  2. do you know if the play of alexander hamiliton is being performed anywhere? I have a bad feeling that November and December will be bad months, please pray that we can change the bad outcomes to good.

  3. In relation to Washingtion, what does a visual of 4 mean and is “Spirit wrote 31” suppose also mean 4?

    1. I believe 4 is the date, or around it, we need to find the month. The 31st is separate and marked, it could be several different predictions, my hope is to ask , but there does seem to be a clue of an event, an event that is “targeted”

  4. HI Eric. I am sorry this is such a dark prediction forecast. I have a few questions.
    Is the 31st connected to the reporter or the music hall?
    Is the music hall inside or outside? Is it small or large?
    Was it daylight when the reporter was walking and were they with a news crew or alone. Were they a T.V. journalist or a writer ( newspaper/ online)? Do you know if they are male or female?

    1. Yes it is dark, sorry. It’s tied to a prediction that has a “target” I plan to ask tonight. There wasn’t a view, the Spirits blocked it so I wouldn’t have to see the horror, it’s like having the TV off but the sound still going. In my next post I plan to focus on both Washington and Westminster attacks.

      1. Thank you.
        I am sorry for you that it is dark. That must be difficult to see the first time and again difficult to write for us a second.

      2. My mom is going to a gospel concert Friday at a church outside Seattle.

        Was the venue like a small club?

  5. I wonder if Trump will quit calling the news media “enemies of the people” if a reporter ends up getting killed by one of his rabid supporters? Is he capable of doing what needs to be done to calm down the situation or if he will try and say it has nothing to do with him?
    The theater/play situation also seems like it could be a crazy supporter attacking the people at a Hamilton musical.
    Our country feels so very split right now politically and I think Putin and Russian oligarchs are glad that US citizens are attacking each other. Trump was a dream come true for all of the enemies of the US who want us weak and divided.

  6. Could the reporter being killed be related to this prediction from 7-2-17: “We pay our deepest respects to the great journalist” Spirit showed an image of Woodward and Bernstein but that might just be an example.

    I kind of doubt it though since reporter and journalist aren’t really the same thing.

  7. I don’t know what’s going on but pop ups keep redirecting me from your page withought clicking anything else. I had to airplane mode after each page loaded.

      1. I’ve had the same problem all day. It redirects me to a page saying I’m one of 1,000 lucky people to win something from google or that I’ve been selected for an amazon gift card of varying amount. It was really bad this morning. I was experience this through Chrome mobile browser

        1. Can I ask a couple of questions: How long has this been happening, how many days? Is it still happening as of 11/1? Was there a specific post involved? I have contacted WP, but they can’t find the problem, but understand that daily about 4 to 5 thousand visit the site so it is a needle in the haystack situation they are looking for. They keep testing it though because two other people have complaints, I am very very sorry you are having this issue. But I am diligently trying to find a solution. This should not be happening.

      2. Today was much better. I was not redirected once. It seems to be completely random when it does occur. The best I can say is maybe once a week this happens tops. Usually when it does happen it stops happening after consecutive visits but it was very bad the other day. I had to turn the internet off just to get out of it.

        1. For everyone this is happening to WordPress is asking what type of media outlet is being used, tablet, computer, phone, iPad, Samsung, dell, where were you when you tried to link to my site, Facebook, Twitter, or did you just type it in.

  8. Eric,

    I was wondering if you had any comments about the disclosure movement and everything they are bringing to the table? Aka correy goode David wilcox etc

  9. Eric, didn’t you recently say Halloween would be dark or there were no lights or something to that effect? See anything about that?

  10. Oh my goodness. .I wasn’t even thinking….Yesterday and especially last night, I was very tense and wanted to cave in from not going to work today. It was too tense….avoiding the negative elements. Could be the pressure from inside core of earth. Noticed alot of accidents these last few days in Dallas. The moon is in charged.

  11. Eric in regards to the issues with a pop up others were experiencing. I had the same thing happen. It seemed to be associated supposedly with the google app and would ask you a question saying you get a free iPhone or something if you answered it correctly. It kept freezing my phone up and I’d try turning it off and on but it continued. I finally just let the two minute countdown they had for the time period you had to answer the question (without answering) run down and it stopped coming up. I haven’t had it happen again today as of the 1st Nov.

    1. Same thing happened to me for 2/3 days. Every time I would get on this site. Constant pop ups offering $1000, etc. Two different pop ups. Finally just had to stop trying to go to this site. Seems to be ok now.
      Was very frustrating, especially since I love this site and look forward to Eric’s predictions so I can be aware and pray for intervention to stop the horrible events. Keep up the good work Eric and I pray your mom gets through this very difficult time.

  12. Eric,SWC.
    ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
    DEVELOPING! Breaking news..

    I had a visual of the number 4, then it shifted to show someone who looked like Washington, then it shifted again the show a stage, then a music hall. Then I heard so many bullets and then screams.

    Spirit wrote 31 and marked it and then showed the number with a target symbol.

    College event…Mass shooting…

    Authorities in Ventura County, Calif., have responded late Wednesday to the scene of a reported mass shooting at a nightclub that was hosting a college event, reports said.

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