Chicago Explosion

This tragic prediction has happened. From what has been reported there was a horrible accident at a plant. Please pray for the recovery of the 10 injured by this tragedy.

The number 1 could be seen as a date, in which case we are off by two days. Or is this 1 or 2 different events?

Prediction: Chicago Explosion  “Chicago.. explosion.. 1”

So I asked late tonight about this prediction and the building that would explode, now to be clear we are not entirely certain its a bombing it could just be some type of horrible accident. I wrote a ‘bomb going off’ however that was an assumption based on observation. Their answer to my inquiry was shockingly :

Predictions: Major Events Coming  ‘Massive explosion.. I.. L.. its coming soon.”

“Pillars at the corner or base”

Predictions 8-7-18   I had a visual of one massive explosion, it was huge, almost as if a nuclear bomb went off. Then it shifted to show the inside of one massive factory or energy center. There were these large metal rods making a strange noise. The noise was like a loud washer that was out of balance, but the banging was very fast and loud. Then the rods exploded, one then two, then three, then the entire structure exploded.

The leak is out.. leak.. leak.

10 thoughts on “Chicago Explosion

    1. If you read through all the messages the attack has the number 16 while the other has 1, and a separate message with the number 2, there was a question whether or not it was the same. But there are three separate events that discuss explosions one of which looks nuclear which I am assuming you are referring to. But I understand your criticism as it is all very confusing

  1. “In the airport.. terror.. terror like act.. Denver.. 8”

    If number 1 could be seen as a date and was off by two days, could that mean the number 8 for the Denver airport prediction — which is also on the Predictions 8-7-18 with Chicago — be seen as a date for this month and also possibly off by 2 days (or not off by 2 days)?

    1. When I said this month — in regards to the association of the number 8 with the Denver airport prediction — I meant September.

  2. Your prediction seems to totally match an explosion that just happened in Venezuela today,….(I was shocked at the facts all seeming to match). Sorry, no link just now,…but was HUGE, and at an electrical plant. Put the city (of about 5 million) into darkness.

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