Venezuela Plant Explosion

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of all those in Venezuela.

The prediction implied a nuclear look? It was not nuclear. This is the second message of multitude of messages about explosions. Both this and the Chicago message involve a plant so I am posting that twice.

That leaves the explosion in North Korea and another they implied would be an attack “like Timothy McVeigh” left.

Predictions 5-17-18  I had a visual of a flash of light followed by one massive explosion. In the corner of the visual was the number 2.

Predictions 8-7-18  I had a visual of one massive explosion, it was huge, almost as if a nuclear bomb went off. Then it shifted to show the inside of one massive factory or energy center. There were these large metal rods making a strange noise. The noise was like a loud washer that was out of balance, but the banging was very fast and loud. Then the rods exploded, one then two, then three, then the entire structure exploded.

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  1. lilimamo Avatar

    Hi, Eric,
    Thank you so very much for giving us these predictions. But, here I go again, is there anything else Spirit might predict about Venezuela? My beloved country is in ruins. Every one that can leave, emigrate without looking back, with only a suitcase full of hope. Situation is really bad, the regime does whatever they wanna do and no one does anything. I’m sorry if I sound with great pessimism, but I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Receive a great big hug,
    Lili, from Venezuela.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I’m sorry so much bad stuff has happened in your country. Things seem to be tough everywhere lately, at least with money, bad weather, and corruption.

      But bad times can’t last forever; most likely Venezuela will enjoy peace and prosperity again someday. Hold on to that hope, it’s what helps you through.

      We send love for all the people of Venezuela.

      1. lilimamo Avatar

        Thank you for your good thoughts. Blessings!

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will ask them to gather details on Venezuela, please give us some time, but yes it is very important to me that we not only bring attention to your country but look for opportunities to make this difficult time better

      1. lilimamo Avatar

        Infinite thanks, Eric. Big hug your way!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Big hug your way too!!

  2. Maria Noriega Avatar
    Maria Noriega

    So many people in countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua are suffering so much. it’s heartbreaking. I would like to know if Spirit has more predictions for Central or South America. Thank you so much Eric.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Oh yes it is becoming a focus, be patient with us as we need to gather details prior to predictions being created. They recently started a prediction about radicals eventually taking political control of Brazil

      1. Maria Noriega Avatar
        Maria Noriega

        Thank you Eric, I truly appreciate all your guidance and valuable predictions.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  3. Lunafreya Avatar

    Two down, but do you think the North Korea explosion prediction is left?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Also an expected attack that seems like it would be in Illinois. They talked about a Timothy Mcveigh style attack coming

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Another explosion ouch

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Please pray for the safety of those injured

  4. lossie2020 Avatar

    Sounds exactly like my washing machine…my 2 poor dogs were terrified of the machine slowly moved forward. …

  5. star48 Avatar

    Venezuela 🇻🇪
    Explosions💥 2 storage tanks heavy crude..
    Event details

    Explosion in Venezuela on March 14 2019 07:21 AM (UTC).

    Two storage tanks exploded at a heavy-crude upgrading project in eastern Venezuela on Wednesday, according to an oil industry source and a legislator, while the country’s main oil terminal resumed shipments after a prolonged blackout. The tanks at the Petro San Felix project were holding diluent, which is mixed with extra-heavy Orinoco belt heavy crude to make it lighter, legislator Jose Brito said in a telephone interview. “Fortunately there were no injuries,” Brito said. An oil industry source who asked not to be identified said the two tanks were located at a pumping station associated with the Petro San Felix project. PDVSA President Manuel Quevedo on Wednesday night tweeted that the company had been a victim of “terrorist incursions” by political adversaries of President Nicolas Maduro. “They attacked the Petro San Felix storage tanks to affect oil production. Traitors!!!” Quevedo wrote. Venezuela’s heavy crude upgrading projects turn tar-like Orinoco crude into more valuable grades of oil. Moving the heavy crude from production fields requires mixing it with some form of diluent that allows it to flow through pipelines. France’s Total SA, Norway’s Equinor ASA, Russia’s Rosneft and U.S.-based Chevron hold minority stakes in joint ventures with PDVSA that produce crude and operate oil upgraders. State oil company PDVSA typically uses either light crude or fuel as diluent. It was not immediately evident what the tanks were holding. Photos on social media that users said were from the project, in the state of Anzoategui, showed flames coming out of two structures with large black plumes of smoke rising in the air. The OPEC member’s oil industry is struggling under the weight of sanctions the United States slapped on PDVSA in a bid to force Maduro from power, and from a blackout that began last week that hit the main Jose oil shipment terminal as well as refineries and upgrades. At Jose, ships began loading on Tuesday with a tanker for transporting oil between domestic ports, Refinitiv Eikon data showed. A second vessel, the Suezmax Fontana chartered by Petrochina and bound for China, finished loading on Wednesday, according to the data. No oil export tankers had left Venezuelan waters since March 7, the day the blackout began, according to the data. “The terminal has re-established operations,” said oil workers’ union leader Jose Bodas. Upgraders, which had largely been a recirculating product to keep the systems running but not producing new product since the blackout began, started coming back online, an industry source said. Upgraders at the Petrocedeno joint venture between PDVSA, Total and Equinor and at the Petrosinovensa project between PDVSA and China’s CNPC were up and running, the source said. The source added that Petropiar, which belongs to PDVSA and Chevron, was close to starting up, while Petromonagas, a joint venture between PDVSA and Rosneft, was expected to take longer to start up.

  6. lilimamo Avatar

    Thank you, Star48!
    Eric, I’m a Venezuelan now living in Spain, and I would like to know if by any chance you could ask Spirits what’s really going on in my beautiful country. Is it really the government’s negligence or are there traitors and sabotage and others fault, as they say? Is it naive of me to even think this way? I would like to know what’s going to happen there, I have family and a few friends still living in that nightmare. I suffer, as many Venezuelans, to watch and read the news that every day is getting worse and worse. Is there any hope? And as always, big hug your way!
    Thank you,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They implied its pour leadership, and blame it on those right under the President.

      1. lilimamo Avatar

        Thank you so much, as I suspected, it’s all negligence. Is it going to end soon? 4 million of us outside Venezuela and nearly 26 million in the country would definitely love to know when and how this nightmare is ending. It’s been 20 years.
        Thank you again,

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