Roger Stone Arrested

This prediction has happened. (Edited) The second part of the prediction is questionably related.

Predictions 8-20-18 “The Stone will become the focal point of the investigation”

Explosive transcripts.. two different stories.. so many lies.. but historically this has happened before.. from multiple accounts..”

12 thoughts on “Roger Stone Arrested”

  1. Great job on the prediction Eric and Spirits!
    Praying for all law enforcement, FBI, Robert Mueller and Team of Investigators, etc. Sending love and light to protect them. 🙏🏻❤️💫😇

      1. TW Longtime Lurker,

        “He didn’t expect to win, but he just following orders”?

        I’m lost as it made sound like he is not guilty. Am I misunderstood?

    1. I don’t understand why “caught surprised including Donald Trump”?
      Truth always win…lies always get caught. I’m not surprised if anyone wanted to win the presidential election at all cost even in cheating ways. Truth always wins!

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