Indonesia Plane Crash

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for all those that passed.

Prediction 9-27-18 I had a visual of an airplane that was in trouble. The plane seemed to be diving.

Prediction: Airplane Crash I had a visual of a large airplane nose diving towards the ocean or large body of water.  “The plane will crash into the sea.. in two”

In two could be in two days, a timeframe around the 23rd, or they are talking about October 2nd.

This prediction most likely has ties to:

A horrible plane crash is coming. Gears. (perhaps landing gears?)

7 thoughts on “Indonesia Plane Crash

  1. Could the “in 2” had been two days after the 27th of this “Prediction 9-27-18,” but October 29th instead of September 29th? I know the original “Prediction: Airplane Crash” was from 9-21-17 though.

  2. Did Spirit tell you what was the cause of the accident?

    If I recall correctly, the plane was brand new; only two months old.

  3. It’s sad to hear about things like this. Hopefully the families who lost someone will be able to heal and find peace in their lives eventually.

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