Venezuela 7.3 Earthquake

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of all those in Venezuela.

They marked the 20th not the 21st.

Predictions 2-19-18  I had a visual of a massive crack in the floor, one of their predicted earthquakes is about to happen. Earthquakes: “A deadly quake approaches.” Spirit then discussed three separate events. Spirit started by saying South America, by Brazil.  Tomorrow the 20th is marked, it was a major countdown. It was a countdown they started when I was in the hospital, that makes it a major event. Most likely the earthquake or Pennsylvania.


27 thoughts on “Venezuela 7.3 Earthquake

  1. Oh yes it was so big..I’m from to Venezuela, our country was also rocking with this 7.3 earthquake! What an experience! !

  2. Eric,SWC,
    A video showing port if Spain….Tsunami wave shown?
    Looking for other sources..
    What do you think?

    1. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago..that is a piece of the land mass of one our islands fallen off during the earthquake. There is no tsunami warning..some damages to buildings.. and some after shocks as of this moment.

      1. Randy,
        Thank you for on the He spot..truth!
        I really appreciate, your input…lThank you very much…

  3. I dread for the worst news coming up soon. It’s the vibes I’m picking up….something not good…not sure what…is is another mega quake or something involve in our country with breaking news headlines.

    1. Lossie2020, Sara…I’ve even a bit worried for all of the Federal Investigators working on the Russia stuff. The Timothy McVeigh prediction comes to mind. A possible attack on a federal building maybe? Praying for safety around all of them.🙏🏻🌟

    2. Sarah and Jules, we are right about the bad vibes. The earthquakes are crazy popping up all over the earth unlike before…it kept poping like popcorn all in one day…..I’m taking a deep breath and do yoga….

  4. I think this predicction is not about venezuela EQ because there aren’t any death. I’m worry about latest EQ are so deepth that I think is not normal.

  5. close

    Earthquakes past day

    M 4.5 16 events

    past hour 13 events


    Leaflet | © 2018 Foreca, Data: U.S. Geological Survey, © 2018 Microsoft Corporation, © 2018 HERE


    Earthquakes past day

    M 4.5 16 events

    past hour 13 events


    Leaflet | © 2018 Foreca, Data: U.S. Geological Survey, © 2018 Microsoft Corporation, © 2018 HERE

  6. Sorry the above post didn’t print the map. An article on msn showing all the earthquakes that have taken place on the pacific rim in the last week. Predicting a mega one to hit California…..yeah me and my daughters anxiety is off the chain. We live an hour out of Chicago. Trump tower there has those pillars that Eric saw.

  7. Also the bombing prediction almost seems like it said 911/ possibly 9-11 attacks and possibly a jet into the willis towers or a car bomb outside trump tower?

  8. Guys…at this time it’s 3:00am in Dallas, TX. I am feeling real strong wave vibes almost like tsunami……not good feeling….keep your seat belt on just in case. :/

    1. Lossie2020,
      Another SWC,
      Posted they received a flag from their spirit guide.
      .that is a watch for Indian Ocean Tsunami.

      We shall watch and see.

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